Video Marketing Really Works

Video Marketing Really Works: 10 Points that Show you it Does

In our modern age today, most people you will encounter knows about computers and have smartphones. As you know, videos are now the biggest trend in social media and on the internet as a whole.

 So this has opened the greatest opportunity for marketers out there. But everyone will have doubts before they venture into something new. And this has a question that stuck in the marketer’s mind since the beginning of this strategy. 

If video marketing really works, what are the points to prove it?

On this article, we will talk about the different points if video marketing really works. This will give marketers and business owners a deeper understand about this strategy.  

This will also give confidence to those business minded people and remove their doubts. If you want to read further about some guidelines for your video marketing, I actually wrote a helpful article about that too.

So what is video marketing? Video marketing refers simply to promoting your brand or service using all types of videos. This is really great because people can watch videos everywhere.

Promoting with videos are a permanent solution, meaning it can be on your website forever.

For marketers and business owners, the most important thing is statistics and measurable data to prove points. This is what we will be doing for this article. Actually, during my research, I found this great article that shows some really great stats about videos.

Moving on, I will also be showing you direct points that are observable in real time. Before we begin, it’s actually best to recall your strategies before you have incorporated videos on your brand.

This way, you will be able to compare what you do before to what you do now. Moreover, let try and focus on certain types of videos only, although it won’t really reflect that here in this article.

Video Marketing Really Works: 10 Points that Show you it Does

You are attracting the right people.

Tips and Tricks to Make Your Video Go Viral

Commonly enough, the main goals of a marketer are, of course, attract leads and have them buy or avail the products. Leads are the most important factor in order for a business to survive in this competitive industry.

But it really doesn’t matter if you have thousands of leads every day if you still can’t convert them into customers or clients. You will notice right away that putting a video on your website will turn around this challenge.

This is because people will watch the videos and know right away if you are the one they are looking for.

This is a way for customers to short-list you to possibly choose you in the end. Therefore, you have a higher chance to convert them because of the videos you have put on your website.

Video marketing really works here in a sense that you will get potential leads instead of leads which won’t become customers. It’s really hard to sort out the rotten tomatoes in our industries and videos can always help you regarding that.

The video shows a number of views.

One way to know if your videos are working is their number of views. There are lots of ways for you to check the number of views. Remember, YouTube is not the only way of check number of views.

 It’s up to you to do some research, but most tools are within the host already. Simply put, the more views you get, it means that you are significantly reaching more people.

This will allow you to strategize based on the spike of views. You can maybe learn which part of the world is your biggest market. Or maybe you can adjust the video if there are not enough views.In general, having a video will allow you to make strategic adjustments just based on the views only.

In addition to that, there are a lot more points to show how video marketing really works.

Making your videos viral are also another challenge in which video marketers face every day. Because in time, you will have viewer decay where no one will be able to watch and reach your videos anymore.

So it’s your job to always share it to pull it up the feeds. In general, having a video will allow you to make strategic adjustments just based on the views only. In addition to that, there are a lot more points to show how video marketing really works.

Your call to action is definitely working more than ever.

If you really want to if video marketing really works, then it will reflect on your call to action. Meaning that more clicks and more action are directly equal to conversions. To put it simply, your call to action will show in your conversions.

The more people click or take action, the more you will have customers. So will know if video marketing really works this way. This is also a perfect example of a direct point you can observe in real time.

But you can also refer to you business statistics for additional proof.

There are a lot of ways to increase your conversion rates and incorporating the perfect call to action is one of the best one. First is you have to build trust, second is you can use a call to action.

And the best thing about this is that call to actions are perfect in combination with the right video. Remember, call to action can come in different forms, although, the most common one is in a form of video where the narrator will tell the viewer what to do next.

Another one is telling a customer to input contact info on a form. Or a clickable button that will allow the customer to buy.

Bounce rates are significantly lower.

This is perfectly measurable using a lot of tools. Google analytics is one of the best tools you can use. Bounce rates are simple enough to understand. They are customers who visited your website and just passed by.

