Best Stock Video Websites

The Best Stock Video Websites for Free Quality Videos

The popularity of a video as a marketing tool is unstoppably increasing. More and more marketers believe that the use of videos is the fastest way to the future. However, shooting your own video or buying an original video content can be very expensive.

With that mind, you start to worry. How can I get my own video?

If you are in the video production, filmmaking industry or any type of business, you’ve probably heard about the best stock video websites.

Things to Know First

What is Stock Video?

Stock video is a film or video footage from an original production that one can use again for free.

It is a great way to save time and money in creating expensive and time-consuming original video footage.

It is similar to archive footage, library pictures and file footage that are available on the Internet.

Also known as a b-roll, a stock video is not the entire video at all. It is a piece of video content or clip that is inserted into a larger video.

More About Stock Videos

Stock videos are everywhere. You might not just notice them but you are seeing many of them in your daily life especially if you are an internet user.

They are usually video clips or shots that are shorter than one minute.

But sometimes there are exceptions when it comes to the video length. 

Like what has been mentioned above, these clips can be outtakes from other projects or archive shots that one can re-use to create a new video.

The Place for Stock Videos

Best Stock Video Websites

After learning about stock videos, for sure you are getting excited about it.

So the next question is, where to find these stock videos?

There is one important thing that you need to remember, not all stock videos that you can get are high in quality.

Therefore, choosing the right stock video is another consideration that you need to take.

You need to search for the best stock footage sites. There are many stock footage companies that you might find.

Choose Only The Best Stock Video Websites

Listen to Tips and Suggestions

Here are some of the best stock video websites that people go when they need high-quality, cheap or free stock videos.



    One of the most popular stock video providers. They offer stock photography, stock footage, stock music even music and video editing tools.

    Shutterstock is one of the larger stock video sites.

    It has 125 million royalty-free stock photos with around 4 million video clips and music tracks available. 

    Its archive is easy to use and affordable. Their video and music products are licensed to assure their clients the legality of their services.



    One of the world’s leading video and music stock content marketplaces. They are an online royalty free.

    They have millions of photos, illustrations, clip art, videos and audio tracks to offer their subscribers.

    iStock is indeed of the best stock footage companies today.

    Their premium images are amazingly available at low prices.

    With them, you get better pricing by buying credits in advance. If you visit their homepage, you get a free monthly video too.

  3. POND5


    A well-known online marketplace for royalty-free media.

    It is one of the biggest libraries of stock media.

    They have stunning images, video clips and audio soundtracks that you cannot find anywhere else. 

    With POND5, you can upload and price your own videos.

    Because of that, you will find a large variety of high-quality videos that will fit your budget.

    They give exclusive promotions that many users enjoy.



    A stock photo agency. It provides high-resolution royalty-free images.

    They also have high-quality editorial stock photos, vector art, video footage clips and stock music licensing. 

    They have photographers and videographers who can capture news, entertainment, sports, or corporate events that you need to cover.

    With GETTY IMAGES, you are open to broader possibilities when it comes to royalty-free stock images, videos, and audio clips.



    A stock photography company that sells royalty-free and rights-managed photography, illustrations, video footage, clipart,

    and audio clips in high and low prices.

    Fotosearch bring several companies together making way to more splendid images, videos, and audio products. 

    They have provided high-quality images to creative professionals for more than 20 years now.


    videohiveA buy and sell royalty-free company. At VideoHive the video providers are able to upload stock footage which gives them a larger variety of videos.

    The prices vary depending on the quality and original producer. Unlike the other best stock video sites, VideoHive will offer you two types of licensing.

    The regular license will not allow you to sell the end product.

    The extended license allows you to sell the item afterward. Their website is easy to use which is a plus to the company.


    A great place to find stock footage of historical events. They also have standard stock-type videos. 

    Users get creative professionals access to a collection of stock footage with licensing worldwide.

    The BBC Motion Gallery collection includes over 125,000 creative, editorial and archival clips which are exciting facts for producers, filmmakers and video creators. 

    They also provide rare and unique offline contents.

    They can be accessed using the online BBC Broadcast Archive research tool which is not hard to learn.

  8. T3 MEDIA

    Dedicated solely to videos. When it comes to media and entertainment companies, it is the leader in content management, delivery, and monetization services.

    This video company sets out to transform the way content creators access the video content.

    They bring the video marketing into the next level. 

    They provide the worlds largest managed video and metadata platforms as a cloud-based service which is a licensing matter to consider.

    T3 Media is one of the trusted media and entertainment companies today.



    The world’s premier online resource for stock footage research, providing creative professionals.

    This company provides tools that are needed to discover and obtain the best motion contents.

    It helps its users to find the best stock footage as quickly and easily as possible. 

    They generate new leads and licensing opportunities for their members.

    It is truly one of the best stock video websites today.

Amazing Benefits of Stock Videos

Your Business’s Success

If you are into business and you want to invest in video marketing, using stock videos is one great opportunity for you.

You do not have to spend millions of dollars in creating a new film.

What you have learned above is just an amazing thing for people like you who want high-quality branded videos for business and other purposes. 

The Help You Need

What you need is the right partner. Find the right professional video creation team that can provide you with the services that you need.

With these experts, your path will surely lead to SUCCESS. 

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