Psychological Tips to Improve E-Commerce Sales

8 Ideal Psychological Tips to Improve E-Commerce Sales

In our age today, billions and billions of people access the internet every day. So this has opened a big opportunity for marketers to advertise and sell products or services online.

Hence, online shopping is one of the biggest markets and it continues to grow. Along with that, the e-commerce trend has boomed up with this opportunity.

As a result, there are a lot of competition either online, offline, as well as local and international. So it’s up to you to get ahead of the curve.

With this article, I will give you some psychological tips to improve e-commerce sales and get that advantage from your competitors.

E-Commerce or Electronic Commerce refers to buying and selling a product or a service online. So it relies on internet access.

People like to do online shopping nowadays because it is very convenient and you can pay online too with your credit or debit cards. But it’s not just online shopping.

This can also be for business to business deals, real estate, customer service, and freelancing. So it’s everything online that you mostly have to pay.

In my opinion, e-commerce will be taking over the world in the not so distant future. Everybody will be online shopping where things can be delivered in front of your house with just a few clicks of your mouse.

But this is also opened up a lot of opportunities for marketers in a lot of aspects. And every marketer out there must, of course, grasp that opportunity.

We are talking about advertising and many other forms of promotion. So There really is a very competitive environment on the internet for marketers.

But one of the greatest tool you can use is the mind of the customer. If you know how a customer’s mind runs and what are their thoughts, then you will be able to come up with a great strategy.

The ultimate purpose of internet marketers is to increase conversions and build trust. Convincing people is also a big part of this challenge.

8 Ideal Psychological Tips to Improve E-Commerce Sales

Well, psychology is the study of the mind. This is where you can understand and get how a customer thinks and acts. But it doesn’t mean you are going to lie to a customer just to convince them.

What this means is that you will be able to formulate concrete strategies once you grasp what really helps them decide. So in a way, you are convincing them without them even knowing.

And that’s the power of psychology. So for this article, let’s talk about psychological tips to improve e-commerce sales. Remember that it’s not about deceiving them so it’s more of mental hacks to increase e-commerce sales.

Use simple colors that are easy on the eyes.

Video Player Color

This part is all about the aesthetics of your website or domain. Choosing a color is really important for all your graphics and videos. Because this will really help you potential customers stay on your website.

It can even help attract the right people. For example, if the colors you chose are vibrant like red and green, then you will probably attract a more fun type of crowd. Or maybe even kids, that’s why this are the colors of toys.

If you chose the colors that are more professional like gray, black, and white, then you will probably attract a more classy crowd.

Beyond attraction, colors can also set the mood or theme of your website. So it’s really important for you to plan what you want. For an e-commerce website like Amazon, they only chose simple colors.

This is because people might get repelled with neon or vibrant colors. Aside from their products, they only chose a dark blue and yellowish theme. It really helped the eyes of the customers which made them stay more.

So the more your customers stay on your website, the higher the chance they will buy or avail.

Show your permits and accreditations.

Before you start any type of business, it’s usually a required task to produce your legal documents. Most e-commerce and marketers tend to overlook this because it differs in every country.

But if you really want to legit, then you have to accomplish your authenticity first. If you have completed everything, then you must post this on your website. This is mainly for your customers to see.

Once everybody sees that you are authentic and you have proof, it will help convince them into buying. Now that’s a really one of the best psychological tips to improve e-commerce sales.

Also, it will increase your website traffic because google or yahoo might push you up the results since you are legit.

With all the time and effort you have put into creating the website. Customers will start to come, few at first and it will become larger and larger in numbers. By then, your website might reach milestones or accomplishments in the e-commerce world.

So must post all your rewards too. That goes for your accreditations as well. If you have attended any seminars or programs that gave you a certification as a business owner. Then you must post it too. All for attraction and convincing, of course.

Always show the price first.

show the price

Basically, you just have to make the price as clear as it can be. Customers and potential visitors always look at the price first and you have to remember that. It’s okay if they don’t agree to the price.

But what’s important is for you to reduce the inquiries and rather, jump start the process of a buy. If the visitors don’t link the price then they just move on to the next product.

But if they like it and they are interested, then they can just open it up, add it to the cart and purchase. There’s still a lot of processes that goes through in the mind of a potential customer but this will really help them decide if you do this tip.

Also, one of the best psychological tips to improve e-commerce sales is to make the price with big fonts. This way, the inquiring customer will be able to see it on phone and desktop.

