Landing Page Design to Maximize Conversions

Landing Page Design to Maximize Conversions

Business start-ups and old businesses always need to adjust and plan accordingly to grow for our modern age today. As you know, almost all types of businesses now have websites. Furthermore, these websites have landing pages.

And for this article, we will be talking about landing page design to maximize conversions. But before we begin, let’s understand first what it means and how important it is for businesses to create a great landing page design to maximize conversions.

Landing pages are the ones you see whenever you click on a search engine result or you just go to a specific website. So they are like the door to an office. Also, this is the part business owners and marketers want you to see first.

For example, if you go to our website, what you first see there is our landing page that contains simple and brief info about our brand. So whenever we direct visitors, this is what we want them to see first.

Landing pages are very important for any business out there that has a digital office. Because this is where your visitors mostly base their first impressions. Also, this page is where most of your leads will become customers.

If you really want to maximize your conversions, then you always have to go back to your landing page design. Landing page design is important also because this will mostly determine your bounce rates. Plus, your landing page will help people stay and discover more of your brand and that’s the main goal.

I actually saw a great article that shows us some of the statistics when it comes to landing page design and other aspects of it. You will see in that article some common mistakes based on statistics which can help you avoid them.

Like 48% of landing page designs have multiple offers that seem a little intrusive for your visitors. Multiple offers can be intrusive and oversell which is totally wrong. There are other useful stats there if you want to discover some more.

Landing Page Design to Maximize Conversions

I want to share some best practices based on what we have on our website. This list is to help especially those who are business start-ups. Ultimately, our main goal is to attract leads and conversions.

That’s why we need to improve every aspect of your business. So let’s add more to the ripple and perfect every corner we can with these great tips for landing page design.

Think of what they will see right away.

Landing Page

Try and go to your website like a normal visitor would. This will give you an idea of what to do and change on your landing page. Basically, this is what they see first.

And what you want to change is what they see first without scrolling or moving from the starting point. 

Usually, you’ll put some simple design with maybe a video or any kind of way to explain or show your brand.

You can also create a sense of urgency once they see your landing page which is great. This will give the visitor a big push to take the next step and possibly become a customer right away.

The reason for this is because the challenge or problem that they have in mind is still fresh.

That’s why they know what they need already. Spur interest by giving them sudden irresistible discounts or a chance to subscribe just to keep them hooked.

In relevance to this, you have to make sure that people can see your website fast enough. Because if it takes time for your site to load up, then people might just opt to go away and look for another one.

What you want to do is to make sure that the capacity of your website is exponentially higher than your visitors just to be sure. There is no such thing as way too much when it comes to capacity. You can also improve load time by removing visuals that take a long time to load. So there’s a lot of room for improvement there.

Look at your competitors to get ideas.

This is a really helpful tip to get your footing, especially for business start-ups. In any aspect of your business, you should always look at your competitor’s perspective and business habits. This will give you great ideas for your own business.

And in every industry out there, you will have competition so rest assured that you will always have something to look at. Remember to get ideas and transform those ideas to become your own. Never copy what your competitors did on their own because it will reflect your professionalism and quality of work.

But still, the best place to get ideas is still your own team. Because you have experience the customers first hand and your team will know what they are thinking and their behaviour.

Collaboration with your team is great not only for your landing page design but for every strategy you need to come up with. From lead generation to web page design, you should always trust your team and everyone in your office in that matter.

There are lots of places for you to get ideas for your landing page design. But your competitors and your team will be the best resource you can use to achieve the maximum potential that will lead to more conversions.

Incorporate a tool to contact you right away.

contact tools

If people see your landing page, there is a high chance that they want to speak to you right away. It depends on how impressed they are with what they saw or if they already know what they are looking for.

This is also great to negotiate with potential customers who are canvassing different companies. A good to know is that once they want to contact you right away, then they are already considered as leads.

This can also significantly decrease your bounce rate which is a really good benefit. Because people will stay on your website. There are a lot of ways and tools you can use so that leads can call you from the landing page.

The biggest trend right now in this area is a chat box where you can reply right away. One example of a chat tool is Zendesk chat. An additional feature that you can use here is the notifications where you will know right away if people are visiting and sending out messages to you.

