maintain productivity in social media

How do busy professionals maintain productivity in social media?

All professionals are humans too so they have the same problems as everyone else. One of the main challenges for a pro is time management. With that said, let’s talk about how do busy professionals maintain productivity in social media.

With everything a professional does, it will sometimes be overwhelming. Plus, gaining a status such as a pro means that you can multitask and do a lot of things. If you are a social media manager, then there is a high chance that you are also the copywriter and marketer of your brand.

Sometimes, you are the business owner too and that will really be stressful to handle all those things. And in that kind of situation, it’s really hard to maintain productivity in social media.

You have Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, not to mention there are a lot of social media channels out there.

All of which will really take it’s load if you are just handling it without a well thought out strategy. Professionals are always busy because they are the “go to” for amateurs and colleagues.

But in our age today, we now have technologies that can really help ease the work. Along with technology is, of course, our strategy.

So a lot of you will ask the same question: how do professionals maintain productivity in social media?

Let’s go ahead and answer that.

For reference, this article is based on my opinion and observation as a marketer. You will also notice some of these while you are on your way to becoming a professional.

But it’s always good to have something to read that will make you remember the simple things. So let’s talk about time management tips for professionals in social media.

How do busy professionals maintain productivity in social media?

Some of the points in this article are how professionals handle productivity. The sub-topics can be a reference to amateurs or those who are on their way to having a really busy schedule.

But some can be applied as a strategy. So, this article can be advice for busy professionals in social media. The point is not to argue or to point out mistakes or misgivings.

They really are just great suggestions for professionals to maintain production in social media.

Download all available mobile apps.

Download all available mobile apps

Today, mobility is really important if you want to multitask. So everyone are looking into their smartphones. Professionals all have smartphones and this means that the tools in social media all have their mobile counterparts.

This is 100% accurate because all social media channels will have mobile apps. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and most social media software are there even if you look it up now on the Appstore or Playstore.

The main purpose of downloading apps is to have notifications on the go. This allows professionals to perform all the other task they can do and still be updated in social media.

Being active in social media is important because potential customers will not go for someone who is not inactive. The more active you are, the more you leads you can get.

Smartphones really made our lives faster and more convenient. As a marketer myself, I have a phone for receiving emails and all other kinds of notification that is relevant to my work.

This is one of the key factors on how to maintain productivity in social media.

But it’s the downside there is that everywhere you go now is where you work too. A small thing that most professionals don’t mind nowadays because they are workaholic.

Utilize a task creator or schedule program.

task creator or schedule program

Professionals always have a mini book or a planner but not just for social media. They apply this in all aspects of their work habit. Because it will really overwhelm their brilliant minds if they just remember everything without a planner.

Having a schedule program is not just for keeping everything planned. A planner also allows a professional to make future strategies based on what they need to do.

So they won’t overlap and so they won’t make conflicts with either personal or work related plans.

A planner also allows a professional to make future strategies based on what they need to do. So they won’t overlap and so they won’t make conflicts with either personal or work related plans.

So this sort of their fortune maker because the planner will eventually tell them how they will work.

Another tool they use to plan ahead is a calendar. This is really a great tool how to maintain productivity in social media and all other aspects. It’s also important to a point where other professionals pay just to have a nice calendar app.

Let’s take Outlook, for example, it has a calendar incorporated in their software for everyone to use. They can book appointments, set meetings, and all other scheduling features.

Create different timed events.

I believe in the saying that you can be active at all social media accounts, at all times. You can be socially present by creating different timed events.

Timed Events refer to organizing forums, threads or comment discussions, sharing competitions, and even tweet-outs. There a lot more so it’s up to you to find out which one you like.

But since professionals always have calendars and task organizers, they can create timed events. In a way that’s convenient and it won’t overlap with each other. This also allows them to focus more on a specific account one after another.

Plus, this will give you enough time to consistently push out rich content. You will understand what I mean if everything you have in mind is to just be active and just post anything.