So for some reason, they saw your website but decided it’s actually not the one they are looking for. There are many factors to consider this, maybe it’s really the case of a misclick.

But other than that, it could be the advertisement pop-up that repelled them away or the design of your website. It can even be the content of the website. So you really have to study the factors if you want to be a good marketer.

If you want to know if video marketing really works, then your bounce rates should be significantly lower. One of the best points that prove video marketing is effective is that your videos attract customers to a point that they actually want to stay.

So try and measure your data from before and from now that you have videos. By then, you will have a tangible proof that video marketing really works in this aspect.

People have the right questions now.

People have the right questions

Instead of asking questions which are already answered on the video, you want them to ask something that will help you convert them to customers. One of the things that show video marketing is really effective is when you achieve this goal.

So basically, you are funneling them to become quality leads already. Because once they reach you, your customers will have questions like how to do the next step or if you have any more samples.

In addition to asking the right questions, your visitors will seem to know what they like already. Even prior to watching your video, they have looked you up on a search engine already.

Once they see your video, your are now further nourishing them as leads. As a result, they will either take action, discover more about your website, your social media and basically everywhere that can be related to you.

This is because you have significantly lowered down the unnecessary support questions and turned them into quality and nurturing questions.

ROI is now reachable than before.

First, videos are big investments. In fact, an explainer video will probably cost around three to five thousand dollars depending on the duration of the video. Even more so for video productions, which will maybe set you back hundreds of thousands of dollars.

This is totally normal because it’s worth it. The reason why it’s worth it is because of the compelling call to action, catchy stories that relate to the customer and an easy to watch videos.

Which attracts the leads in a convenient way and turns them into customers. So like I said, it’s definitely worth investing in no matter the price.

One way to know if video marketing really works is if your ROI or return on investments are now reachable. Simply put, the amount you have invested have returned even beyond the original price.

All because you have incorporated a video in your website or brand. And this is measurable in real time, as well as in stats.

Your website has less clutter.

Another great way to know if video marketing really works is to just look at your website. If you have created a good video, then you will see that you can adjust your website.

Instead of putting information on the website as text, you can put it on the video so that people can simply watch it. People nowadays don’t want to read walls of text and watching videos are perfect in this aspect.

So in actual, your website is still full of rich and helpful content yet it looks very simple and professional. It’s a very effective way of efficiently making your website packed with rich content. Plus, people will appreciate the aesthetics more than what normal websites look like.

You will now have visitors from all channels.

Videos can be shared anywhere and people will still keep on watching it. So it’s really a permanent way to attract leads and convert them. With that said, if you share them everywhere, you will be able to attract leads from all the channels.

This goes for all social media accounts, mobile, or even desktop users. That’s really a huge source of leads and videos are there to attract the right ones for you. You just simply have to put some effort in sharing your videos, of course.

So if want to know if video marketing really works, then you must check where your leads are coming from. This will show where you are mostly getting the leads and adjust whether there are missing spots your need to give focus on.

For example, you notice that you have minimal leads from Facebook compared to Twitter. You just have to share more on Facebook and boost visitor engagement on that channel.

The SEO of your website has improved significantly.

improved seo significantly

If you ask SEO professionals, then they will tell you that it’s really hard to rank in the top ten on search engines. Videos can help you reach that goal. Once you put a video on your website, a great way to know if video marketing really works is that people can now easily look you up.

But, of course, you have to have patience because this will not take overnight, month or even years. It’s really a long process sand there are still a lot more factors than videos to consider. But videos can be a great tool if you utilize it properly.

Ultimately, the tangible and measurable way to see if video marketing really works is to look at the stats. Have a growth chart then can compare your stats before and after you have put a video on your website.

You will see a dramatical change in the numbers. But like I said, it really won’t take overnight to accomplish this goal.

You can use the videos all you want but you also have to think about the other important factors out there like meta descriptions, blogs, SEO, and even web design just to even have a chance to convert people and have them discover what you really do.

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