Optimizing Facebook Ad Campaign

Optimizing Facebook Ad Campaign

What is social media? And what are the forms of social media? In our procreation, nowadays, the use of Internet is very rampant, most especially the use of Social Media (Particularly Facebook).

Social media is in the form of websites and applications which allow the user to craft and share content and to interact with the social networking sites.

Or somewhat it is best described as the combined online means of communication that are designed to create, interact, share and collaborate thru websites and applications. It can also be used for your facebook ad campaign.

Here are four steps to improve your Facebook ad campaign:

1 – Monitor How Often your Ad was Viewed to Make Changes

Monitor How Often your Ad was Viewed

Facebook is a form of social media which is used worldwide. It’s free and it helps you to update and keep you in touch with your friends, family, and acquaintances.

Investing in Facebook ad campaigns is risky, it will take time for results, whether you earn something or not.  Users need to experiment in several choices of ad campaigns.

Before starting something new you need to determine and have a better understanding with your aim. You need to be informed on how much you are willing to spend for that campaign. 

Then, if that is the case it easy for you to determine how was your working. If that ad works well, then good but if it is not, then look for some remedies soon.

Facebook ad campaigns must not run for a short period

as well as to run for an extended period because it might burden to you. Mainly it will cause fatigue and blindness. When viewers view your ads redundantly and disregard it, then it will cause fatigue.

But the worst-case scenario is that when the viewer’s hide it and this will fail your ROI or Return of Investment showing that the ad is not efficient. Redundantly seeing the same ads on Facebook and if the viewers are not noticing it, it best states that is blindness.

So, it is best to have several ads on hand to test which of those will run effectively.

The best way to avoid these things is to see the frequency of the Facebook campaign ad or the usual number of times it is being shown each registered user’s profile. The equation is; the number of impressions over the number of unique users and when the result will reach 3 to 5 then something must need to be changed.

It would be lengthy when testing a campaign

For you to see or discern if that campaign will work or not and gain the desired costs per click. You can give a span of a week to observe how you will make any changes on that ad thus depending on your financial allocation. When you have much bigger allocation for that campaign, then it is easier for you to have the result on what data is needed to be changed in your campaign.

2 – Comprehend with What Are Your Audience Insights

The viewer’s comprehensions should be used to avoid the common mistakes in starting a Facebook Ad Campaign. Thus, this information gives greater impact on your ad. It adds information about your viewers.

It was designed for you to better understand your viewers.  Everything you put in your ad must be relevant to your target viewers and Viewers Insights will help you with that.

You can either jot down the related pages you have seen then you can put in your Viewers Insights in separate pages with their specific topics. Then observed which pages are likely clickable. When you already gathered 5 to 10 related topics then you can now create your ad. Everything will follow and you may now choose your direct prospects with your ad.

3: Interact with the Audiences to Enhanced Landing Pages

the Audiences to Enhanced Landing Pages

Basically, landing pages are defined as the web page on which has a form which anybody can land or this will specifically gather information of a visitor to that page using a form. This page will help you achieve your goals considering the two set-ups.

*When an ad catches someone’s awareness while he was scrolling down the latest updates on the page.

*When an advertisement captures your interest and upon clicking it, it leads you to a specific landing page where everything about that ad can be found.

A headline must be to a landing page and should be brief and direct to the point.  You can also add a subtitle for a better understanding of the headline. And create a call to action and should be posted in the upper part of the fold. You can either create a landing page that is a mobile user-friendly.

4 – Run-Through Various Copy Lengths

Some will think that an ad which is shorter in form will lead to a more clicks and views but it is a mistaken belief. In Facebook, you are free to test several ads which you can afford to because the viewers will sight it differently.

An advertiser must comprehend the viewers they cater for. A direct message that will strike your specific audience’s attention will be an effective form of this ad.

Make a draft of your ad, then you can now narrow it down into an informative yet brief message. Still a call to action must be placed in your ad example “click here to find more”.

Add some image that is crisp and clear because it will entice the viewers to read more about your ad. Give your audience a hint to take a call to action. It will push the audience curiosity to click and read more about your post.

A Call-to-action must be:

  • A photo or image that is a small version of the larger and complex item. It must contain the location, the product, set-up or a portion of the content.
  • It also includes brief narration of the image posted which will indulge the viewer to make a call-to-action to view the rest of the information about it.

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