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Send Video In Email Three Easy Steps Revealed

When you use a video to promote your brand, product or service, you aim for high viewing percentage. Therefore, your video needs the right amount of exposure to achieve that goal. One of the most important ways to gain high attention rate for your video is to send video in email.

After producing a great video, what’s next? A video is nothing if there are no viewers.

But the BIG question is, how can you gain enough number of audience who will watch your video?

To inform and show your video to the public is not easy. On the other hand, uploading your video in the different video hosting platforms is not enough.

Video Optimization

Send Video in Email in Three Easy Steps

Before we dig deeper into the topic, let us first learn how to send video in email.

Step 1: Create a Video Thumbnail

Create a Video Thumbnail

You have to choose an interesting image which is going to show on your thumbnail.

Any photo will do but it is best if it is high in quality and clarity.

Crop the image properly just enough for the image to be visible on the thumbnail.

Resize it to 500px because it is the safe image size to choose.

Add a play button on the top to inform your recipients that is a video and not an image.

The better the image, the more clicks you are going to get.

Remember that the image alone can encourage a person to open your email and see what’s in it.

Step 2: Create a Video Landing Page

Create a Video Landing Page

You need to avoid linking your video on Youtube or other video host sites.

If you do, people might get distracted with what they see on Youtube for example.

It will take away their interest in watching your video and that’s bad.

Your purpose is to drive traffic to your own website.

Additionally, it is on your website where the audiences will learn more about your trade and possibly contact you after watching the video in your email.

If you do not have a video embedded yet on your website, you have to do the following.

Create a web page just for your video. Embed a video. A keyword-rich content on the page is the best to use.

The video content and email content should match. Do not confuse your visitors. The video should be the centerpiece of the page. It is also best to use the same thumbnail on your email.

Step 3: Send the Email

send emailcreate an email template and insert your thumbnail using an email service provider.

MailChimp is a good example. Then hyperlink the image to your video landing page.

If you are an advanced user, it is best to create multiple variations. Use the split-testing.

It will show you which template generate more clicks.

By doing that, you will learn what your visitors like therefore you will be able to create campaigns that are relevant to your visitor’s interest.

Using Email and Video Together

Learning the Basics

Email and video are two of the most effective mediums of communication.

If you combine them together, it can create an amazing strategy that will bridge the gap between failure and success.

Because of that outstanding tactic, a person will have a broader marketing goal.

An individual’s outlook will encompass technical limitations which will bring a different kind of experience.

Email and video have been around for quite a long time.

The two have a simple yet rocking relationship. How do the two work? Easy.

Email helps videos gain exposure, and videos help email get opened, read, and clicked. However, there are people who find it difficult to use such method.

These individuals lack the proper knowledge on how to do the thing.

If you are one of those persons who ask how a video and email work together, continue reading.

Some great and useful information will be provided to you.

Incorporate Video In Email

To incorporate video in email, you have to consider three main factors. These are the following:

  • The overall goal of the email.
  • Unique audience.
  • User experience.

What is Your Email All About?

Once you have your video ready, your next move is for its optimization.

To send video through email is the first step that you need to take.

To consider this technique, you have to understand some insights.

First, you have to know what is your primary goal of sending an email.

Is it to introduce or promote your business. You have to compose the right email that the recipients will find interesting and sensible.

Find the Right People

You cannot just send messages to anybody. You have to be sure that every person who opens your email, counts.

Find these unique audiences because eventually, these people will turn into a loyal-audience base which is what your business needs.

If you fail to find the right audience, your audience will never grow. You cannot expect any leads-to-sales conversion if that happens.

The Audience Capacity

Who are your audiences? You have to aim at the right target.

Finding people who will have the interest in opening your email and watching your video is very important.

Not all people can relate to what your trade is all about. For example, you cannot sell an adult product to teenagers.

Sending an email with an adult promotional video to a minor is not going to be acceptable.

It is going to cause you problems in the end.

Send Video in Email

A Powerful Marketing Tactic

By sending your video in your email, you can generate traffic to your website quickly and efficiently.

It is a direct and clear communication process which what most of the people today look forward to.

Sending video emails makes a lot of sense if you want to try to increase conversions and brand awareness. 

Its priority is to convert leads to actual sales which what any type of business needs.

What To Remember

One last thing, if you want your email to be more effective, educate your visitors in your email. Make some sense.

If your audience finds your email helpful, they will spend the time to see everything that’s in it.

That includes your video. Sending videos in email is not a tricky process anymore.

All you have to do is to pay attention and learn how to send a video via email following all the essential things you have read above.

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