YouTube Networks

The Top YouTube Networks for Small Channels

One of the most popular social networking sites today is YouTube.

It is a video-sharing website that has millions of users all over the globe.

However, aside from being a famous social media network, YouTube is also a great place to do business online.

Knowing the fact that people are so into watching videos these days, YouTube has created brilliant ways to help people share what they have and what they can provide.

Through YouTube networks, people get assistance in these following areas:

  • Product Promotion
  • Programming
  • Funding
  • Cross Promotion
  • Project Management
  • Partner Management
  • Digital Rights Management
  • Monetizations
  • Sales
  • Audience development

YouTube Networks

A Good Start

After reading the above introduction, you might be asking yourself these questions right now:

  • What are YouTube networks?
  • Why are they valuable?
  • Why or why not you should be part of them?

Networks or typically called as MCN or ‘multi-channel networks’ is like a business that collects a lot of YouTube channels.

These channels are being grouped under a bigger major channel.

Talking about YouTube networks is already talking about business.

When a bigger channel collects smaller YouTube channels, they provide opportunities.

However, they do it for business opportunities for themselves.

The Real Reason Behind

YouTube networks are there because they saw opportunities to bring together all these YouTube channel creators and be able to go and get more opportunities for everybody and for themselves.

When a person joins a network, YouTube will need that individual to become a YouTuber.

YouTube networks cannot survive without these smaller channels.

It’s a win-win situation. However, a small YouTube channel can survive without the bigger network.

YouTube Networks Advantages

  1. A Higher rate of pay for your ads that are going into YouTube channels.
  2. Branded or sponsorship opportunities.
  3. Manages your channels.
  4. Optimize your SEO.

As a YouTuber, you will decide whether or not to commit with them.

If you accept the offer, you will sign a contract.

You will move your smaller channel over to their network to become a part of that business.

As a result, the bigger channel can get your views.

They can add your subscriber count to their subscriber count.

The opportunities that they are going to get can be huge than what you are getting.

It Helps

You Need YouTube Networks

When it comes to YouTube Networks, there are a lot of things to discuss.

But, people are very eager to listen because it is a fact that YouTube networks can help.

If you are just a small channel and you want to belong to a bigger channel, it’s an ideal thing to consider.

What you have to do is to know your goal.

Also, you have to pay attention to some people who have horrible experiences with their networks.

Therefore, you have to be certain about the network that you are going to join.

To help you, here are some of the best YouTube networks for small channels like you:

Creative Nation

Compared to other YouTube networks, Creative Nation is a newer network.

However, it is still popular to both small and big channels.

Cnation do all genres and it offers good features at a high revenue share which is ideal for its members.

This YouTube network is most popular among gamers.

One can use  Cnation as a payment processor as and as an alternative to using Google Adsense.


  • Cnation will sell ads on your channel if your channel reaches over 2 million views per month.
  • Giving 90% revenue share.  It leaves them with 10% revenue share.
  • Offers sponsorship opportunities plus.
  • Providing network benefits.
  • Asking for as low as $1 payment threshold.


  • Cnation does not offer high-end features aside from free sponsorship.
  • They ask for payment on time. But with the low-quality features, the members are not happy with it.

Full Screen

Full Screen

Is an ad-free subscription video service.

It is a global network that offers tools, services, and consultation to YouTube small channel owners like you.

This network is open to all and not focusing on gamers alone.


  • Available globally.
  • The revenue sharing is 70:30. 70% to the channel owner and 30% share for them.
  • The main requirements could be tough to comply but it is reasonable. You need to have 500 + subscribers and a quality content. It’s a good network so it has a higher standard.
  • You have to simultaneously upload to different platforms.
  • There should be an access to footage libraries and editing assistance. Plus collaboration opportunities would be great.


  • You have to stick with a two-year lock-in contract.
  • For people in Fullscreen network, they provide limited collaborations only.
  • There is a threshold payment of $50 per month. If you fail to pay, it will add up in the next month and so on.
  • There’s a significant cut on revenue for small channels.

Curse: Union for Gamers

Curse Union for GamersWhen talking about popularity, Curse’s Union for Gamers is probably the most popular YouTube network.

Consequently, both the small and large group of YouTubers prefer to become a part of this network. 

Due to the fact that this network offers great features at very affordable prices, they are truly becoming more popular to people. So what do they got?


  • Revenue Share is 90%. You will be provided with full transparency report.
  • You get to collect 90% no matter how much you make in a month.
  • No hidden cuts.
  • No parent network.
  • You are free to leave the network anytime as there is no ‘lock-in’ policy.


  • For smaller and new YouTube channels, it has a higher threshold.
  • You need one thousand subscribers and four thousand views per month to qualify and avail their special features.
  • Despite having a low threshold, you will need to pay 10% of your total earnings.

Freedom Network

Freedom NetworkAlthough Freedom is a fairly popular YouTube network, it is highly capable in providing high-end services to its members.


  • This network only requires 1000 views a month, or 33 views a day to become a part of them. Hence making them as the network with lowest requirements.
  • Their scalable revenue share starts at 60%. When you get higher engagement, they move you up to 95%.
  • No lock-in contract.
  • No threshold.
  • With network benefits.
  • With great sponsorships.


  • Compared to all other networks, Freedom has the highest starting revenue share. 40% is really high.
  • User-end controversies are high in numbers.
  • They do not have special benefits. Although they provide normal benefits for its members.

Maker Studios (RPM)

Maker Studios RPMRecently when Maker Studios purchased RPN.

Maker Studios is owned by Disney.

The biggest among all YouTube networks, Maker Studios still offers the usual benefits of MCN.

This network is ready to bring your channel to the next level.

  • They offer royalty-free music.
  • Provides live streaming services.
  • Custome thumbnails are available.
  • When it comes to their forum pages, anyone can access for collaboration.
  • Only requires 2,500 thresholds per month.


  • Lock-in contract is mandatory for 1 year.
  • They collect 40% revenue share which is relatively high.
  • A channel needs to earn 50% per month to get paid.

YouTube Networks

Do you really need one?

When it comes to getting brand deals, you do not necessarily need to have a network.

However, it is still best to study things and think out of the box.

First, ask yourself. If ever you join a network, what can it benefit you?

What are the pros and the cons?

We have given pros and cons of the following examples of networks.

From that alone, you can already see what you can get and what you do not need.

You Certainly, NEED IT!

YouTube networks will help you to enter legally binding relationships with full understanding.

You are going to face the world with the unified front which will make you a reliable channel to all your target viewers.

Following this advice means you are opening better deals for everyone.

The Increasing Membership Requests

Despite the fact that there are some who say small channels does not need massive networks to succeed, there are still several good reasons cited why these channels must.

Joining  YouTube networks mean you are labeling your channel into a bigger perspective.

Growing is faster than remaining a small single channel.

Therefore, if you do not have any interest in joining a YouTube network, then you might want to think twice:

  • Re-consider.
  • Be open-minded.

Business Wise

YouTube Networks for Business Purposes

Not all people may realize it, but small and big channels that use their channels for business transactions is tracking the right way.

Here is when video marketing enters the scene.

There are higher conversion rates in making your business appear on every network.

Make the best out of these networks to experience the changes.

You have to learn how to conduct yourself in front of negotiations.

A network has a lot to help.

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