Try and look at some great e-commerce websites so that you can take them as an example. It will also give lots of ideas and will help you understand what I’m trying to say.

A great website for an example would be There are many types of e-commerce websites out there but this type of website will give you lots of ideas. You can even look at our own website because we are also considered as an e-commerce.

Compare other relative products that you have.

This is a habit every shopper has. They want to compare stuff that they are considering to buy. As a brand, you will usually have one main product or service. But with that aside, you will also have other products in that relevant industry.

It’s a good strategy to compare them to each other so that your leads and customers will understand them more. This will show each of the products’ strengths and weaknesses as well.

But what’s really important is that customer will still buy from you. So you’re just helping them choose. It’s really one of the best psychological tips to improve e-commerce sales.

It doesn’t matter if people just goes by some of your products. As long as they keep on browsing because it means that they still have a chance of buying.

Different products and their comparison are like checkpoints or different routes that customers take on their journey to making a final decision.

This is one of the goals of content marketing too, to nourish a potential lead and convert them into customers.

Show your Positive and Negative Feedbacks.

Simply be true to your customers and to yourself. For me, there are no such things as negative feedbacks. As long as you are legit, you can always work things out with the customer.

Ask them nicely what is wrong and think how you can help them solve the issue. Think of those negative feedback as constructive opinions. Adjust and turn the negative into positive.

It’s also an opportunity for me to become even better than before. This mindset can even be applied in a lot of aspects of your whole marketing journey. So don’t worry about negative feedbacks appearing on your profile or product review panels.

There are even benefits for showing them. It can reduce your complaints a lot because people will know beforehand what the opinions of other people are.

The goes for your positive feedbacks too. Show all of the reviews and comments because it will prove the quality of your brand and service. But don’t forget to answer those inquiries and complaints.

Be calm and resolve them in a professional manner. Remember that if everything you sell is legit, be confident and proud about it. That will definitely be one of my best psychological tips to improve e-commerce sales.

Provide a contract or warranty to make them comfortable.

Having a contract and a warranty for your products and services is very important. It shows that you are now on the next level because you have completed all the necessary steps in starting.

It also shows additional proof of your authenticity. Also, you are showing that your products are really genuine in a sense that you are confident about their quality and making.

Plus, it reflects that you are sure that your products or services all work fine. Most buyers will require this before they even make a final decision.

But you still need to plan this out because this will require a budget that can’t be used for any other aspects. So it’s like a stagnant form of capital. You will have to first establish a stable business to be able to provide a warranty.

But it will really boost your sales for e-commerce. Because most of your competitors will have this system already.

For a contract, you won’t need to allot a budget for this. You can simply write a legal word document and send it out to your customers. So you should really do this to give your customers the confidence and insurance if they choose to go with you.

It’s also an insurance for yourself for the disputes and challenges that might come in the future. You are enforcing the minds of your buyers and that’s one of the best intellectual tricks to raise e-commerce sales.

Create events that will spur hype.

This is one of the best methods or psychological tips to improve e-commerce sales. But a con about this strategy is that you can’t always do this. So it’s important to understand when and how you are going to create events.

This refers to creating sudden discounts, email blasts some coupon codes, and even produce a one-time low price event. All of which can be utilized to boost some hype.

The benefits would be hundreds or more. But the most prominent benefit would be a boost in customer engagement and increase in traffic. You can further promote this by sharing these events on your social media accounts.

But the catch is you really can’t do this every day. Otherwise, people will just think that this is really are your regular prices and that it’s just a mask to create hype. So instead of getting a boost, the opposite where it will die will happen.

It’s a psychological trick but it can also hurt your stats so be careful about giving too many events. But as long you can diversify the events, you are going to be fine. So try and do some research about the events you can make. There is only a handful of them so it’s easy to look for.

Establish a reward system for loyal customers.

You know how those malls, gas stations and other brands have membership cards. Well, this has the same concept. A reward system is for your customers to receive once they have achieved a milestone.

It’s also a way for your to give gratitude and say thank you tho them in a really generous way. But it’s not just showing that you care and you are giving back. There is also another reason.

A reward system also encourages people to purchase more of your products. It’s really a double win situation for both sides. The more they buy, the more you get but they also get something back in return.

So it’s a really convenient, full proof and one of the best psychological tips to improve e-commerce sales.

It might even encourage your customers to become promoters. Because of a really good and satisfactory service, they will tell all their acquaintances.

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