Gain online exposure for your Business thru Animated video

Gain online exposure for your Business thru Animated video

Animated videos becomes popular nowadays. How are you going to gain online exposure?

The advancement that digital technology has made within the last decade is out of this world.

The sheer numbers of doors these advancements has opened up are massive, giving general people as well as businesses and businessmen a chance to be heard over the static of information we ignore every day.

Numerous platforms now exist that can be used promote a business online. Like TwitterTumblr and Posterous. Profile creation on Google+, Facebook, and LinkedIn; video animation on YouTubeVeoh, and Vimeo.

However, we will focus on video production in this blog. In order to create awareness about their business, products, and services, individuals are leaning towards animated videos.

Getting increasingly popular day by day, videos are one of the most efficient, effective, and economical way of marketing.

Once you have decided to make yourself an animated video, the question that remains is; what sort of content will you put in the video that will generate the maximum exposure and affect you want.

Plan out a Good Story to gain online exposure

The plot of the animated video is the main aspect that will drive promotion. Your aim is to understand your target audience and prospective clients, and develop a unique approach with creative ideas to deliver the message you wish to present.

Plan out the story board; write the script, and how the video will transition from one frame to the next.

Introduction of your Business

This part of your animated video is perhaps the most important part. The image you project of your business here will be etched into your audience’s mind, which means there is no room for mistakes.

Start by giving an account of your business’s origin, and as you move forward, you’ll notice there are a lot of things you would like your audience to know, stop yourself right there and stick to the most positive aspects only. The essential ones, and project them.

Be Simple

There is such a thing as “too much information”, so always aim to keep the message in animated videos short, simple and easy to digest.

Your message should include only the information your audience needs to hear to acknowledge you, nothing more, and nothing less. The heavy selling comes after a potential client knocks on your door.

Include Subtle Humor Elements

In order to make people remember you, you must first make them feel connected with what you have to offer. The most basic example would be making your customers laugh, projecting that a real lively person is behind the video.

According to the nature of your business,  you can capitalize on the feeling that would make people relate to you.
Although most animated videos include cartoon characters to convey the message, it doesn’t mean that you can add fiction to your message. To project a good image, be honest with everything.

It is because a reputation once tarnished is very difficult to earn back. Following the guidelines above will ensure that your business gain online exposure. It also provides you have the correct delivery mechanism in place.

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