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25 YouTube Video Ideas to Help You Make Viral Videos

A viral video is not a magic that can happen in just a blink of an eye. Nor a fire that can easily spread in just a couple of minutes. A viral video is a combination of science and art. There is an effort. There is a principle. To invest in a viral video marketing strategy is a good idea because it’s proven to be effective. However, you need to have your own youtube video idea generator.

A YouTube video’s virality is undoubtedly the goal of any video marketer. Why? It is simply because a viral video could mean productivity and conversion boost to businesses. But the struggle is real when it comes to achieving this kind of goal. Some people even say, it’s a ‘near to impossible’ kind of target.

Get Into the Right Attitude

Keep an Eye on Your Goal

Nothing is hard if you work harder. All you have to think is the fact that there are thousands of viral videos circulating online today.

Therefore, there could be a place for your video. The chances are high. What you need is your own YouTube video idea generator.

With the right attitude and the right youtube channel ideas, success is on its way. You are lucky. You can start building your own video marketing plan by reading this article.

We have a list of good videos ideas for you.

YouTube Video Idea Generator

25 Best YouTube Video Ideas

No. 1 – Intro Video

An attention-grabbing intro video is very important in a video channel. Why? Because it is what your visitors or audiences will first see.

It plays a great role in making a person stay and watch, or leave and ignore. Yes, it serves as a deciding factor whether or not to continue going through your channel or simply stop exploring.

If you do not want a potential visitor to easily leave, you need to have a very good kickstart video. Through an effective intro video, that could be very easy.

When making an intro video, there are two vital things that you have to consider. The intro video should be short in length but very rich in content.

You can also use a humorous script to easily catch the viewer’s attention.

No. 2 – Unboxing Products

Unboxing is a genre of videos on YouTube. This is when a person literally unboxes a product to get a feel for it. It is a strategy that gives a playful spirit, showcasing products.

One can dramatize the unboxing experience to make it more effective.

It is one way to emotionally connect to viewers especially when the audience is planning to purchase the product being unboxed. 

Unboxing product video views have enormously grown over the past few years. Today, it has become more trendy.

This simply proves that nowadays people just love watching stuff being unboxed in front of cameras.

No. 3 – Useful DIY Video

Another trending YouTube video genre today is a DIY video. It is a type of video showcasing a person doing a do-it-yourself task on any topic.

Experts say that this type of video has gained the attention of millions of YouTube viewers because this DIY video serves as a clear guide on how to do or make a thing.

Hence, considering it as a visual content tutorial which is very effective in teaching people what to do and how to do it.

No. 4 – Prank Video

YouTube video viewers easily fell for prank videos because most of the time they are funny and humorous.

Therefore, having prank videos in your YouTube channel can attract viewers to see what more you’ve got for them.

No. 5 – Travel Vlog

Video documenting a travel experience is one of the most popular video ideas today.

People see it as an online tour guide which is really very effective in encouraging people to travel and see the place.

It is very enjoyable to watch because a person gets to witness the experience when you are in a certain place within or outside your country.

Especially nowadays that people love to travel. Having your own travel vlog will bring big interest to your viewers.

No. 6 – Healthy Cooking

When talking about the longest living shows in the world, a cooking show is on the top of the list. Today, cooking shows aren’t just on TV.

You will not need to wait for its telecast schedule to watch. You can easily find cooking shows on YouTube.

So if you want your YouTube channel to be popular among many people, why not make your own cooking show that showcases healthy cooking. 

Consequently, this will also serve as a video tutorial on how to cook a recipe. Show the people the right ingredients, measurements, and the proper cooking procedure.

If you are looking for a YouTube video idea generator, this is one.

No. 7 – Girlfriend/Boyfriend Video

Although it may sound a little bit harsh, pranking your partner, videoing it and posting it on YouTube is proven to be effective in grabbing the viewers attention.

Girlfriend/boyfriend videos are one of the most watched videos on YouTube. As a result, people also get to learn something when it comes to relationships.

No. 8 – Baby Video

Probably one of the cutest videos that we are able to watch today is baby videos. These are videos showcasing babies and their cute actions.

Undeniably, it easily makes a person smile or laugh because it is heart-warming. Babies innocence is truly captivating. So do not forget a baby video on your YouTube channel.

No. 9 – Animal Video

Like baby videos, people find animal videos very adorable. Hence, making them watch the entire video and leaves smiles in their faces as well.

Therefore, if you want a popular YouTube video, why not make animal videos showcasing cute pets like cats or dogs.

It is truly an effective YouTube video idea generator to consider.

No. 10 – Movie and Book Review

Because so many people are so into watching movies and reading books today, making a movie and book review video will work for your channel.

