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4 Guidelines to Shatter your Rivals through Facebook Page Optimization

As we all know, modernization has allowed facebook to be part of our daily lives. Not only is it a tool to interact socially, it’s now a tool for marketing. Furthermore, this opens up a lot of opportunities for business professionals.

Either promoting their product or just to acquire popularity.  As a result, rivalries and competition are developed. Versatility is vital to have an edge over your rivals. Facebook Page Optimization is one key factor to this.

Facebook page optimization will not only help with regards to crushing your rivals. It can also help with a lot of things.

Guidelines to Shatter your Rivals through Facebook Page Optimization:

Your Profile Picture and Cover Photo

Profile Picture and Cover Photo

What do you think everyone sees when they first look at your page? Well, of course, it’s your pictures. Hence, most of them will have first impressions based on what they see.

They will judge your page from your pictures because who will read the about section as soon as they visit your page? I know I won’t. Therefore, having a professional, serious yet quite fun picture will get the attention of your ideal clients.

Your brand must be similar to your URL

Branding is an important step into gaining popularity on facebook. Assuming that you already have a brand name even before you start creating your page. You must now use this to change your URL accordingly.

Facebook assigns everyone, even personal accounts, a URL to their page. Now this is fine and all but you need to take notice that these are random characters. So changing the default to fit and match your brand is an ideal way for Facebook Page Optimization.

Think of something catchy and easy to remember for everyone. That will ensure that once they think of you, they will know right away where to go.

Total completion of details

We will now delve into the left panel of your facebook page. You will see a couple of options here to navigate through the different areas of your page. Visitors expect to see complete details every time they click on one of these.

Especially, the “About” area. People will go here to look at your address, contact numbers, email addresses. They will lose interest if they are looking for info that is non-existing.

Some will deem your page as “unprofessional” if you have even one missing.  Lastly, this section will tell your visitors a brief background about your company and what your services offer.

Rich content with perfect keywords


You have to always think when posting content on your page. “Is this post related to the general concept of my page?” or “Will visitors become interested when they see this”. Consequently, visitors get dulled by poor content and they get repelled away instantly.

Furthermore, once you have established that this content is good for your page, you must think of keywords. Keywords are a driving factor for SEO and that can be said for facebook too. Place them strategically in texts on your posts.

With these facebook page optimization guidelines, you will have a clear idea on how to crush your rivals or at least be in the top league with them when it comes to your pages.


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