Social Media Post Ideas

Inspiring Social Media Post Ideas That Keep Your Audience Engaged

In this era of information, getting the right social media post ideas is crucial.

Social Media Wave

With the social media industry bound to become bigger in the coming years, incorporating it into your marketing plan is a brilliant idea.

These social networking sites have become a huge aspect of today’s modern society. They’re the new driver of online force.

Hence, bringing more and more people to join and use them regularly.

It’s true that almost every individual in your community has Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media accounts.

Indeed, it’s a great influence to contemplate.

Interactive Social Media

People have different reasons why they use social media. It can be a personal or corporate purpose.

But despite all these varied reasons, everyone simply wants to secure a place on the web. Yes, it’s about online presence.

Because social media has become the new medium for people to connect, communicate, socialize and extend one’s reach to inform and acquire information in return.

Business Promotion: The Social Media Way

Believe it or not, using social media to promote your business will leave you a lot of money on the table.

Yes! Marketing enthusiasts believe that social media is a ‘one-hit wonder’.

It has the power to garner attention and motivate audience for a short period of time.

A mega-hit and viral post can raise awareness not only to individuals of a single place but people around the world.

Therefore, social media has the strongest ability to get your business found by people needing your products and services.

It’s the goal of every corporation. So if you want to skyrocket your business, social media must include your marketing plan.


Be Confident in Your Social Media Strategy

The Importance of Social Media Post Ideas

Social media is unquestionably a fantastic tool to market a brand, product or service.

It’s an amazing medium to introduce and promote business as a whole.

However, there’s a big ‘IF’ to back this claim.

‘Social media becomes effective IF you know how it works.’

Yes, there are rules, techniques, and practices that you have to apply in order to maximize the usefulness of these phenomenal social media sites.

Since social media is mainly about posting what you have in mind, let’s see what type of social media post ideas will give you the best engagement result.

Inspiring Social Media Post Ideas

Here some of the best social media post ideas that are proven effective in encouraging social media users to like, comment and even share your posts.

1. Inspirational Images

Inspirational ImagesIt’s ideal to post images because it’s people’s nature to love pictures. This applies to all the major social networks.

When it comes to posting images, it does not always have to related to your brand, product or service.

Think out of the box. You can post other images that are still relevant to the interest of your target audience.

Also, make sure that the picture is high in quality. Quality is important especially these days that people are very judicious when it comes to things that they spend time with.

2. Live Discussions

Doing live discussions on social media is adding a sense of urgency to your marketing.

Live videos give real-time experience to your followers.

It’s a unique and motivating way to encourage social media users that you are reliable and dependable. Also, going live will make your audience go interactive as well.

Choose a good topic to discuss, something that people would want to know more.

These can be issues that will create questions in the minds of your viewers. When you start to get comments, do not ignore.

Instead, promptly answer their queries by commenting or mentioning it live.

3. Short Videos

Short VideosAmong all social media post ideas, you’ll find, short videos will always be on the list.

Why? Because videos are very powerful marketing tools that apply to all types of information medium.

In social media, they’re very popular. It’s the reason why social media sites have features that allow upload and download of videos.

When it comes to posting videos, it’s best to post short videos like 90-second explainer videos because they’re concise and precise.

Moreover, quality still matters in moving and transitioning images. Be sure you post high-quality videos.

4. Helpful Articles

Helpful ArticlesPeople use social media to inform and to gather information as well.

Therefore, if you post articles that have recent or useful content, that would be a hit.

Choose articles that are worth reading. Consider the title of the article; it must be something that will grab a person’s attention right away.

A lousy headline means a lousy content. You can write your own article or grab an article on the internet.

Just make sure to clarify the ownership of the content.

It does not have to be something about your business or what you sell. You can use other issues.

That way, your followers will notice you, and that’s already a big deal.

5. Tutorials

Tutorials are best to add to your social media post ideas list.

When there is something that people want to know, they surf the web, and they search social media posts.

Life hacks, for example, are very popular do-it-yourself videos that show directions on how to do things that will make your life more convenient to live.

However, to prove reliability, be sure that you provide the right instructions.

Because if not, you will be misleading people and that will damage your reputation. Tutorials can be in video or content form.

6. Memes

Memes are humorous. Whether you like it or not, people quickly get hooked up to them.

They are effective in social media and other digital marketing campaigns. They impose positive atmosphere on people’s timeline.

A lot of memes are available on the internet. But the good thing is, you can create your own memes.

You can be funny in sending your audience your corporate message. It’s indirect but the result can be clear.

So don’t believe when someone says memes are not worth posting.

You know it’s untrue because even you are being inspired by these humorous images with funny captions.

7. Poll/Surveys

One of the most effective ways to receive feedback on your social media posts is through a poll or survey question.

It’s already proven that polls and surveys have the power to engage and convert. Also, you can use them to know what your audiences need.

Create a good question. An issue that will dig up people’s interest to participate and share their knowledge as well.

It’s the best time to raise a topic that points out the advantages of your product or service.

8. Infographics

Infographics is a creative way to engage people with your social media post.

With this type of content, long information can be shortened for faster recognition and easier comprehension.

Infographics also bring out the interesting aspect of a boring topic.

People will easily notice the main idea or subject that you’re pertaining about because infographics are clear visual representations of information, data or knowledge.

The best thing about them is that they’re easy to create. Moreover, there are sites that offer free infographics templates.

Infographics are shareable, so it’s easier for you to post them on social media.

9. Breaking News

Posting breaking news can impact your social media post.

Being one of the first people to post something latest or new online means arousing people’s interest on a new topic or issue.

So don’t be afraid to post breaking news. It’s going to be effective.

You’ll get a lot of comments. You post will also get more likes and is more likely to be shared.

10. Product Photos

You can find a lot of social media post ideas. But don’t ever forget to post the photos of your product, brand or service.

Aside from promoting your products with links, you can share photos of them.

By doing that, you are increasing the visibility rate of your product or service.

Remember that today, people want to see the physical item to be sure of what they’re looking at.

Seeing the product can answer some questions in mind and that’s the very first step towards getting more engagement from your target audience.


‘Speak your mind and post whatever you want to post.’ People believe it’s the spirit of every social media site. There are a lot of cool things to post.

However, if you use social media for business or commercial purposes, things changed.

The aim is to get high engagement from users which is a tough one to achieve.

Because you cannot simply please people with a post you think is likable which actually does not have any value for others at all.

So you need to give something that will hook up your followers and other social media users right away.

The whole trick is, ‘Post to Inspire.’

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