conversions start narrowing

What to do when your sales conversions start narrowing

Why do your sales conversions start narrowing? The most essential thing is to get traffic to your landing pages and convert your visitors into potential leads. Great landing pages surely are generating leads. A website that is hard to navigate or does not show values to the visitor is not reliable and probably be switched by other.

Why Sales Conversion Start Narrowing?

Businesses are losing up to 95% of their lead opportunities due to poor conversion. In addition to a poor landing page and site structure, few other factors also affect the sales conversion, which are:

  • Businesses usually do not follow up with the customers.
  • The customers do not get adequate information about the product they need.
  • Poor targeting narrows the sales conversion.
  • Poor customer experience leads to loss of leads.

Provide Sufficient Knowledge to Your Users:

We live in an era of mobile search, where every single thing is looked for on a mobile phone. The users are empowered and need to have comprehensive knowledge about the products. If a visitors lands on your page, and do not find relevant information, you have likely started on the wrong foot.

The visitor landed on your page in search of a product, make sure to provide adequate information to enforce the user make a call to action and get converted into a potential lead.

Every business either small, startup or Giants have an online presence or around 85% of the online users visit the website before buying any product or service. Of around 42% of B2B marketing professionals’ biggest challenge is to turn leads into customers. Therefore, learn few measures you can take to increase your sales conversion and how to convert your leads into potential customers.

Learn How To Make Strategy:

Make Strategy


No matter what sort of business you run, you need to have a vision, in fact, a long-term goal for your operations. The best conversion strategies can boost your business radically. Without a clear goal, don’t head further.

Eliminate Unnecessary Information:

The page that converts visitors into leads has to be simple. The most common mistake which is often observed is that the landing page is stuffed with many details, extra features, unclear content, videos and much more in which the primary goal of the page i.e. conversion gets messed up. A landing page must be kept simple, with a single call to action, that is it!

How to Make Compelling Headlines?

Improving your landing page is likely going to improve your sales conversion. A good language, action-oriented content with compelling headlines is what you should be doing. Remember, that the visitor landed on your page after reading the Ad post or the link, so make sure to keep the heading and the content relevant.

Compelling HeadlinesYou are merely going to convert more visitors into leads if your value proposition is stated clearly and defined well. Accurate information about the products shows your credibility and likely to engage the visitor in the buying process.

How to design your landing page?

Landing Page Design to Maximize ConversionsLanding Page:

Here are few features you must focus while designing your landing page,

  • Headlines
  • Sub-Headlines
  • Value driven content
  • Clear Call to Action Button
  • Thank you Message
  • Loading speed

A quick loading speed of a website is one of the factors to make your site rank high in the search engines. The average users have no patience to stay on a page that takes too long to load. Unlike the 90’s, the time has changed, and mobile search have replaced the desktop search, and around 74% of the users will leave a site that takes more than 5 seconds to load. So, how important is the  loading speed of a page.

If you observe that your sales conversions are going narrow, start analyzing every aspect of your site especially the loading speed. It is a fact that the users will utilize excessive time in searching but would barely stay for more than 3 seconds on a page. Improve the loading speed and see the subsequent increase in your sales conversion.

Get the Color Right:

Do not let your users distract with untidy visuals and poor user interface. A site with a poor interface is disregarded and loses its credibility.


Eradicate everything that interrupts the visibility of your page. Keep your page clear and concise and keep aside all friction creating elements that clutter the background and distract the users. The worst experience that the customers face is an untidy user interface. Leave adequate white spaces, readable fonts and structured content for the user to understand and absorb.The visitor should never be digging to search what they need. Provide a clear navigation path to your user and make it easy for them.

How to Know Your Customer?

Cold CallingMarket Segmentation:

Sales are about targeting, and you get conversions when you target the correct market for your offerings. A good sale is understanding the needs of your customer and lining up the sales pitch that fits the best. Taking up the entire market in the sales loop is not a good approach as you will get visitors but not the leads. Segmentation allows you to do more with fewer efforts. If you do it right, you get it right.


