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Online Video Guide: Comprehensive Explanation of Video Analytics

One of the wisest and most effective ways of penetrating a product into a market is through designing the best marketing strategy. Today’s market has very high competition. Just imagine, a single product is manufactured under different brand tags.

Therefore, in order to lead in the emerging market, a company has to look into various factors. The big question is, HOW TO GAIN CUSTOMER SATISFACTION? To be able to secure a position in the economic sector, a brilliant marketing plan is needed. And today, advertisements and promotional videos are playing a very important role.

It is becoming a vital part of every marketing plan. You are lucky! This article will give you a clear online video guide that is very easy to comprehend. 

Online Video Guide Essential Facts

Introduction in Video Analytics

You are using online videos to promote your product or service. It is indeed very effective in building a consumer base. In addition, it is important to measure the ROI of your ads to know if your video marketing is bringing positive effects in your business.

It will showcase the effectiveness of your online video material, therefore, it should be present at all times. Due to its significance, a clear video analytics must be provided in every report. Video analytics is simply the measurement or reporting of the total viewers of your video online.

They are often provided by video hosts. Two very common examples are Wistia and Youtube. Once you see the result, you will know if you are going to need some strategies to optimize your viewers online. 

Valuable Metrics in Online Video Analytics

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A video’s play rate is a measure of how strong a video integrates with a site. It is the fraction of player loads where the user actually plays the video. As a result, a clear percentage of facts are being provided. A video play rate captures two very important details. These are:

1. If the video player is embedded in a visible location on the page.

2. The preview image for the video is relevant and inviting.

Another valuable metric is the player load times across the site. Consequently correlated with a site’s overall video play rate. While it is becoming increasingly important to analyze video performance, more people are conducting studies to get the right video analysis that will result to a more accurate video analytic.

Online Video AnalyticsThe rate of the user engagement after a video begins, summary content and playback quality is the next metric to add. Therefore if you want a good video platform, you must be able to provide all of the metrics mentioned above.

Now, Google Analytics also provides insight into video performance. Youtube is no exception. You need to know who’s watching your video. It is necessary to track the number of people who click on a web page with your marketing video.

Complete and proper tools are needed because it’s not as easy to tell if someone actually clicked play to watch it. Once you get the right details, you can decide on these following things.

  • Locating the area that needs improvement. 
  • What problem to troubleshoot?
  • Determining the exact target audience. 

Areas of Video AnalyticsImportant Areas of Video Analytics

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Video analytics make the common people understand the complexity of video marketing. It explains four very crucial areas such as:

  1. Performance shows the number of people who watched the video and the time allotted.
  2. Engagement shows the overall percentage of the likes, dislikes, shares, and comments on the video.
  3. Demographics show the exact location of where your video is mostly watched and the gender of the most number of viewers.
  4. Discovery is the information that shows how your viewers found your video. 

Online Video Guide

Business Impact

By looking at your video’s video analytics, you will be able to tell if you are keeping or losing your audience. It is especially relevant to the companies that are still building a reputation in the industry where they belong. Video analytic is no simple data.

It is one very essential online video guide that everyone can make use of. Modern businesses are into a tight competition. And since video marketing is making noise in the advertising industry, it is widely used. The competition becomes tighter.

Compete and Succeed

Yes You Can!

Making use of video marketing can help your business in so many ways. What you need is the right video marketing plan. However, at this level of competition, there is no room for error. It is best if you create a video marketing plan with the help of professionals.

Yes! There are experts who can offer you the perfect online video guide for the type of business that you are into. Finally, you have the control of it. If you want your videos to be more attractive, ‘Yes, you can.’




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