Facebook Cover Video

How Can a Facebook Cover Video Inspire and Gain More Followers

Introducing, the newest Facebook update, the Facebook Cover Video!

Facebook just set the ability on the desktop to upload a video as a page cover. It’s the latest innovation in your Facebook timeline.

Facebook wants their users to experience a more engaging interaction with the followers. It also aims to drive more rich experience for the audiences.

So now, we will be featuring this cool Facebook cover video.

But the most exciting part is you will be learning how a Facebook cover video can inspire your followers and gain more audience.

Facebook Cover Video, A Major Change

Facebook Cover Video

Facebook is one of the social media giants that continues to skyrocket in the digital marketing industry.

And with the Facebook cover video as the latest update in their network, all people browsing your page will easily get hooked-up to your account.

Which means, there are greater possibilities and wider opportunities for all people that have different purposes.

But before you create your own Facebook banner video, let’s find out more about this newest feature to help you maximize its advantages in the future.

How Does A Facebook Cover Video Works?

The first step towards a successful social media account is having a lot of active followers. These are people who follow your account.

They stay interactive by liking, commenting and even sharing your posts. However, a question starts to linger in the minds of social media users like you.

‘How to get a lot of friends and followers on Facebook to make a viral account?’

Well, that’s how a Facebook cover video works. It lets you spotlight your creative content in one of the most prominent spaces on your Facebook timeline.

Yes! A video as a Facebook cover or banner is one powerful tool to encourage audiences that you are worth a click on that ‘Follow’ and ‘Add Friend’ button.

A Facebook Cover Video Inspires

Artistic Moving Images

Whether we like it or not, people easily draws attention to things in motion.

Why? Because moving things keep a person’s attention and can even improve it dramatically.

When it comes to attracting an audience, it has the quick capacity to stimulate awareness for immediate consideration that leads to observation.

Therefore, it’s the main survival mechanism of a video. Creating amazing videos is equivalent to crafting artistic moving images.

And when applied to a Facebook cover video, it will effortlessly call the attention of your followers and other Facebook users.

So be sure that you make one fantastic Facebook banner video!

Real Characters

To communicate successfully, talk to a person personally.

Nothing beats the effectiveness of showing genuine intentions when it comes to gaining somebody’s trust.

In social media, a video makes that possible for you. You don’t have to travel and conduct conferences or call a person to have a chit-chat.

You can use real people as characters in your Facebook cover video. It’s another means of directly communicating with your audience.

You can show actual emotion. True emotions play a massive role in how social media audiences react and interact. 

Ultimately, using an emotional facebook banner video will inspire your non-followers to start seeing what you have on your timeline.

Compelling Story

A video always gives a better spark to an action. Which means using a video to bring life to your script will result in a more effective story.

Today people are smarter. When it comes to making decisions, they think more than twice. Especially if it involves a personal connection.

Gaining more followers means asking people to trust you. Touch someone’s life by providing a Facebook cover video with a good story.

Inspire by sharing information. Whether your social media account is for personal or business use, it’s crucial that you can deliver honest information.

Because at the end of every transaction, you’ll reveal what’s real. And that’s what keeps your followers, or it can be something that will drive them away.

Music Variations

Music triggers the viewer’s mindset and mood because hearing sounds is normally an inspiration for many people.

Sometimes, visuals are not enough. The music may complete a scene that is an integral part of a video that aims to drive awareness.

However, the music or sound is one of the few overlooked aspects of video marketing.

So to avoid any success-stopper of your video, use music that calms, connects and reflects.

Since it’s for a Facebook cover video, the time is very limited. Make sure that your music can easily attract your audiences hearing senses.


A Facebook cover video has a time limitation. So it’s always concise. Short but precise.

It’s what the modern people, especially those in the social media community love.

They search for stuff that offers a direct-to-the-point message.

If a person finds your account and check it, and sees your facebook banner video first, there are bigger chances of conversion.

So in your video, give as few words as possible. And be sure to deliver a great message.

How Facebook Cover Video Generates More Followers?

1. Credibility

A video as your Facebook cover ups your credibility.

How? Videos stimulate both the visual and auditory senses. Plus the wealth of information in a short span of time.

Therefore, videos showcase reliability more than still images. It easily hooks up a person’s attention that later on gains the trust.

So it is also important to consider what you show on your video. What’s ideal is to provide education through entertainment. It’s one effective way to boost your exposure.

2. Authority

If you want to look like an expert in a specific field, use a video as a Facebook banner.

Believe it or not, it will attract new followers like a magnet. What you need it the right amount of confidence.

Authority always comes with self-confidence. Show your non-followers that you are knowledgeable and you’re a pro.

Therefore, you need that level of self-esteem that’s going to showcase your strong intention.

By using a Facebook cover video, that’s very easy to achieve.

3. Appealing

Using Facebook cover videos will easily bring you more new followers because they’re more appealing as Facebook banners.

You are using a unique dynamism on your timeline that is proven to be well received by the general audiences.

A video as a Facebook cover is more than aesthetic purposes. Although they look truly attractive, they are informative as well.

So the appeal doubles. When people find you, it’s easier for them to click the button, add you as a friend and follow your posts.

And by adding extra effort, there are higher chances of going viral.

Moreover, when choosing the design for your cover video, be sure to choose something that feels right for your type.

4. Motivator

Do you want something that easily encourages Facebook users to follow you? Use a video as a cover.

Facebook cover videos are great motivators for all types of audiences. You need to motivate users to check your timeline.

It’s the first step towards catching their attention. So to find the value that drives your actions, go for something that’s worth your effort and your audience’s time.

It should always be a win-win situation because Facebook is another place to market and socialize.

5. Professional

One of the best qualities of a Facebook cover video is professionalism. It’s improved, developed and advanced.

It serves as a trademark of standard and class when it comes to both the physical and internal aspect of a Facebook account.

But yes, a Facebook cover video can make or break your profile.

To avoid that from happening, be sure to welcome Facebook users with a refreshing and entertaining facebook banner video.

‘You need a Facebook cover video.’

A Facebook cover video is a big shift in your Facebook timeline. You must embrace all possibilities that come along with this significant change.

It’s the best way to learn new practices and find more ideas to familiarize and master yourself on Facebook. Understand the basic to get started.

Because if you’re planning to incorporate Facebook in your marketing efforts, it is surely going to be a more exciting journey for you.

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