When it comes to sending information and facts to people, this is an effective YouTube video genre. Therefore, it is not just for fun, it is educational.

No. 11 – Hair and Makeup Tutorial

Unquestionably true, a hair and makeup video tutorial is one type of video that gains millions of viewers.

Wherever you are in this world, there are people who can surely relate to this video especially girls. Also, guys can also benefit from this video type.

It is one effective YouTube video idea generator to consider. So don’t miss this as well.

No. 12  – Video Interviews

When it comes to making a video interview, you have an endless option. You are free to interview anyone on any topic.

However, if you want it to be more attractive to viewers, choose a very good topic and reliable people to interview.

But, interviewing people you randomly meet on the streets asking them hilarious questions work best as well. Try it!

No. 13 – Challenge Video

So there are many kinds of viral videos today. But a challenge video is one type that leaves an impact on the viewer’s minds because it is really enjoyable and exciting to watch.

Especially if the challenge involves celebrities, a lot of people will love watching to video. Indeed, it is very entertaining and a good YouTube video idea generator.

No. 14 – Video Responses

When you are trying to get a good YouTube video idea generator, why not ask people for more ideas.

You can simply do that by making a video on any topic and ask people’s responses.

Ask a very good question that will make people participate and let out of their own ideas.

This type of strategy is going to give you a lot of new ideas that could possibly help.

No. 15 – Testimonials

Creating a video channel for your business can be tough. Especially that there are so many YouTube channels today.

However, making your channel reputable in the eyes of many can make things easier for you.

In this YouTube video idea generator that will be given to you, you can easily build a good reputation. How?

By making a testimonial video about your product or service. You ask your co-workers, your employees, your friends or your clients who have a lot of good things to say about your business.

No. 16 – Video Tour

A video tour is a video that shows you an entire place or area. It is one very popular type of video that easily gains millions of viewers when executed correctly.

This is fun, exciting and very informative to watch. House and office tour videos are amongst the most popular.

No. 17 – Timelapse

Timelapse is another YouTube video idea generator that will work for you.

It is a YouTube idea that one can incorporate some other ideas to make it more creative and imaginative.

No. 18 – Bloopers

When a video is funny and humorous, it can easily catch someone’s heart. Because when something makes a person smile or laugh, it is a healthy thing to consider.

Blooper videos are great examples. These are videos showcasing caught on cam mistakes or funny actions from people.

Funny video ideas for youtube are truly effective.

No. 19 – Singing Video

One very popular type of video is a singing video. A clear proof of its popularity and effectiveness is that is has made several people very famous.

What’s more interesting is that it does not only make a person with a good voice famous, but even those who are out of tune.

But the sample here is a heartwarming one. So don’t worry. LOL!

No. 20 – Workout Video

Because the people of today are so health and body conscious, workout videos are a hit.

Workout videos usually get a high number of viewers in a short period of time.

In addition, these type of video gets a high number of shares which makes it more famous.

No. 21 – Video Contest

The number 20 spot goes to a video contest. Probably you won’t be asking why.

Undeniably, contest videos are very exciting and thrilling to watch.

Especially if it is all about car racing, it’s a nerve-breaking experience that is going to make your day.

No. 22 – Political Video

Politics is part of our lives. Therefore, people just can’t avoid getting themselves involve even by just commenting.

Making a political video definitely will work. Especially if a person is trying to raise an issue or topic, people will start giving their ideas and opinions.

So we can safely say that a political video is a great idea to consider.

No. 23 – Magic Tricks

Forget everything, but not a video of a magic trick. Magic is very popular even before.

Today, magic has reached a next level performance that is why magic trick videos are very trending.

One very famous magic trick video today is a stree magic. 

No. 24 – Movie Scenes Reenactment

People are just so creative when thinking of video ideas. One very popular YouTube video idea generator is a movie scene reenactment video.

It is a video copying a movie scene but most of the time, there is a twist. Hence making that movie scene funnier or scarier.

Yes, people find it very appealing as it can really make their day.

No. 25 – Most Amazing Things

It is undeniable that people are so curious that they want to see, hear, feel and witness more in their lives.

This is what making these videos showcasing amazing things in this world go viral. Indeed, it is truly breathtaking. 

The Power of Viral Videos

Business Benefits

After reading and knowing all the cool and essential facts given above, you are now ready to make a video or videos that can be very useful to your YouTube channel.

From the information given above, you can now say that it is never impossible to make your own viral video. Again, viral videos are not magic.

You have to work for it.

You have to spend time, money and exert some effort. With the right mindset and determination, you can successfully see the results.

It is something that you have to give high importance because it is for your business’s SUCCESS.

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