Larger Conversion Rates from LinkedIn

8 Amazing Recommendations to Get Larger Conversion Rates from LinkedIn

Every marketer wants to have quality leads. But, it doesn’t matter if you have hundreds of thousands of leads if you can’t convert them. One place to get quality leads is LinkedIn.

Of course, you don’t just register there and start gathering the leads you want. LinkedIn is much more complex than that.

So, for this article, I will give you some great recommendations to get larger conversion rates from LinkedIn.

To have a better understanding of this matter, first, let us try to define LinkedIn.

What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is the largest professional network. It’s like social media, in a sense that it is a database of people, but there is a significant difference. People mostly register here to find and share opportunities to other professionals.

You can also manage your career here by getting clients and posting your skills on your profile. So you have your professional profile here for other corporate eyes to see. In addition, you can build business relationships in LinkedIn.

So it’s a perfect place to get leads too. That includes your business to business leads as well.

LinkedIn can be like your CV or curriculum vitae on the internet. Others say that in can be your resume when applying for a job.

Some companies actually ask for your profile link to see the accuracy of the document you have shown them. But every social media and people database always have scammers and fake accounts.

Remember that because it’s part of this list. All of these will make sense when we see how to get larger conversion rates from LinkedIn.

LinkedIn has a specific type of guests.

Since we are talking about the largest professional network, we will mostly see corporate people here. But it’s not just people from the big buildings and skyscrapers.

You will see business owners, marketers, freelancers, consultants and many others in that line. And all of them will often have the same target as you.

Well, you are reading this article so I think you know what I mean.Yes, I think your main goal when you are thinking about LinkedIn is getting B2B leads.

We are talking about business to business leads and customers here. Linked in is the perfect place to get that and if utilized properly, you will be able to get a constant flow and quality leads here.

Yes, I think your main goal when you are thinking about LinkedIn is getting B2B leads. We are talking about business to business leads and customers here.

Linked in is the perfect place to get that and if utilized properly, you will be able to get a constant flow of quality leads here. There is definitely a challenge in getting your leads from LinkedIn.

Hopefully, I will be able to help you get larger conversion rates from LinkedIn.

You can even apply some of these strategies to all of your social media accounts. So take your time and try to understand it fully. Also, it’s going to be convenient if you understand the process of getting a customer.

Just remember that it starts with getting leads and converting them. Okay, let’s go ahead and dive into our main topic:

8 Amazing Recommendations to Get Larger Conversion Rates from LinkedIn

There are a lot of things you can do to get larger conversion rates from LinkedIn. But the subtopics here are what I noticed that will help most. I want to give some input especially to the new marketers who plan to use LinkedIn.

It’s also important to always keep reading useful links like this that will give you more knowledge. Never give up and take your time, you will definitely become a great marketer.

Since we are in social media, there are lots of articles you read to enhance your campaign.

1 – Complete your Profile to 200%.

Complete your Profile

This means that you should double check everything you put in your profile. This will include all the parts, all your posts, and all your messages before you send them out.

Because we are talking about a corporate and professional environment. Business people will tend to judge you based on your mistakes and how you handle them.

Prevention is always better than facing the problem itself. Always remember that when you are building your profile. So it’s really a grave mistake to miss some parts there.

Imagine if a potential customer or client visits your profile and you have a missing contact info or something like that. Well, that will repel the client and will make them look for other that can accommodate them professionally.

Really, this is something that most new marketers tend to overlook. Because their main goal is to communicate and just get leads. But others don’t know that completing your profile is part of nourishing those leads.

A complete profile will convince them and push them into becoming customers. And that’s a great tip to get larger conversion rates from LinkedIn.

2 – Further narrow down your leads.

LinkedIn hosts all types of business owners and corporate members. So it’s up to categorize them so that you will get quality leads. There is one perfect strategy to do this.

To further narrow down your leads and make them relevant, you can make personas. Personas are like the alternate personality of one person. In this case, they refer to the positions, ranks, and business habits of one member.

Let’s take Bob as an example. Bob works for a fortune 500 company that offers graphical media and other digital arts. He is looking for artists and freelancers via outsourcing or online jobs.

So in this situation, his persona can be a fortune 500 company member that is looking for freelancers. Or you can narrow it down by putting a person that offers graphical media and other digital arts.

You even further narrow it down to someone who works for a fortune 500 company. But that’s very specific now and it’s up to you to decide how you create a persona.

