Ways to Create a Video

5 Ways to Create a Video to Get More People Talking

You might have run into a viral video and thought, ‘What are the ways to create a video and get more people talking?’ Well, the hard truth is it’s no easy feat coming up with such a video. No to mention that there are plenty of really great videos out there today already competing for the same target audience as you.

But thinking of the fact that such highly shareable content is what can lift your business to the next level, increase conversions, and improve traffic to your site makes it worth it to invest in one.

There are a couple of ways to create a highly shareable video. Obviously,  humor works incredibly well, but that shouldn’t be taken to mean that your video has to always be funny. In fact, our research has helped us identify several other ways you can achieve great success with your video.

Check them out:

1. Tell a story

Truth is most people yearn for stories – One important thing to remember as part of the ways to create a video is that it is not just any story, but coherent stories. And this is part of the reason they read books and watch TV, movies, and shows a lot. A story with a really nice, tidy ending or one that builds suspense can help you achieve a lot when it comes to getting the attention of your prospects.

Tell a storyOne important thing to remember is that a good story needs a plan. And the old rule remains: A good story should start with an introduction, followed by a conflict, then the climax, and finally the resolution. 

You will also have to determine whether your product suits one video or a series. If it’s a series, you will have to break your story into pieces and use them to come up with a series of brief videos. Provided the story is good, your audience will keep coming for more of your videos.

Don’t forget to include a call-to-action, as this is the only way you will be able to convert them into customers or subscribers.

2. Make Your Videos Short and Engaging

The two things you can never separate are the video’s optimal length and a person’s engagement with the story. “How?” You may ask. Well, the more engaging your topic is, the longer your video can be.

Longer, in this case, means not more than two minutes. Some social platforms, such as Twitter, even put the maximum video length at 2:20 minutes. It’s a crucial thing to include in the ways to create a video.

In an era where attention spans keeping getting shorter by the minute, tightening up the content of your video is no longer an option; it’s a rule. Proof of this is in the fact that 60-90 seconds is the average length that the majority of viral and highly shareable videos have adopted.

Still on length, a survey that was featured in the New York Times revealed that well over 19 percent of viewers leave a video after watching it for only 10 seconds. In fact, only half of the viewers ever get to complete watching a video.

So, how does one keep this half, and perhaps a section of those who stop at the 10th second glued to the end? It’s simple. You have to make your video fascinating, interesting, intense, positive, surprising, and more importantly, actionable.

3. Be Informative and Inspiring

A larger section of online users across the world are always looking for new information, better solutions to their challenges/problems, and more effective ways to carry out everyday tasks. If the content of your video is interesting and able to address any of these issues, then the chances of it being highly shareable are high.

To add in our ways to create a video, inspiring content also packs the same potential. Most people love a story that is inspiring.

For instance, well-told stories about a person’s journey to success, how they overcame hardship or survived difficult situations will always attract immense viewership. And more people will want to share it with other people.

A report by e-marketer projected that the video audience worldwide will rise to 2.15 billion in 2017. And by 2020, more than 60% of internet users will be watching digital videos. You can have a share of this audience provided you are able to create content that meets the different needs of these users.

4. Display Your Personality

Have you ever purchased a product simply because you felt connected to the personality of the product or the brand? If yes, it’s possible that this happened after you ran into specific visual content, most probably a video that you felt really connected to after relating to it on so many levels.

Here’s a fact you will like about the ways to create a video: If people are attracted to your personality, they are definitely going to like you and automatically become your customers or subscribers.

The trick, thus, simply lies in you being able to demonstrate your personality or that of your product, or the brand’s in a memorable and relatable way.

If you are charismatic, that’s an attribute to show in your video, especially if it’s a company’s bio. If you are showcasing your product, include footage of the manufacturing steps to make it more relatable.

 Also, try to be as human as you can in your videos. Don’t always aim for perfection because it makes everything look unreal sometimes.

Remember, talking to the video camera may seem hard at first but you can do several shoots and edit out the weird parts later.

5. Add Value To Your Video

As much as your video could have all the qualities we’ve mentioned, if it doesn’t offer any reasonable value to your audience, they won’t care much about it. And with thousands of videos competing for the same audience, they will simply move on to another video that they feel is worth their time.

So, in addition to the ways to create a video and offering much-needed solutions, including discounts, free trials, and other pieces of content that could be of benefit to your audience. Be more specific so that they will clearly see what sets you apart from the competition.

If the viewers see clear benefits to be gained from your video, they’ll be more than willing to act on it and also share it with their friends and family.


With the rise in the number of businesses using video, you should never pass up any opportunity to stand out. Keep in mind that there are millions of videos out there competing for the same audience as you.

The good news is that you already know by now what to do to get more people talking. If implemented well, these five ways will be the reason for the success of your business or blog.


Author Bio:

Robyn Howard is a video enthusiast and content manager over at VideoRemix. She works with a team of techies to help people create, edit, personalize, and publish production-quality video campaigns to engage their audience. These personalized videos can be featured on websites, landing pages, video-sharing sites, and Facebook.

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