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6 Best Selling Steps on Writing an Explainer Video Script

Video script writing might come hard for different people. Especially those with no experience at all when it comes to explainer videos. Writing without a strategy might muddle your idea.

Also, you might even blur it to the point that your message will not get across. But as a beginner, you can certainly write a good script with the right guide to help you. Of course, I would like to help you think of a good strategy.

For me, there are steps you can take that can at least help you with starting or as a beginner.

Steps on Writing an Explainer Video Script:

Watch other successful explainer videos.

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Where else can you get good ideas? Of course, from other explainer videos that have been successful. A lot of them are available to watch on the internet. Take down notes or keep in mind the parts that can be useful to you.

Like the introduction or how they identify the challenge that they need to solve. Look for transition statements that you can get ideas from to make your script smooth. Hence, successful explainer videos will give you all of these.

Perfect your grammar to 100%.

Other’s might overlook this but this is absolutely important. It creates the line between a professional video and a mediocre video. How do you expect customers to react if the script on the video has grammatical errors?

Some might let it pass but most of them, being in the corporate world, will take notice. Also, it shows the quality of your service. You don’t want to give them the wrong impressions, right?

In addition, you can read the script like a voice artist. Ask yourself and judge: Do the sentences make sense? Will my viewers understand the script or is it even right for their standards.

Know your brand to its full potential.

Ultimately, you will get all the information you need from your own brand. Because this is where your script will originate from. Furthermore, you won’t be able to write a video script if you don’t have a firm grasp of this concept.

Consequently, a lack of understanding of your brand will not only waste your time creating a video, it will also prevent you from writing a top-notch script.

  • Think of Questions for You and Your Colleagues

    Most of the time, you won’t be the only one working on a certain project. Ask around, know what you need to explain to people that will watch. Look for clues that may give you an idea of why you need an explainer video in the first place.

  • Also, think of questions that can help you complete your script. Like “Who will watch our videos?”, “What is our target market?” and “Who are our competitors?”. Having a complete idea is the best when writing a script.
  • Think of a Situation where you might need to use Explainer Videos

    If you now understand your brand, think of a situation where you might need to to use an explainer video. Like for an email or maybe you want to upload your video. This will allow you to make adjustments on the script to make it fit any situation that you might experience.

Think of: How do you solve THIS problem?

This question is critical for you to make a good video script. Almost all of your clients will have a problem or a challenge that they need to overcome. You need to set your mind to this when creating a script.

Also, this will ensure you are able to overcome certain challenges and it will make sure that your script is the one you need.

Write multiple drafts.

Once you have created an initial draft. It’s advisable to have a good look at it because most of the time, you will have changes. Of course, this is perfectly normal so don’t get nervous.

This is the refining stage of the script and it will make sure you have created a good one.

Encourage your clients with a call-to-action

call to action

Creating this is always important in every script that you have to write. Most explainer videos are created because it wants to inform and it creates an opportunity. So, customers that have watched it might want to do the next step right away.

Guiding them to the next step is what call-to-action is. It may come in different forms but it is similar in essence. It’s like positive re-enforcement and that you are sure they are going to take action. Now that’s professional.

If you follow these steps in creating a video script, you will surely write a good one. Although not everything is perfect. Remember that communication is important. Lastly, focus and keep your mind healthy. So those ideas will just keep coming in. Happy writing!

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