Acquiring Mobile Consumers

Advantages of Having Videos in Acquiring Mobile Consumers

Our modern technology has opened up a lot of new opportunities for your marketers. And because of that modern tech, almost everybody has smartphones. Acquiring mobile consumers in this channel can really help your business’ ROI significantly.

Videos are the perfect tools either for desktop or mobile. This is why our focus for today’s article would be the advantages of having videos in acquiring mobile consumers. Because there certainly are a lot of benefits and advantages.

Like if you are struggling for leads, you can definitely go to the mobile channel and get some more. Trust me, your goal for acquiring mobile consumers is really achievable.

Advantages are important especially for marketers because of the hard competition. This is the result of our developing technology but it’s totally fine. As a marketer, your responsibility is to constantly look for advantages that can help you become ahead of your competition.

With that said, the mobile industry will be the biggest marketing channel in the near future, if not yet already. Actually, we are no longer waiting for modern times, we are already there.

Everywhere you look, people will have smartphones in their pockets even in some remote and secluded areas.

Your Mobile Site

Your Mobile Site

Before we tackle anything else on this list, it’s really best to make your business viewable on mobile phones. That’s right if you are reading this article, you probably are a business owner or a marketer.

And your brand probably has a website or two. So making your website compatible on mobile is the first step you should take before you dive into this article.

It’s really quite simple to check, there are many tools now that can help you determine your site’s compatibility. Either free or paid, your main purpose is to check how your visitor’s see your website. Google provides a great and free tool that can let you see what it looks like.

For the actual advice in making your website compatible, there are only three things you need to secure as a basic. The first one is the actual layout. There are hosts like WordPress that will allow you to create a layout that is already compatible with desktop and mobile which is really convenient.

Doing it manually is okay too but it will take you a lot of time because you need to constantly check it.

Secondly, you need to make sure that it will be easy, actually easier to navigate on your mobile site. You can do this by putting search bars or simple clickable buttons that stand out and are big enough to see. This will help your visitors and potential leads to navigate freely if they want to discover some more.

Lastly about your design, you need to make sure that your advertisements are in sync with your mobile site. Don’t clutter your website with too much ad because it will be amplified on mobile. So it will become annoying for your visitors.

Advantages of Having Videos in Acquiring Mobile Consumers

Once you have gained a fairly good understanding of making your website compatible with mobile phones, you can easily take understand this list too. But it’s not just about your website. As a marketer, you will venture to new channels like applications and download hubs.

The perfect partner in acquiring mobile consumers are, of course, videos. I will dig deeper while I provide you with this list. But as you know, videos are now the biggest media form today. With that said, let’s go ahead with the list.

People On the Go Can Easily Watch Videos.

Watch Videos

People can now rush and multitask for anything because most of them have smartphones. Videos are perfect in these scenarios whereas if they read text articles etc., they would usually need to stop for a couple of minutes. Now it depends on the videos because some takes too long to watch still.

In acquiring mobile consumers, you can easily convince them while they are in a rush. This is because they are still thinking about their challenges or problems subconsciously so they still know what they need.

So it’s sort of a vulnerable situation for potential customers where you can easily convert them.

For this aspect of your marketing campaign, explainer videos are the perfect tools. These types of explainer videos are one to two minutes in duration. So it can catch the viewers attention right away. Assuming that your average viewer will have a short attention span because they are in a rush, these videos will be perfect.

Which means you have a higher chance of converting them to customers. As long as you have what they need, acquiring mobile consumers will be easier if your explainer videos boost your campaign.

They can simply click on a link to watch a video and still be able to walk to work in the morning. Or they can even watch a video on their phone while they are waiting for a meeting to start.

These are all real-life scenarios where people can easily watch your videos on the go. They are proof of how easy and simple it is to watch a video. I’m sure that even you yourself have experienced this kind of situation where you watch a video. You might even have watched a video ad from a big screen in those urbanized areas.

80% of Users Check their Email on Their Phone.

Email on Their PhoneEveryone that has a smartphone has an email. This is 100% accurate because you need to create one if you don’t already have an email as a backup for this phone. So what happens usually is that people use these emails for their businesses and everyday messaging too.

This is a great opportunity for marketers for acquiring mobile consumers. You can send sequenced emails that are strategical to slowly lure them in while you are explaining your brand too. This is a great companion for inbound marketing which is now one of the biggest trends.

For videos as a tool, these are great to put in your emails. Since all emails on the inbox notify the owner once they are received. Then your videos have a high chance of getting a view. Plus, since videos are compelling, then there is a really good chance of converting your leads this way.

The only thing you need to think about really hard is how not to end up in their spam folders. Because spam emails only have at least ten per cent of getting opened only. Most of the time, your message will end up in the trash or permanently gets deleted. That is where sequenced emails come in.

Sequenced emails are different from blast emails in a way that you have to personalize them. Based on what your past conversations are, you can then incorporate these phrases or words like “did you have a nice vacation” or something along with that concept.

These are great in building rapport and creating bonds with your leads. Then incorporate your videos, this will make sure you are in the inbox folder.

Videos are mostly Watched on Full Screen.

Video Full Screen

Videos are often watched on full screen on mobile, especially on smartphones. This is great because people will be able to give enough attention to whatever it is you want to show them. Plus, all of the efforts you put into making the video can really be seen this way.

But the greatest advantage here is that your videos are mostly advertisements but they are never treated as intrusive. The reason for this is because people chose to watch your video and put them on full screen, initially. With that said, they can also choose not to watch it.

This is really great because most people who will watch the videos are interested already. The result is getting mobile consumers. But not only mobile consumers, these are consumers that can be converted to customers. And that’s really a good benefit as a marketer.

Your Application Can Have Videos.

Mobile devices such as smartphones all have applications. In the programming industry, this is the most booming trend right now. As a marketer, you can adjust to this trend. You can use explainer videos and infographics to present your apps or your brand as a whole.

There are a lot of areas you can utilize to showcase a video. The most common one is your mobile site. Another perfect area to put your videos are the download hubs. These hubs are the AppStore for Apple devices such as iPhones. And there is the PlayStore for Android devices.

If you visit a download hub right now, try and check one of the applications you like. Most likely, there is a playable explainer video there that briefly presents you with what you are trying to download.

These videos are really convenient because people can choose to watch them with the app that they are already interested in.

Videos on download hubs are a perfect companion for marketers if they want to boost engagement with the curious visitor. Make them want to discover more or give them a big push into buying or downloading your app.

It’s Easier to Share on Mobile.

Videos are great because they are permanently easy to share on mobile. As long as you have a social media application or anything that can share your video, then you are good to go. The main challenge is to upload HD videos but these are one-time hurdles only. It’s best to upload it on desktops and share it everywhere on your mobile phone.

This is really convenient because your videos are practically permanent depending on the host you have chosen. But since there are really popular hosts for your videos out there now, there is no sense in worrying whether or not they will go down or not.

Simply, upload and share. This is an infinite cycle when it comes to your videos. So you can constantly showcase your brand and just keep on attracting more and more leads.

Videos Earn More Attention from Mobile Users.

The greatest advantage for acquiring mobile consumers with videos is that they get more attention. That’s right, people don’t want to read walls of text now because smartphones are really the most convenient tool second to our hand.

People who are in the discovery process will most likely watch a video to help them with their final decision. And almost 40% of online activity done on mobile phones are to watch videos, especially video advertisements and YouTube uploads.

Given the attention, they gave a certain video. They will be able to remember what they saw. This means that there is a high chance that your video will make a lasting impression. This makes you always on top of their mind whenever they are having a relevant challenge.

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