A Whiteboard Animation Video

Top Reasons Why You Should Use A Whiteboard Animation Video

If you want to wisely spend your money on promoting your business, invest in video marketing. There are several effective video marketing tools today. But one of the best video styles that everyone is talking about is the whiteboard animation video.

What is whiteboard? Why is whiteboard marketing better than branded videos?

These are some of the many questions that this article is going to answer. So if you want to learn more whiteboard explainer videos, please continue reading.

Essential Facts for Everyone

What is Whiteboard Animation Video?


Whiteboard animation video is a type of video that uses a creative process in making the story or storyboard about what the video is all about.

It is a unique way of internet and TV advertising.

The video will show the hand of an artist while writing or drawing on a whiteboard.

A whiteboard animated video sends messages to people in a fast and easy.

It can simplify complex subject matters and enables people to perceive a message easily.

The Best Things About Whiteboard Video Animation

There are different kinds of video styles. We have the cartoon animation, animated explainer videos, 2D and 3D video animations, motion graphics and a lot more.

Amongst all of them, the whiteboard animation video stands out.

Why? This kind of video works for any target audience. When it comes to viewers, everyone can relate. It is a visual communication tool that can explain different kinds of topic.

When it comes to ideas, a whiteboard animation video does not have any limitations. Self-expression can be beyond the video creator’s expectation.

Best Whiteboard Videos are Flexible

Best Whiteboard Videos are FlexibleSo what are you trying to make? A product video? Testimonial video or a blog? You can use a whiteboard animation video. 

The flexibility of this kind of video is what makes it everybody’s favorite.

It is never hard to discuss an issue and you can make long explanations short.

If you are trying to inform your viewers, a whiteboard animation video can easily connect to your audience because of its simplicity and clarity.

Those are two very important factors when it comes to delivering messages through video presentations.

Whiteboard Animation Video Is Effective

What Is Your Marketing Objective?

The most important thing that a marketer has in mind when he decides to invest in marketing video is to attain his marketing objectives. Here are some of the most common marketing objectives of businesses today.

  • Bigger sales.
  • Improve product awareness.
  • An established business in the industry.
  • Brand management.

All these things aim to one goal and that is to increase productivity. A business is nothing if it does not have any solid foundation.

Hence, using a whiteboard animation video can make a difference. This technique can be anyone’s greatest option, therefore, there is no single reason to hesitate.

However, not all marketers are convinced because of these branded videos that they can opt for.

Here are some examples of situations wherein it is best to use a whiteboard animation video.

  1. If you are trying to promote a complex product or service.

    Like what you just read above, whiteboard animation videos can simplify complicated subject matters. If your product or service is a little complex to understand, you need to create a simplified yet very clear explanation.

    Using complex visual and audio tools will never help. It will not solve the problem. Remember, you need to make sure that you are delivering a clear message to your viewers. A whiteboard animation video can be the answer. It is an artistic and effective way of encouraging people to watch your video.

  2. When you are trying to teach or educate.

    Not all people want to be taught or stand corrected with their current beliefs and perceptions regarding an item, service or brand. Through a whiteboard animation video, one can teach, educate and correct one’s wrong mentality in an indirect way.

    It brings a person back to the time when he is listening to his teacher discussing in front of the class using a whiteboard. Because of that, a new set of interest could open. You can, therefore, promote your trade fast and easy.

  3.  When you need more time to explain.

    In the event that your long product explainer video needs more elaboration, using a whiteboard animation video is the best solution. Whiteboard animations videos can be shortened, from a 20-min. video to 2 1/2 video clip while maintaining the right engagement to its viewers. Additionally, always remember to not waste your viewers time. Instead, value their time by providing them with short but rich in information video contents.

  4. To showcase the goodies of character animation.

    Using animated characters is very effective ever since. Due to the fact that one can design an animated character according to how his viewers look and act like, the audience can easily relate to the video. This makes the product video reliable.

    Custom-made characters are indeed very effective in calling people’s attention. Just make sure that you are making your animated characters lively and emotional.

  5.  Best for B2B or B2C businesses transactions.

    The marketing world is undeniably an exhausting world. On the contrary, these whiteboard animation videos are depicting lovely and lively characters with good visual humor.

    This bridges the gap between transaction difficulties that marketers experience when they are trying to close a Business-to-Business or Business-to-Customer transaction. Truly, it is one great way to fasten possible lead to customer conversion.

Maintaining a Positive Brand Image

A Whiteboard Animation Video Can Help

Today, it is a very common scenario that a person tries to visit a website but leaves right away. The reason behind? The website looks awful! That is what a whiteboard animation video does not want to happen. Using whiteboard animation in your website will showcase decency and professionalism.

It can make your website look great. You can relay your messages to your audiences without very less fear of rejection because you know you are delivering the content well.

A Cleaner Website

Whiteboard videos are appealing in the eyes of many. That what makes them more encouraging to watch.

If you want your website to look more professional, using a whiteboard animation video as the homepage video can be the best decision that you can make. Also, make it sure that you are using the right tone in the video.

Today, people love watching and listening than reading. But if you will use unnecessary tone, it can drive your audiences away. It is always best to ask an expert’s help and advice.

High Sharing Potential

If you own a video, especially if it is a video that promotes your product or service, you want it to be a huge success. But how? A video becomes a great hit if people will share it.

Whiteboard animation videos are mostly the successful videos that we see online. Statistics show that whiteboard animation videos have higher sharing percentage compared to other types of videos that are circulating online.

All types of videos can be funny and educational at the same time. You should grab that opportunity to making your video one of a kind. When people see a difference, it will spark with comments, likes and most importantly, shares.

Multiple Uses

Whatever you are up to, whether you are into business or simply you enjoy blogging, a whiteboard animation video can best explain what you what and feel inside you. Whiteboard animation videos open anyone to greater possibilities.

They can be used in telling stories, making a product demonstration, showcasing a person’s testimonial, creating a training program, or simply expressing one’s viewpoint. The possibilities are again limitless. Therefore, a brighter future awaits.

Creating the Best Whiteboard Animation Video

Seek for Professional Services

Today, more and more professional video creation companies are being established to cater the increasing needs of video creation services. People are so into video marketing which makes it the world’s most popular means of communication.

Therefore, there is no doubt that you need this great opportunity on your own. However, a question could be lingering in your mind right now. How can you create the best whiteboard animation video?

Hiring the Right Video Creation Company

You can use the internet when looking for a video creation company to hire. It is easy to find one. Just make it sure that you are dealing with the rea video creation professionals. Some will try to deceive you and you need to very cautious on that.

As a potential client, you can ask for proof to ensure that you are dealing with the right people. Do not forget to ask for a clear quote to avoid miscommunication about money.

The Power of Visual Communication

The Amazing Benefits of Whiteboard Animation Video

Is the money you are investing in video making a difference? With using a whiteboard animation video, yes you are! Whiteboard animation videos are a great digital marketing tactic for everyone who wants to succeed in their trade.

So what are you waiting for? Achieve your business goals and dreams by opting for a whiteboard animation video in building a solid brand awareness over your product or service.

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