Animated Video Production Problems

Usual Animated Video Production Problems: 5 Tips to Solve

Animated videos are the biggest trend now in the modern marketing industry. People can watch videos anywhere and anytime because almost everybody has smartphones. Marketers grasped this opportunity so we now have video marketing.

Basically, animated videos are moving pictures that convey information to the public. But as a marketer, we usually want to know what challenges we are going to face before we actually try to venture into something unknown.

For this article, I will give you a list of the usual animated video production problems. So yes, there are always problems, this will include producing the best video for your business.

Most of you must be wondering why I’m referring to businesses or companies when I say animated videos. Well actually, this will be our main focus for this article. Although, animated videos are not purely for business.

As you know, animated videos have a lot of uses, for movies, cartoons, and other productions. But since we are a business blog and we are marketers trying to find some great read, well, we will be talking purely about animated videos for businesses.

Yes, animated videos are very beneficial for businesses and brands who want to be on the level with the big ones. With a convincing call to action and packed with valuable information, animated videos are an investment that every business should start thinking about. If they don’t have it yet.

But it’s not all about the benefits of course. You still have to make the best video, this is the first part of video marketing. Then, in the steps that follow, the usual video animation production problems will occur.

But those problems are perfectly solvable with the right info and research. And that’s what I’m here for, I will be helping you how to solve animated video production problems.

Usual Animated Video Production Problems: How to Solve

Before we tackle the list, you might have a question of what goes into the production. Well, certain video makers and companies have a unique way of doing things. For us, we follow four steps to refine and deliver the best video.

Our main video production process covers script writing, storyboard designing, voice recording, and animation. For other companies, they have might have additional steps. If we understand the process briefly, then we can relate to the usual animated video production problems.

Also, it’s best for you to know that there are numerous problems when it comes to producing your videos. What I have included here are just the most common ones.

I will also try to give some solutions that can help fellow marketers and business owners. Especially those who are thinking about investing in their first animated video.

You tried or made the video yourself.

made the video yourself

This is one of the most usual animated video production problems. So you made the video yourself and now the quality of the video looks very unorganized and unprofessional.

This is totally fine by the way because you will be able to compare what it really looks like when a professional animator will do it. This is really okay if you have experience in animation, drawing, and art.

But to be able to refine the video, you will really need a creative team for brainstorming and telling what’s right and wrong.

A great example of the consequence of doing it yourself also is the voice artist. Since you won’t be able to know where to hire one, you might ask someone instead. Or maybe you end up hiring an international voice artist.

Which by the way is not recommended when it comes to business videos. This is one of the most common mistakes in video marketing. Because it’s always advised that in order to relate to the people, you must hire a local voice artist to portray the right message.

This will significantly boost the impact of the message and people will be able to tell that you are from the same country.

So it’s really the matter of picking the right company. The best advice I can give you is to start with the pricing. Ask the companies and canvass the best price you can get.

Then look at their portfolio pages and see if they can do what you want. Doing it yourself is okay, but make sure that you know the basics, follow the right steps or just hire a professional to do it for you.

This way, you will confidence and you will be able to refine the video to the fullest.

The duration of your video.

duration of your video

A lot of business owners and marketers tell me that the want to create a 1-minute video. But in actual, they really don’t what is the best duration for the message they want to tell. There is no actual specific duration for your video at first.

There will usually be a five to ten-second margin to really finish your video. But to get a valid estimate of how long your video should be, you should probably base it on the script.

Because the number of words on the script will tell how approximately how long the video will take. The reason behind this is because the average voice artist can only speak 150-180 words per minute. This is actually based on a recent study. So if your word count reaches around 130-150 then you can tell that it’s a one-minute video.

This is one of the most usual animated video production problems. Also, the main challenge is packing everything compact in one video. Marketers tend to have the mindset of utilizing a service to its full potential and this is the result of that.

It’s a common mistake to jam pack everything in one video. But as a reminder, it’s also recommended to multiple videos to showcase different aspects of your business. This way, you will still be able to create one-minute videos and thus avoid boring people along the way.

Another thing that can alter the duration of your video is the words. You must avoid putting jargon words, these are phrases and sentences that can’t be understood by the normal viewer.

So not only will it make your video longer, it can also repel your customers if we talk about the worst case scenario.

Following the usual process.

Following the usual process

Like I said before, the process is usually different for every company out there. For us, we have the script, storyboard voice over, and animation as part of the whole production.

We usually follow this because we have tried and tested this to refine and develop the video to the point that the one who availed it will surely be satisfied. But this is not always the same for the customers.

Especially if they want to do the video themselves. They sometimes disregard the process and do what they want to do first. This is actually one of the most usual animated video production problems. A solution to this is to either hire a professional or consult one who has enough experience.

Following the process will give you an organized and well thought out video or project as a whole. The process is designed to refine your video to whatever you like it to be.

Plus, if ever you want to trace back to a mistake or a change you made, being organized has its advantages. An important thing to remember is that your video is a permanent tool, but you can still develop it even after it has been published on your website.

You can even repeat the process from the beginning or just base a new video from your old ones.

The main purpose of your video.

purpose of your video

Usually, this has to be sorted out before the first step. One of the most usual animated video production problems is what to actually put on the video. This can be solved by asking yourself some questions that are related to the video.

You can use the answers to create the script and the main story. So you have to tell your story based on what your company this. This will make the video attract the right people who really needs your help.

This can also be solved by following the process. So start with asking yourself some questions about your brand, then write the script and so on.

Another usual animated video production problems for your video is the balance. This refers to too much self-promotion or too much information. Your animated video should have the perfect balance between the two.

So help people by telling your story, identify their problems and tell them how you can help. Along with that line, you can tell them how unique you are compared to the others and what are your advantages.

So there should really be a balance in all aspects of the video. Although another thing is that it can be hard if you want your video to be one-minute only but it’s definitely possible.

It’s absolutely necessary for you to determine your goal for your video. This is the same for your video marketing goals. Since this type of strategy is centered around videos, then you should have a well thought our strategy and make everything as clear as it can be.

Where do you publish the video?

publish the video

Actually, a lot of marketers think about this problem after production only. But for me, it’s best to always plan ahead and get some insight about expectations and future challenges.

So during the creation of your video, you ask yourself “Where would I publish this video?”. Well, the answer to that is to first determine who your target audience is. Even before you invest for a video, your business will have a target audience already.

But do you already know where they are usually active or do you know which country is most commonly where your customers come from? This questions will help you think and decide where you will publish the video. Most commonly, your website and social media is the answer.

But even in these channels, there are specific parts where your customers will mostly be. For example, LinkedIn houses mostly corporate people while Facebook houses mostly casual and average consumers.

So if you know where to put your video, you will be able to fully utilize your video to its full potential. Not to mention you will also save time and effort. There are lots of ways to make your video go viral, and determining which channel to publish it to can help you.

Ultimately, there are still lots of problems you will face during production. So my best tip for these problems is to be calm and collected. Analyze the problem and I’m sure that you will be able workaround usual animated video production problems.

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