Another great tool to use is a fill-up form where people can give you demographic information and contact information. You can sync this to your customer relations management tool and decide to send an email or call them right away.

This can significantly raise your conversions rate because you will have a chance to capture your leads’ attention while their wants and challenges are still fresh in their mind. Because this idea that they have in mind can easily die out and just pass away. So marketers tend to grab this opportunity right away and treat them as urgent.

Make sure people can look up your Landing Page.

look up your Landing Page

SEO or search engine optimization is part of every single page of our website or blog. It plays a key factor when you think about your average people typing something on search engines or social media channels.

This is because the words or phrases they use (called keywords) are matched to a complex database of words from everything on the internet. Once it matches something, it will give you results based on that. So if a customer types a keyword and you don’t show up, then you have a lot of work to do.

Being on the top results is the main goal but it’s not really that easy to go there. So people aim to be at least at the top 20-30 to have a chance to be clicked by the average surfer.

SEO can take effect on your meta descriptions, texts, and even image texts so it’s important to gain an in-depth understanding of the system. In fact, a lot of people will hire a professional for optimization for this aspect. Simply because your business will die if no one can see it. Even if your website is great and looks so good.

Another great way to make sure your landing page reaches everyone is to share. There’s a lot of channels out there for you to showcase your product. But social media will be your best bet.

Because this channel has billions of users every day, you are bound to find someone for you there. Speaking of businesses, of course, you have to utilize all tools, channels, and services for your brand to thrive in our modern world. And your landing page design is nothing if no one will be able to reach you.

Put your logo where people can see it clearly.

This is a lot more similar to achieving brand positioning where you will always be top of mind. What your main purpose here is to make visitors remember who you are. So that every time they have a similar problem, there is a chance they will think of your brand.

So your logo plays an important role in your landing page design because people should clearly know and always remember what you do. Marketers tend to make their logo quite big for everyone to see, even on mobile or desktop.

Your logo should have the colours of your theme so that everything is organized and clean. It actually takes a lot of time to create a logo but it’s always important to make sure that it’s very good.

Along with the logo is usually a catchphrase. This phrase will try to catch the attention of your visitors. As for our landing page, we wrote “Custom Hand Crafted Animated Explainer Videos“. So it’s a brief sentence that clearly stated the goal of your brand and what you do as a business.

You should also try to put your main keyword here because your power words can help a lot for your SEO. Usually, this phrase is also included in the meta description of your website to add additional SEO.

This phrase will be the one to capture your visitors’ attention and make them say that you are really the one they are looking for.

Create your web page to be simple.

In order for your landing page design to be great, you have to make it as a whole. Make your whole website great and everything will follow. Start by using simple nonconflicting colours like black and white or black and grey. This will reflect how organized you are as a business and people will appreciate that.

As much as possible, try and avoid using neon colours that are hard to look at. Your goal is to make your landing page and website easy to look at so that people can easily browse.

Speaking of the ease to browse, you should also incorporate a simple navigation panel. Somewhere where visitors can search or go to different parts in just a click. Basically, your whole website should be user-friendly when it comes to the words, the colours, the pictures and even the clickable buttons.

For your landing page, you should avoid putting too much clutter like intrusive ads or too many clickable items. You can use a single picture, possibly as a background, then put a power phrase. Then show the navigation bars and a convenient chatbox. That’s a very simple yet compact with features kind of landing page already.

Use Explainer Videos with Call-to-Action.

Explainer Videos with Call-to-ActionExplainer videos are usually moving animated pictures that tell a message. This message is portrayed to your visitors to inform them about your brand and whatever you want. This is really convenient especially now where most people are on their smartphones.

So you get to show them your brand in a compact way and you don’t bore them which is really great. This is perfect for your landing page design because you basically want to catch their attention.

So explainer videos are great to catch the attention of your visitors, make them stay, and with a compelling call to action, you might just convert them to customers as well.

In your explainer videos, you can also give them an option to discover more by answering different questions. Not it’s up to you to determine which questions to answer but that is what’s really great about these videos. They are very versatile and they can fit any part of your website too.

You can use different kinds of videos too so it’s really up to you. But explainer videos are cost-efficient compared to the others like live-recorded videos.

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