Companies with Great Video Marketing

5 Companies with Great Video Marketing

Marketing refers to the process of promoting your brand to the public to increase brand awareness. So, its ultimate goal is to promote, get leads and convert them into customers or buyers.

Keep that in mind because I will be telling you about companies with great video marketing. So, What is Video Marketing? It refers to the standard marketing I told you about. But video marketing mainly uses or focuses on videos as a means of promoting their brand.

Also, I can say that video marketing has now become one of the best strategies out there. I actually have written guidelines as a marketer myself.

This is mainly because of the modernizing world. This fast phase evolution of our technology has allowed us to watch videos anywhere, anytime. And this opened a lot of opportunities for video marketers everywhere.

Imagine, 10-15 years ago, you can’t even watch simple videos on your phone. And now, you can watch HD videos on your smartphone. That should give you an idea as to how fast we are evolving with regards to gadgets and lifestyles.

For this article, I would like to give a list of companies or businesses that define the epitome of Video Marketing. They have shown the world the bleeding edge of strategies and have set the standards for marketers.

They are businesses that stun at video marketing. But not only that, they actually made the video fun, entertaining, attractive, and engaging at the same time. So for this article, I would like to give you companies with top-notch video marketing.

Today, I will talk about the different themes and discrete strategies that each marketer have shown. Although, these are only based on my observation.

5 Companies with Great Video Marketing

Before we begin, please know that all of the videos that will be linked here will be from YouTube to avoid any conflicts regarding platforms and video hosting websites.

Also, there shall be no biases, no picking of sides when it comes to who is the best video marketer out there. Rather, let’s talk about how unique and great each of them is.

Apple, Inc.


Before we even talk about the incredible company that is Apple, Inc. I would like to tell you first that the two greatest competition I have witnessed in our modern world is Apple and Microsoft.

This has made them top-notch or the paradigm of video marketing out there. You can get a lot of ideas and examples as to how they have achieved such a goal. But, of course, the most prevalent feature they have in common is that they have lots of budgets.

I know, not all of us will have that kind of budget to create amazing videos. But, still, they are great in getting ideas from.

Moving on, click here to check out Apple, Inc.’s channel on YouTube. The most noticeable theme they had on all of their products is “classy” and “stylish” at the same time.

They focus on the colour white and black so they have black and white videos. Their creative team has definitely put a lot of effort to video marketing as you can see on those videos.

Also, with regards to video marketing, they have lots of ways to promote their product. They also uploaded videos that cover forums, speeches, and unveilings that have surely left a mark in the minds of viewers.

Check out here a video they uploaded about an unveiling of the latest Macbook and other products. Regarding their strategy and quality as video marketers.

I can say they are definitely one of the companies that set the standards. And they have set it quite high. Surely, one of the best companies with great video marketing.



Let’s not forget about Microsoft, of course, they are one of my go to’s when it comes to getting ideas. Actually, this goes for all the best video marketers out there. You have probably noticed this already.

But having their status of high brand or high-quality position, they have allowed other video bloggers or reviewers to feature their product online. This means that everyone who wants to be popular is reviewing their products too.

So, it’s like they are being promoted and they aren’t even doing any effort. Maybe some of them give devices or sample products but that’s it.

Alright, click here to go to Microsoft’s YouTube channel. I observed here that their main theme for advertising is usability and versatility.

Actually, we all know that Microsoft’s products are really versatile when it comes to compatibility and features.

So that is not something new. You can even use some of their products for Apple products, which is their direct competitor.

Okay, so with regards to their video marketing. You can clearly see that they always give out quality videos. Like for this video. This is the Microsoft Band marketing video they uploaded on YouTube.

See the quality and simplicity they have put in this video. It’s a perfect example. They really have proven that they are one of the best companies with great video marketing. Talk about catching the attention of people, they got it.

I even got to thinking as a video marketer, maybe Apple and Microsoft can collaborate or team up? It won’t happen I know. but think of the possibilities!


Profile Picture and Cover Photo

Facebook itself for me, doesn’t really need that much marketing. Because they have reached a level where people have used Facebook as part of their lives now. But Facebook is one of the best companies with great video marketing. 

Facebook has been fully integrated into our lifestyle now but it’s okay. Although, I might say that it can be fine with a little moderation. Facebook itself has lots of videos for video marketing.

Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and, of course, Mark Zuckerburg likes to make speeches and do unveilings themselves. They record those and upload them everywhere on the internet.

Now that itself is very good marketing already. But let’s not talk about that. Rather, Let’s look into Facebook Business.

Check out their YouTube channel here and see how they are very good in marketing as well. For their theme, of course, it’s very noticeable that they are going for reaching out and connect with all the people in the world.

But for their Facebook Business part. It has lots of features and they try to break it down into parts and show it via videos. I noticed that they have these videos titled as Build Your Business.

Now I got a link here but take note that they also have multiple videos for multiple countries. So they want people to know that you can use Facebook to Build Your Businesses everywhere. Clearly, one of the best companies with great video marketing.

Facebook Business has provided lots of quality features that you can use and you can learn about them in their videos.

This is the most noticeable strategy in their video marketing. As you can see, you can learn a lot by watching their uploads.

And all their videos are available on Facebook and YouTube.

GoPro, Inc.



I’m super excited to talk about GoPro. Because they have really put a lot of effort into their video marketing. They have uploaded approximately 1700 videos on YouTube and you will most certainly like most of them.

Their most noticeable theme is an adventure, nature watching, and great engaging stories.

They also created a series of videos and were awarded the best videos of the year. Of course, you have to use your GoPro device to capture the videos. This is their only requirement.

This is their strategy for video marketers and it has been very effective in selling their cameras. Of course, the camera themselves are very good too. So quality and delivery are top-notch. Clearly, one of the best companies with great video marketing.

Speaking of great engaging stories. Check out their YouTube channel here. But what I want to show is one of their best videos that captured millions of viewers. This video is about a cat being rescued by a fireman.

It has over 33 million views. Mainly because of the way it captured the heart of everyone. And everyone treats the fireman as a hero. Even look at the comments, notice that they won’t be talking about the device itself.

But they unconsciously want to buy it now because of this video. So you see, this is the kind of videos and mentality that GoPro wants to promote. And it has been tremendously effective for them.

The Coca-Cola Company

Last but not the least, we have Coca-cola. The most sold refreshment next to Beers. Of course, this is not an easy feat or goal to achieve. They have worked their way up and they definitely deserve this spot.

I even have a stock of Coca-cola here in my fridge. What about you? Do you know how they achieved this? Part of their strategy is they are one of the companies with great video marketing.

Their theme is the drink as a perfect companion to anything and building relationships.

Look at their YouTube channel and you will understand what I’m trying to say. Look at the different videos they have uploaded. You will see how great their video marketing is. Also, check out this video here and you will see what I’m referring to as their theme.

As you can see, all of them uses live-recorded video. That is because they have the budget and the level of their company is the highest.

But you know, you also have explainer videos, animated videos and other types of videos to utilize.

Some of them might not cost you millions of dollars just to create one video ad.

Try and see your different options, compare them to each other and you might just find exactly what you are looking for.

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