5 Steps to Create an Unbeatable Explainer Video

Explainer videos are increasingly becoming an integral part of most online business platforms. Most videos are about two to three minutes long, touching upon important aspects of the business.

The best ones aim to address key viewer concerns as well, compelling them to engage.
Sifting through the current advertisement clutter is a challenge for most customers. As they actively try to block out advertisements of all sorts from all channels, it poses a bigger challenge for businesses to attract, engage, convert and delight their customers.

This is where explainer videos serve the purpose well, delivering the message quickly, effectively and smartly.

Here’s how unbeatable explainer videos are created to further your business objectives.

Step # 1: Assessing the Business

Every business is different. Their purpose and objectives tend to be unique too. While some businesses may intend to generate sales, some may be focused on signups and followership.

It is therefore important to assess the needs of the business before moving forward with the video creation process. Each “purpose” needs to be addressed differently in order to yield the maximum benefit.

Step # 2: Creating the Perfect Script

Before you move forward with the visual content, it is important to pen down the perfect script. It is the script that enables you to connect with your viewers – more than the video itself.

If you are not communicating with your customers in the right manner, you will end up missing out on important leads. Make sure you have the perfect script ready before you move ahead.

Step # 3: Selecting the Voiceover

You’ll need someone to voice the script behind the visual content. You can choose from some of the best professionals out there, or you can choose to outsource it to freelancers.

Make sure you test the voice quality and texture before handing over your script. If it resonates with your business or product/service, it’ll complement your explainer video professionally.

Step # 4: Producing the Video/Visual Content

When you are done with the script and the voiceover, you can now worry about the visual content. You need to decide whether it’ll be an animated video, a professionally shot real life video or a tutorial-like video that focuses on the product instead of characters.

The best way to get your visual content in order is to outsource it to professional video making companies, especially if you don’t have the expertise or time to do it yourself.

Your explainer video is possibly the first impression you’ll make on your customers – you need to make sure it is the best one!

Step # 5: A/B Testing

Once your explainer video is ready, your work does not end here. The next phase involves testing and fine-tuning your explainer video in line with your customers’ feedback and suggestions.

You can use appropriate tools to gauge customer engagement with your video, and prompt them to send in their recommendations.
The testing and feedback phase works in a continuous loop, enabling you to produce better explainer videos every time! After all, the “unbeatable” explainer video has its own perks and costs!

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