Online video helps get your message across

Online video helps get your message across

There is no doubt that online video is becoming one of the most key marketing tools for business. A promotional video can be a brilliant way to get a message across to a target market.

Adobe released towards the end of 2014 showed that almost 38.2 billion free videos were watched online. Adobe show the rapid rise of video for business last 12 months, online video become even more important.

Adobe’s Digital Index report said: “Online video has become part of our lives as a primary entertainment medium. Producers, developers and marketers need creative solutions for integrating their content into online videos.”

Animated explainer videos, which are a fun and quirky way to give out details about your company’s products and services.

This is an engaging way to audience. It is also can be a much more effective way to get a message.

Mobile online video

Adobe found out that mobile devices like smartphones and tablets are playing a key role in the growth of online video.

The 26 per cent of online video views between April and in June 2014 were via a mobile device.

However, Adobe’s data also revealed that only 16.6 percent of videos viewed on a mobile device reach 75 per cent completion. Also, this lags some distance behind completion rates on desktops, gaming consoles and OTT devices.

The animated explainer video is a great tool in marketing armory. However, you need to make sure that  you get it right if you  to hit your target market effectively.

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