Animation Video Influence

6 Advice for Maximizing Animation Video Influence

One of the main problems of a marketer is getting traffic and actually convincing them. But what tool do you utilize to do that such hard tasks? 

For this article, we will tackle a topic about increasing your animation video influence.Well, the biggest trend in the marketing industry right now because of smartphones and technology are animation videos.

They are moving pictures that aim to showcase, explain, and convince average viewers to convert into customers. That is just the gist of it, but

Well, the biggest trend in the marketing industry right now because of smartphones and technology are animation videos. They are moving pictures that aim to showcase, explain, and convince average viewers to convert into customers. That is just the gist of it, but

Well, the biggest trend in the marketing industry right now because of smartphones and technology are animation videos. They are moving pictures that aim to showcase, explain, and convince average viewers to convert into customers. That is just the gist of it, but

They are moving pictures that aim to showcase, explain, and convince average viewers to convert into customers. That is just the gist of it, but

That is just the gist of it, but business videos like these have a lot to offer for businesses, especially for startups. But it’s not just about creating animation videos and putting it online.

No, you still have a lot to go. So what does it mean when I say maximizing your animation video influence? It means that you will boost what your animation video is capable of by doing some of the advice on this list.

If you are able to do that, then your will be able to reach and convince a lot more with your video. Influence is equal to your status as a business.

So it’s like the direct synonym of achieving a brand position status. So what are the qualities of an animation video that has a very good influence?

Your videos are influential if they make a lasting impression. Of course, they should be able to convince people and provide them with a compelling call to action too. These are just some of the qualities of a good animation video influence.

To measure your animation video influence, you have to look at your conversion rates. If you have an animation video but your conversion rates are still lower than usual, then you have an issue about your animation video influence.

You might be missing a small detail or one step that could completely turn that around.

Vice versa, increasing your animation video influence also means that you will be getting benefits like increase in traffic, viewers, and especially, customers or conversions.

6 Advice for Maximizing Animation Video Influence

1 – Share your video in all channels available.

all channels available

Making your video viral will definitely increase its influence across the internet jungle. You can’t achieve brand position without making it viral first and increasing influence and sharing it everywhere is absolutely essential in achieving such a goal.

You just simply have to share it everywhere starting from social media, forum threads, websites, comment sections, and all the channels available. In social media, you should share it on all channels.

But it’s also best to find a channel to focus on depending on your target audience. For LinkedIn, your target would be business owners and marketers. For Facebook, your target audience would be more on the casual side, who are looking to buy products maybe.

On forums and threads, your focus is to spur discussions and get the right marketers involved. This will give you some time to prove how professional you are. Plus, it will show how much you know about your industry.

Sharing your animation videos will probably take a lot of time. But never quit and you will surely increase your animation video influence.

The more people will see your video, the more influence you will gain across the internet. And that influence will spread to all the relevant target you wish to accumulate as customers.

But like I said, it won’t take overnight and not even weeks. It will probably take months or years to increase influence by sharing your animation video. So it’s up to you as a marketer to shoulder the responsibility and to never quit.

2 – Relate to your viewers.



The first few seconds of your video will determine if a potential customer will stay or just pass by only. So it’s up to you to make a great impression so that everyone will want to watch your video.

This will surely increase your animation video influence. After the first impressions, you have to actually make quality content to make everyone watch your video until the end.

Now a great tip to make your viewers watch your video until the end is to put yourselves in your viewers’ shoes. Show to them that you know what their challenges are. This is called building rapport but you are doing it on a video.

Provide real life situations strategically that will capture the attention of your viewers.

Let them know that you know what their problems are and that you can solve them. This way, you will surely influence them to convert by stamping in their minds about what you do and how you can help.

Your goal is to make them say “this business knows what I need” and “this will be my go-to in this area”.

These are all achievable by, of course, relating to your viewers. Along with relating to them, you should also try and constantly put your brand colors on your video.

This will allow them to easily remember your brand while making them think that you are relevant. So your colors are important in relating to your customers too.

3 – Stand up and show how unique you are.