A single consistent size approach to sales is ineffective and does not give good results. Understanding the customers’ needs is how well you can get good sales conversions. Learn to be in your clients’ shoe and see how well you would be doing with your sales success.

The key is not to call the decision maker. The key is to have the decision maker call you

Jeffrey Gitomer


Upselling inspires customers to spend more money than they initially intended without having a feel of spending more money. It usually encourages the buyer to buy other products by stating the benefits and value added services that the client would get.

Upselling results in higher total cost, experience to higher margin product/service and an increase in revenue. It is how you can improve customer satisfaction by catering to the specific need of your customers and in turn getting appreciated.  Start upselling your product or service to boost your customer lifetime with increased sales conversion rate.

How to Improve Social Media Presence?

To get leads through social media, you need to treat it as an integral part of your marketing activities. Stuffing content on the social media channels is easy, but working out well, being specific on how to tailor the content as per the channel is quite critical.

Utilizing Social Media:

Linking your homepage and expecting to get leads is what you should not be doing. Using social media to get leads is again getting into the shoes of your customers and looking for their interests. Here are few tips,

  • Promote your content that is entertaining and engaging for your customers.
  • Place your sign up forms on your blog’s post to let visitors sign up.
  • The blogs that you post must be linked to a relevant landing page.
  • Posting just links on your social media channels is not good. Post it along with content.
  • Track your leads from social media through Google Analytics by creating a thank you page where you can easily monitor and organize traffic from the social media.

How to Narrow Focus for Effective Call to Action Buttons?

It is quite tricky to be creative for call to action buttons because you just have 2-4 words to play with, here how you can focus to make appealing CTAs efficiently.

increase in conversionWell Designed CTAs:

The most appealing way to draw attention is through the color you use in your CTA button. The size of the call to action button is approximately 20% larger than a logo design, so ask your logo designers to get it done for your landing page. Here are few examples of well-designed call to action buttons.

Make your CTA Recognizable:

The next important factor for a CTA is its placement. No matter how good your CTA is, and how appealing it may be, but if it is not positioned well, it will not work well. Place your CTA above on the page or in the middle for the users to hit a click.

Would you like searching for a CTA, scrolling up and down? You are likely going to move to the next page or may end up switching the site. Keep its size and position clear for the visitors to take action.

Tip: Let white spaces surround your CTA, as it will seek more attention of the users than the cluttered button.

Make Appealing CTAs:

Asking your customers to log in, sign up, click here are quite simple CTAs, but can turn into appealing buttons if you add benefits to the CTA’s text.

For Example,

  • Sign up for free
  • Click here to get a free e-book
  • Log in for app updates
  • Get started; it takes 10 seconds to know

Did you see? By adding engaging phrases, you will make stronger CTA.

How to Put Everything Together For a Better Workflow?

So, when you are done with the designs and content, you are ready with the workflow. So by now, you believe that you have a good landing page, it is time to analyze, test and make adjustments if any.

How to Build Loyalty?

Loyalty makes better customers who spend more and more money and make purchases for long. You know that reliability increases conversion rate, not only this, they also,

  • Attract other customers through word of mouth.
  • They are your repeat buyers and are willing to pay more and more for their purchases.


Remember that the lead conversion page is solely for a purpose and if it does not fulfill the purpose, get it axed. There is no one fit conversion page for all; it is a blend of all the above-discussed elements. The visitors are disoriented when they visit your site, what to do and where to head? If you make it simple and appealing, you are likely going to get good sales conversion.

The landing page is the most relevant page where the conversion happens, take time and build it with great care and use all of the above guidelines. The professionals work two way, they are anytime prepared with the second plan and which is why they use A/B testing to ensure that the work is fully optimized or not. So, why don’t you give it a try, keep it creative, attractive and keep testing with the changes already in hand to be implemented.

Author Bio:

Carissa Melvin is a blog writer and a web enthusiast. Her interest includes blogging, singing and socializing. She is a young and an energetic person who is always looking for creative activities to keep herself busy and amazed.


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