Should you use a Memorable Characters in your Company Videos

Should you use a Memorable Characters in your Company Videos

Why is it important to have a video in your company? Videos nowadays are quite helpful to gain leads. Animated videos are made to explain your product. It is also made to introduce your service or brand your business.

However, there are questions to answer when you decide for a cartoon animation video. One of the most important is the question about the characters. Who is the main character of your clip?

Does it have to be memorable characters? Why does it have to be memorable?

You need to use Memorable Characters in your Video

Some companies prefer to use a generic character in their video explainer. After all, if the video stars somebody relatively faceless, it has the ability to relate to the largest number of people.

Yet there are many benefits to creating a more striking figure too. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you make this decision.

Brand recognition

Craft a character whose appearance reflects the persona of your company. It can be an effective branding tool. As the cliché goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. By having all of the things in a single personality, you can leave many things unsaid.

A well-crafted character in your animated videos and promotional material can become a reference point for your target market. With this, your business sets you apart from the competition.

The hook you need

One of the key drawbacks of online marketing is saturation. How do you ensure customers to view your branding material when there is so much other content distracting them?

An entertaining character can be the answer to this question. In addition, an appealing personality at the center of your video will give your target a gateway to your content.

Involved storytelling

A clear character at the center of your video, you can tell an interesting and engaging story. The viewer has a clear reference point for everything. As a result, this will make for a much more attention-grabbing piece.

Plus, if you want series of promotional videos, a strong lead character will make better narrative consistency.

As you can see, creating a memorable character for your video can add juice to your branding. Furthermore, it enables you to increase the effectiveness of your video. Think about whether or not this will aid your branding efforts.

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