Being original plays an important role in establishing and maximizing your animation video influence. People can easily look for any business or brand that can help them out there. But the deciding factor is actually how unique each of those businesses is.

Showcase these unique features on your animation video. This will give people options, which will actually give you a higher chance of converting them to customers for your business.

So uniqueness is important to increase your influence which is then important for converting customers.

Animation videos are perfect to present your strengths to the public audience. Have them understand what your unique features are as well as your strengths on the video.

This is perfect for one to two-minute videos because your goal is to not bore your viewers while you make them check out your brand.

You must understand that as a marketer, it will be really hard to compete with other brands in your industry.

Especially if you are presenting a service or a product that is already popular. Your animation video influence is a key factor in standing out above the rest.

Like any other companies or brands with great video marketing, they constantly show fresh ideas. They also show videos that can be related to their brand but in a unique way. Choosing an original brand comes first before the price for many potential customers out there.

4 – Put a clear and convincing call to action at the end.

call to action

Finalizing a lead’s buying journey with a call to action is a great way to see if your video is as influential as you think. But it’s a good strategy to increase it also.

The intro and body of your video are where you explain and convince your leads. And the call to action at the end is a way for your to measure your conversions.

Basically, clicks on your video will show how influential your animation video is. It means that you have guided or discreetly showed them the path to buy or avail your service.

Having not forced them to take such action just means that you have influenced them.

Influencing is more powerful than forcing because you have won their interest completely. This is the center of inbound marketing. And a call to action is a great tool to use in this kind of marketing strategy.

In fact, all modern marketers are migrating to this strategy now more than ever because of the influencing power. And animation videos are perfect partners.

It’s also a great tool to use to gain dominance over your competitors. But nowadays, almost all businesses, especially online, have animated videos. So where do you put these call to action items?

You can incorporate them at the end of each animated video. Either if you want them to avail or buy your product or just simply have them discover more about who you are as a company and what you do. The choice is up to you and animated videos are perfect in any aspect.

5 – Pay to feature your video on some channels.

Pay to feature your videoAs I have said frequently, increasing your video’s reach all over the internet to get traffic will also increase your influence. Even if some people won’t be able to watch it.

As long as it can be looked up by many, there is a very high chance that your video will be watched. And this will surely increase all your stats, especially your brand position and your influence.

A great strategy, although it’s also called an investment, is what you refer to as paid advertisements. In this scenario, you pay a service like Google Ad or Facebook Ads to have them feature your video.

Although they won’t really show your video to anyone, the keywords that are attached to your videos will now be a high priority than the normal ones.

This is great to make your video go viral. You might really need this especially if you own a business start-up. But it’s really an investment you need to think of.

Some might opt to just hire an SEO manager. So it will be up to you. Availing Google Ads or any advertising firm is really great for online.

A great advice here is to strategically avail to advertise on specific channels only. For example, your target audience is mostly from Twitter, so you pay to advertise here. Then don’t pay any more for the other channels but make sure your SEO is always up to the standard.

This way, you will be able to attract your target audience from where you like most. Plus, you will still be able to attract from everywhere else. So that’s a cost-efficient way of advertising your video which can really increase your animation video influence.

6 – Make sure your video is searchable.

video is searchable

If you did pay to advertise on a channel for your videos, then it’s totally fine. To compliment the misgivings, you should study SEO and apply its lessons and theories for your business as a whole.

In regards to our topic, this will be important in maximizing your animation video influence.

If more and more people can look you up, it will be beneficial for your influence. As you know, animation videos have SEO capabilities too.

Take Youtube as an example, there are descriptions which are actually meta descriptions. There are alternative texts too so when you search a keyword, the videos that match your criteria will show up.

This goes to show that SEO not only plays a part for your articles and text info, it’s also critical for your videos. The more views you get for your video, the more influential it can become. Because it’s a total waste of effort if no one will be able to watch it, right?

So there you go, if you want to maximize your animation video influence, this list can surely help you.

But it’s also necessary to know that this should not be the only basis for your influence. Instead, give effort in other aspects of your animation video like making it viral or understanding how to create an animation video.

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