Native Advertising

Native Advertising as a Powerful Advertising Technique

‘The Power of Native Advertising’. Marketers all over the world have probably heard of this phrase describing the effectiveness of native advertising. But the question is, does everybody know what the real meaning of ‘native advertising’ is?

Many people could still be in the dark when it comes to the real meaning of native advertising. If you are one them, you are lucky. You just found this article that will give a short comprehensive overview about native advertising.

What is Native Advertising?

A Brief Comprehensive Overview

Native advertising is the BIG SHIFT in the digital advertising world today. It is the hottest and new traffic strategy in the marketing field that many businessmen are wanting to know about. Native ads are very different from tradition ads.

They are stuff that entertains, informs and inspires in a more strategical way.

They look like contents that people seek out on the internet. Hence, audiences do not ignore these native ads, unlike traditional ads that the click through rates has become pitiful.

Clear Understanding On

Why Native Advertising is Powerful

It is a fact that native ads are very effective nowadays. Current statistics and studies prove it. However, there are still people who are asking why this marketing technique has become powerful in this present time.

Native Advertising is PowerfulHere is some very significant information to help clear this matter. Native ads can blend onto platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.

It is present in places where people congregate to consume content. Undeniably, it is a digital marketing tactic that gets high attention. Just imagine the result of a recent study conducted by experts.

When it comes to consumer research regarding a product or services, there are more consumers look at native ad placements than traditional banner ads.

The Real Essence of Native Advertising

An In-Depth Knowledge

The process starts when a new product or promotional offering is developed.  It is like a seed planted in a nutrient-enriched soil with the highest quality on the market.

They carefully place the native ads in the best marketing fields where results are clear. A media expert will be the one to choose the market.

It is the person who has high knowledge about the market where the native ad will circulate. The person finds actual audiences that have a high potential of becoming followers.

Right Formula

The products and new offerings will grow and craft its messages into its own way. Simply because their audience will be the one to communicate. This becomes possible when people will like, comment and share what a person shows in his native ad.

The media expert who handles the particular project will continue to nurture the process until it reaches its goal. This person aims to strengthen what he has started to prevent it from weakening as different marketing challenges will come along the way.

Fruit of Labor

With all the hard-work, these products and offerings will grow into strong and independent names. This is when the world will start talking about it. Its exposure will broaden and will reach millions of people all over the globe. It significantly means success.

So without the owner’s knowledge, consumers are already visiting stores, going online, and making purchases of the product being offered.

Big Digits Prove Claims

Native Advertising Generates

  • Native ads are viewed 53% higher compared to banner ads.
  • Using native ads, a brand experiences an 82% lift in brand popularity.
  • Over a short period of time, there is a 12.6% in the native ad spending.
  • More and more publishers are opting to adapt to native advertising. 34% in their total numbers would like to engage in the new marketing tactic.
  • Compared to banner ads, the purchase intent on native ads is raised to as high as 53%.
  • 32% of the consumers today said that they will prefer to share native ads with their friends and family.

Big Digits Prove Claims

A Quick Look at Banner Ads

The click through rates of banner ads decreased to a pitiful amount. It is because of today, people seek to ignore clear and direct offers. These banner ads customarily use phrases such as the following:

  • Switch to our service.
  • Shop now!
  • Buy our product.

Native Advertising

Truly More Effective

Native ads connect to people in a new and effective way. It delivers a more sincere message describing a product or service. It clearly tells people why a brand is the best to trust. There is a solid foundation of the medium of communication which is very different from traditional advertising.

There is more for businessmen to discover. So if you have your own business and you aim for success, native advertising can be a great business marketing strategy for you too. 

That is what you should continue to seek by now. Learn more and continue to be amazed.

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