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Daft things to avoid for a successful brand marketing strategy

“The quintessence of strategizing any brand is cleverly opting out things not to be done.”

Today’s witty marketers have left none of the marketing dimensions as unexplored. With high levels of marketing research and smart implementation of apt strategies, brands are able to establish well. Online presence has become critical to foretell any brand’s success. And there’s no marketer around who’s willing to make a blunder with managing any of its social affairs.

For a successful branding strategy, it usually takes hard work, lots of skills, resources and also a bit of your luck factor. It is always “what more you can cater to your audience’s needs” leaving your competitors behind. With more number of start-ups and entrepreneurs plunging into the market, there is immense pressure building up among the marketers.

Everyone wants to be in limelight and customer centric. And often in the hoard of occupying the forefront, marketers naively end up doing some daft things which affect their brand presence adversely.

Unfortunately, many business owners make some common mistakes that hurt their authority, credibility and likeability.

This post will look at 10 mistakes you should avoid at all costs when building your brand.

1. You alone don’t stand out

Among marketers, there runs a myth. If there competitors adopting a certain strategy are apparently doing well, then they try implementing the same measures. Some tactics may turn productive but most of them end up with futile results.

Sadly, just emulating other ideas into your business will blend your relevance rather than standing out of the crowd.


2. You ought not to be inconsistent

Inconsistency in your brand marketing can leave your viewers with confused feelings and even sceptical. For instance, one day you have posted a blog on Facebook with a distinctly empathic tone, and the very next day you remark it with harsh comments. At this point, your followers might question your credibility. Stick to a consistent behaviour and reflect it while social marketing.


3. Your brand elements mismatch to your brand values

Practising consistency with your tone, voice and image is highly required. However, make sure that these elements accurately represent what your business stands for.

For example, if your brand is known for excitement and intrigue, would it be appropriate to choose pale blues and yellows for your marketing elements? Or would bright reds be a more appropriate representation of your values? Think over.

4. Be a cool social media marketer

You can’t be judgemental while on a social platform neither can afford to lose your temperament. Certain behaviour can lend you into awful situations that can irreparably spoil your brand. Try avoiding fights, name-calling, using racial slurs, or insulting your audience at any costs.


5.  You miss out trying every channel available to you

Opposite to a prevalent thought among marketers, there are more channels to build a brand name than just social media.

Extremely fruitful measures like content marketing, email marketing and SEO should not be unrated. The success ratio of each of these channels should be completely utilized to gain audience notice.


6. You don’t monitor your online reviews

Do you follow the online reviews made for your business on a regular term? If not you have to start doing it. The reviews and ratings left on Google My Business, Yelp, the BBB, are not to be mussed out. While you have control over what people review about you, but you can always improve your gesture:

  1. Respond to the negative feedbacks and improvise it into your business, and
  2. Encourage satisfied clients to leave reviews. This mught dilute the impact of any negative reviews you received.


7. You can’t please all the people the same time

No matter how harder you try, you can’t satisfy to everyone’s expectations. While trying to achieve the impossible you might just weaken your brand. If you have strong opinions, go ahead and share them. Don’t shy away from being who you really are!


8.  If your online presence is difficult to find

What do you find when you Google your brand name? Or look for your business mentions on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc.?

Your online presence must be effectually optimized and easily people searchable naive audience. If your website and social media profiles aren’t properly optimized, you are surely missing out a whole lot of followers, engagement and traffic!


9.  When you forget to monitor mentions of your brand

If you don’t discern what people’s remarks are about your business or products, how can you ever address their relevant questions and concerns?

Social listening is important to keep your brand alive. Regularly monitor what people say about you online. You can implement useful tools like HootSuite, Social Mention, and Google Alerts to set up alerts for brand mentions or hash tags.


10.  Missing out your ideal customers online

Are you active on the social media sites your prospects and customers or clients frequent? If not, your competitors are probably pretty happy about that! Find out which sites your target market uses, and make sure you have a strong and engaged presence there.

Still, looking for more tips for building your brand? Use these tips and avoid making mistakes while implementing them.


Author Bio

Sara Diaz is a web marketing enthusiast. She primarily is associated with Mail Prospects, a marketing services company that offers integrated solutions for marketing and sales professionals. Apart from her work, she can found reading about entrepreneurship blogs, travelling and doing yoga. Her Twitter handle is @saradiaazz


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