So when you have established a persona for a group of people, you will be able to pinpoint which category you will focus on. This way, all of the leads you will get will become relevant to what you are looking for.

It requires time to create a database of persona. There are even tools you can use to save time and effort but it will cost some budget. But the ROI and convenience will overshadow the costs you will consume.

Imagine if you can pinpoint exactly the people you are looking for even before you start the interaction process. It will be fantastic to get larger conversion rates from LinkedIn.

3 – Share your blog and articles.

Share your blog and articles

If you are a marketer, there is a big chance that you also have an advice blog with helpful articles. It’s the modern world and marketers are switching over to inbound marketing.

So most of us have become copywriters as part of our marketing strategy. With that said, it is a trend to start blogging. It’s really great, especially for small businesses.

This is also perfect to incorporate for LinkedIn.

Since in LinkedIn you will have like a timeline or a profile where you can share rich and valuable content. Blogging can help you answer the questions that may arise from people who are interested.

If someone to visits your profile and they have a question in mind about your brand, they can just simply look at your blogs. And some of the answers they are looking for might get interlinked there.

Furthermore, it can discreetly promote your brand. If they click on a link and get redirected to an article, it can ripple to all your articles and ultimately, your website. And that’s very beneficial for every marketer.

Because there will be a higher chance to get leads like that.

If you have one, then I would recommend you start blogging now. It’s really nice to attract potential customers and show your strengths.

4 – Try to be frequently online and active.

This is really something that everybody must take notice. Because it’s not all just about creating a great profile. People will get attracted with the profile but it’s just another important step.

With that said, this is another important step to take if really want to get larger conversion rates from LinkedIn. Significantly boost sales by using LinkedIn by always logging in.

Make sure that you are often online and also active.

Being online is totally different by being active by the way. Being active means you are participating completely and your mind is present. So always remember that.

Another thing, when someone visits your profile, this is actually the first thing they check. They want to know if you are still active before starting any interaction or communication.

It’s really a big turn off when someone visits you and they see a really nice and well-organized profile but then your last post was from a month ago.

And that’s also where you blogging can come in. Blogging can help you stay active by just simply sharing your article and making them stay up at all times. The more you stay active, the more you attract and get potential leads.

As a result, this will increase sales by making use of LinkedIn. So stay active in this network. Always try to check for views and messages.

5 – Utilize LinkedIn Ads.

LinkedIn ads is a service where they will promote your profile, brand, and services. This is a really fast way to get larger conversion rates from LinkedIn. If you really want to generate many sales by using LinkedIn, then ads are the way to go.

As long you have the budget of course. If not, then you can fully utilize all of the other recommendations here in this article. It’s just that this will really boost you up. So it’s just a matter of perfecting your profile.

Also, committing to your promises and giving quality service. So you will have more time to worry about your brand rather than promoting. I mean just for LinkedIn, of course.

6 – Connect with everyone.

Being proactive will really have you get larger conversion rates from LinkedIn. So you have to attend forums and online gathering there. Yes, they this in LinkedIn, professional consultants and business owners like to get an opinion from other people.

I mean people that are relevant to their industries. Hence, you should really attend too. This is an opportunity for you to get the relevant leads you want. And all of them are interested already so that’s very good.

You can also send private messages, it’s a nice and direct way to get connected with everyone. You can spur a discussion depending on how a conversation goes. And with you being on the ver center, now that really good way to attract those leads you want.

But remember that there is a thin line here. You might just be perceived as someone who just wants to sell. So be careful with your words and keep your motive hidden at all times.

Genuinely start a conversation, you must really want to talk to that person. You can also use the persona with selecting who to talk to.

7 – Check who visits your profile.

This is a very simple routine. You just simply look at those who are looking at your profile. This is a reliable source of interested leads already. So it will be up to you if you want to talk to them or send them a message.

It really goes a long way to talk to people. Create a ripple with you in the center. That will really make you get larger conversion rates from LinkedIn. Like on Twitter, you can follow people who follow you back.

8 – Beware of scammers.

All of the social media accounts have robots. For Facebook, it’s the auto-likers and trolls accounts that comment a lot. For Twitter, it’s the auto-followers. And for LinkedIn, it’s the auto-followers and scammers.

So always be careful with the people who are following you. Well, it’s very easy to see if they are fake anyways. You just simply have to go to their profile and look. There will be obvious clues like an incomplete profile or unprofessional picture.

This strategy will refine your database so that all your contacts will be real people.

It will also increase your sales because it’s just a waste of effort to talk to robots. Right?

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