Which brings me to another challenge that pros always face. It’s the challenge to consistently push out worthwhile content. Content to attract and convert potential leads into customers.

You can overcome this challenge by always organizing what you do. This goes for all the aspects of your work too. As a copywriter, marketer or a business professional that handles social media, this is a must do.

Achieve a brand position.

How to Improve the First-rate Brand in 10 Simple Ways

Achieving a brand position has a lot of benefits. Once this is achieved, it really helps professionals save a lot of time and resources. But to get this status is not something you get overnight, not even for months or years.

This status is the result of years of consistency and quality copywriting. When you have established a good brand position, you will be the go to for that product or service. So how does this help a busy professional?

As you can see, there are lots of benefits. But this will make your potential leads and past customers become promoters. Once they believe that the quality of your service is really top notch, you won’t really have to remain active all the time anymore in social media.

Of course, you still need to visit and manage it properly. But you this will also give you a lot of time for your other tasks. See, social media amplifies good or bad in a way that is really helpful for marketers.

If you give them a good service, then you will receive a good review. If you give them a bad service, then they will rant and share bad comments about your brand so you have to really commit to your promises.

This is why busy professionals always aim for a good brand position. Because a solid brand position results in a steady flow of leads and customers in social media. In addition, it will save your most precious time for promoting and being active at all times.

Use analytics instead of just posting and sharing.

For a professional, one of the best ways to maintain productivity in social media is to use the power of analytics. They simply just go and check real time data instead of wasting time staying online for hours every day.

Professionals want to maximize everything they do and analytics is perfect for every aspect which they want to excel.

Simply look if your social media account is getting more attention that the other. This way, you can adjust and make changes that will level all your attention. Maybe you need to focus on this account that the other that is already receiving a lot of love.

Or maybe there is a lack of activity or events, or if there are more followers here but less there. You can all understand your social media presence with the use of analytics.

The secret is to give attention to where it is needed and not give all out just to one specific goal. As a professional, this is called self-preservation and tactics. Where in you must know how to utilize a tool or a feature to its full potential and analytics is perfect for that.

Interlink social media accounts.

Referral Programs

Interlinking social media accounts allows professionals to quickly access that said account with just one click. This task is very simple to do so every professional does it.

It will also help with managing all posts since everything is interlinked to each other, then you won’t have to think about a post too much. Resharing is like recycling a post and this really helps professionals to maintain productivity in social media.

As a professional marketer, the main goal in social media is to get more followers or friends and convert them into leads, furthermore, into customers. So it’s really a good strategy to share and re-share all your posts so that you will have a constant flow of updates.

Hire a social media manager.

This would really depend on how big your business or brand is and, of course, your budget. Hiring a social media manager will give you space and save you a lot of time and effort.

The effort in which you can dedicate in other important parts of your business. You can then instead take care of more important matters like the handling of customers.

If you are a business, then you can focus on getting quality leads that are most likely to be converted.

With that said, this is what most professionals do to take a huge chunk of the workload off their backs. But this is also just for business owners or professionals who are in the much higher ranks.

Regardless, this is still what they do to maintain productivity in social media. Not only to maintain but to significantly boost their presence since there is a dedicated person on the task now.

Let videos do their job.

One of the best lifesavers or in this case, timesavers for a brand are videos. There are a lot of videos professionals utilize. But the most booming trend right now are explainer videos.

It can boost visitor engagement in websites and social media channels. So it is an often used service especially for someone who wants to increase brand awareness and put a call-to-action.

Professionals use this to save time, especially for someone who is busy. They want to minimize support inquiries and just focus on selling and helping the customers right away.

And videos will surely help you with that challenge.

I know this is really but professionals tend to be workaholic in a sense that they forget to take care of themselves. So as an additional for this article, it’s really best to keep your mind and body healthy.

To handle all the stress you can. Also, don’t forget to have fun and enjoy all the small details. Talk to your teammates and to all the people around you.

Now that’s a real tip to maintain productivity in social media and all aspects of your life.

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