How to Make Escape Rooms

There are many things that unite us all as humans, and many different activities throughout the time we have all shared. Having fun and playing games is one of those things.

From various competitions in ancient Egypt and the original Olympic Games in Greece to modern board games that we play with our families, mankind has always sought out entertainment. The only thing that’s really changed is the form of entertainment we seek out.

Going to a sporting event with your family can definitely be a lot of fun and help you make those precious memories, but what about playing an actual live-action game with your loved ones that put you all in the centre of the action? This is the sort of excitement you get with an escape room.

Escape rooms have become all the rage lately. Basically, you’re locked into a large room with a lot of different objectives to solve. You will play games and solve puzzles and riddles in order to earn your way out of the room.

There are professional facilities where you can play these escape room games, like with, but some people want to go with a more personalized, DIY setup. If that is the case, it is certainly something you can achieve.

Tips for Making a DIY Escape Room

Plan Out Accordingly

The first step in making a DIY escape room is to play it out accordingly. For instance, who is this room for? If it’s for your own children, and they’re younger, then you need to consider the layout and what sort of objectives will be in there in order to win your way out.

Whereas if you’re building it for your friends and peers, who are all adults, then things are obviously going to be a lot different. You’ll end up needing more space and need more challenging puzzles and things with adult themes. So take a little bit of time and actually plan out what you hope to accomplish. This is the first step in any great escape room layout.

Find a Suitable Space

All escape rooms need to offer enough room to actually play. What this means is that your smallest guest room might not be ideal for the game. You might want to take this to a much larger room. Something like a basement or a master bedroom could be ideal.

Of course, the setup of the room is going to invade your actual living space, which is why most people will visit a professional facility anyway. However, this is also where planning comes into play.

You can create a room setup that you can put into place and break down quickly once the game’s over. The important thing here is finding a room large enough to accommodate the game.

Consider Your Games and Puzzles

What sort of challenges do you want in the room? The typical goal of an escape room is to solve a variety of puzzles that will allow players to find items like locks, keys, numbers for combinations, etc. This is something you certainly want to think through.

What sort of puzzles and games will you play, and what will that lead to? What sort of locks and different “traps” do you want to put in the room? Again, the age of the players is going to help determine the difficulty of the games and riddles that must be played and solved in order to win your escape.

Think Up a Theme

One of the coolest things about designing your own escape room is that you can set up any sort of theme you want. Kids might love a theme of their favourite cartoon, or something with a Halloween theme where they can dress up and play.

Adults might like a more advanced theme, and maybe something that includes alcohol in the game to make an actual party out of it. The sky’s the limit here when it comes to what sort of theme you can have.

After you have your room planned with games and a theme, all that’s left to do is give it a test run and play! It’s easy to create a DIY room, but remember there are also professional facilities you can visit to play in an escape room.

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