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How do Marketers Decrease Bounce Rates Instantly?

All marketers aim of having a constant flow of visitors and leads. But it won’t matter if those visitors just went to your website and just straightaway left in a matter of seconds.

It can really affect your business in a crippling way if you don’t do anything about it. For this article, we will talk about what do marketers do to decrease bounce rates instantly?

In my own observation, bounce rates refer to a visitor leaving your website instantly. That means they saw your website but they didn’t want to stay longer. And google analytics will have a bounce rate for every page of your website.

The longer they stay on your website the better. Which then leads us to a simple equation, the lower your bounce rates is, the higher your conversion rate is. Simple right?

You will understand it more if you read this article completely.

In this situation, it is important to remember that bounce rates cannot be removed completely. This is is because there will always be irrelevant visitors on your website.

But you can significantly lower that stats and turn it around. This is a very big challenge for all marketers out there. And if left unresolved, it can ruin a business completely.

Because the main source of income for a business is the conversions of leads. So marketers want to fix this problem instantly. Hence the main purpose of this article.

How do Marketers Decrease Bounce Rates Instantly?

If you want to know how Google Analytics calculates the bounce rate properly, you can refer to Optimizesmart’s article I found while doing some additional research.

They clearly explained the process there. In addition, they also have some great ways to lessen bounce rates immediately.

Moving on, you will see in this article some great tips decrease bounce rates instantly. But you will also notice that this article aims to help with boosting visitor engagement too.

Because those goals are perfectly in sync with each other. So that means that the more your website is engaging for visitors, the more you will decrease your bounce rates instantly.

Use relevant and quality keywords for your website.

quality keywords for your website

Attracting quality visitors are very important if you really want to decrease bounce rates instantly. If someone visits your website because they typed a keyword on a search engine, they want to see something relevant.

In this case, if they look at your website and found nothing relevant to what they were looking for, they will just go away. This is the most common problem with bounce rates.

But it can be totally prevented if you use keywords that are totally relevant to your brand. This way, all your visitors are interested already. So they have a high chance of converting too.

For every page of your website, there are keywords related to it. The meta descriptions and everything else goes into place.

This goes for your blog articles too so make sure that you always try and incorporate a keyword that can be traced back to you. Everything in your content marketing is related so it’s also important to adjust there.

Make sure your landing page is an attention catcher.

First impressions always last, this also is the case for your website and your visitors. People want to see something that will capture their attention right away. It creates interest and it will further increase their hype levels.

This can be done by giving effort to your landing page design. Landing pages are the part that first appears everytime a visitor goes to your website. So you have to be very careful with the data and information that you put in here for the visitors.

Don’t make it too simple that the info is scarce, but try to make it so that visitors won’t have everything in one look.

Also, give an in-depth thought about the colors your will choose. Most colors are fine but you have to think if that color will fit your brand and your story. With that said, since everything is being thought about, you might as well look into your layout too.

Try and make sure that people can navigate your website easily. There is a general design you can follow and you will notice this by visiting some great websites. You can even look at our own website for reference.

Nurture your potential lead’s interest.

A great way to decrease bounce rates instantly is to capture their attention, then nurture them from that point. Make your visitors want to discover more and more of your website.

Along the way, strategically answer the questions that you think would arise in their mind. This is really a great marketing strategy for inbound marketers too. In a sense, you will be guiding your visitors to becoming leads, and eventually, to becoming customers.

It takes a great effort but if you have dedication and patience, I’m sure you will be able to achieve this goal. Just don’t rush the process and adjust based on the mistakes you will make along the way.

You can also make a way to have your visitors talk to you directly. This is a nice strategy in all aspects of your website. Because your visitors won’t feel they are being forced into buying and it will really nurture them as a lead.

It will also make your visitors stay longer on your website. Meaning, it will really decrease bounce rates instantly.

All content are compact as possible.

Compact means that all information necessary are still there. This strategy is for making your website convenient to look at. You can do this by creating explainer videos, infographics, and other media that can be viewed on the go.

This is because most people are on their mobile phones now. As a result, people are easily bored and they want to move on as soon as possible. This is one of the causes of an increase in bounce rates.

Because it’s getting harder and harder to impress and catch the attention of your visitors. But as long as your content is compact, at least you will have a chance at getting their precious attention.

In addition, there is a thin line that we must take into account. This line refers to having all information rather than something is missing. So it does not mean you have to remove a vital piece.

Once every info is compact and people can view on the go, then it will really lower bounce rates right away.

Incorporate a call to action that’s clear and easy to see.

Right when a visitor looks at your landing page, there is a chance that they would like to take the next step right away. Well, it depends on the lead and how good the landing page is.

But having a call to action on your landing page will really help guide them to take the next step. A call to action can come in different and efficient forms. The most common one you will see out there is a clickable button that will either register a name or ask the customer to pay.

It depends on what you want them to take action for. For an e-commerce type of website, this is really helpful so that people will be encouraged to buy.

You can also put a call to action in any part of your website. It will be up to you how you utilize this compelling tool for your lead. But ultimately, it can make you customers stay on your website more, therefore it’s a great way to decrease bounce rates instantly.

Plus, it will increase your conversion rate too. It’s two birds with one stone.

Proactively promote your website in your social media channels.

If you are a marketer, you will most likely be the manager of the social media accounts of your brand. So you will have the responsibility of promoting your website. It’s perfect to promote your website on your social media channels.

This way, all your followers, and friends will be able to see. This means that quality leads will get to see your website too. Since they already followed your page or account, they will have the same interest or relevant challenge.

As a result, a huge chunk of your visitors will already be interested from the start. This will surely decrease bounce rates instantly because they want to know more of your right away.

Social media is really an important part of our lives and also our marketing world now.

In summary, enhancing your social media campaign will also affect your bounce rates for your website. Which is very good in getting relevant leads and quality visitors.

Interlink your pages and your website on your blog.

Let’s go back to our main goal which is to make our visitors stay to decrease bounce rates instantly. Well, interlinking is perfect for significantly lowering your bounce rates for good.

Everytime someone types a keyword on a search engine, blog articles will come up. Who knows, maybe your blog article is next in line to be clicked. This will give you an opportunity to further spur interest and nurture the visitor.

Interlinking means that you will give reference links which will go to another on of your blog or your website homepage. But it’s not just those two, you can also link to any part of your website, link to another external article to show that you have researched or just link to your portfolio page.

The main purpose of interlinking is to make your customers stay and discover more of your website and brand. As a result, this will really lower your bounce rates. That’s what marketers and copywriters really want.

Make sure your website is viewable on mobile and desktop.

One key factor that repels a visitor away is your website’s compatibility issues. As you know, people nowadays are always on the go and most of them will visit your website via their mobile phones.

So it’s really recommended if you make your website viewable in mobile. Smartphones now can easily play videos on the go too so that’s a really good plus for your to take note of.

Try and visit your website on your phone and on the desktop so will witness all the bugs first hand. This is really important so that you will see the visitor’s perspective on how they see your brand.

And if it’s viewable, of course, they will stay more hence lowering your bounce rates.

Not only will this decrease bounce rates instantly, it can also increase website traffic. Because more people will stay and visit your website. There a lot more benefits so you must really take serious effort into your website’s compatibility.

Don’t overwhelm your visitors with pop-ups and ads.

Too much of the good stuff is the bad stuff. So I know that marketers really utilize a pop-up to mostly get an information from a visitor. This is actually good for getting contact information too.

But there is a thin line between moderation and overwhelming pop-ups. One is enough, if you have two or more, then most visitors will just opt to stay away from your website.

This goes for your advertisements too, especially if you are a registered Google Ad Sense blog. Ninja pop-ups might flood your articles and website so be careful.

In my opinion, I hate ad pop-ups or any kind of pop-ups too. But every time I see one that has an option where you will permanently take that pop-up away, then it’s fine for me.

So in my experience, that’s okay and I think it’s okay to just have one for your website.

This is a deciding factor for visitors because no one wants to be flooded with ads, they might even think your not a legit brand if we are talking about worst-case scenarios.

Make sure your website is 100% working.

In time, there will be updates and developments on your website. So that will include a constant flow of compatibility issues or bugs.

Also, your website will receive a good flow of traffic and that will open up issues regarding the capacity or load of your website too but it will take years. Remember that the more people access your website, the slower the load times of each page will get.

So it’s always good to do preventive maintenance to make sure that your visitors will see a fully functional website. Make sure that all parts of your website are working and accessible at all times.

It’s also good to choose a reliable host for your website like WordPress which is a very popular host already. If people can browse your website freely and conveniently then will surely minimize bounce rates straightaway.

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