Artist Should Have Their Own Blog

7 Reasons Why Every Artist Should Have Their Own Blog

As an artist, you’ll appreciate that, though the craft itself is important, it’s not enough just to produce and leave it at that.

Without finding ways to present that art to the world, it’ll only collect dust sitting in your studio. This is why platforms like Blogs play such important roles and should be exploited by all artists.

1. It’s A Great Marketing Strategy

Publicity is the fastest way to get your work out there in the world. And Blogs provide you with just that – a platform to use your own voice to present your work to the world.

Let’s face it, how many people actually buy the newspaper anymore, or even watch TV?

You can’t bank on getting coverage for your work by mainstream media; most people do, however, have access to the internet.

This is why you should maximize the internet reach and blogs in particular as a self-publishing tool.

2. Share Your Journey From Your Perspective

As an artist, most people only ever really know your work, but never truly get to appreciate the person behind it.

Opening up on a journal is an excellent opportunity to share who you are with your fans and supporters.

Psychology says that people are more likely to support someone they feel they can relate to.

So use this platform to share your most authentic self while showing how relatable you are and watch the number of your following grow.

Allowing them to “be present” with you in your creative process builds a connection with both current and potential customers.

3. Interact with your followers

followersThe comments section is an excellent opportunity for you to get to hear from people who support you. Interacting with your target clientele helps you learn what type of content they want to see.

Staying relevant in the creative industry is a challenge with all the emerging content consumers are constantly exposed to. Keeping an updated Blog ensures that your followers are always on the loop with your work.

Getting reviews guarantees that you’re putting out relevant content that your followers will like.

4. Give Your Work a Voice

Search engines understand only one language –words, so if your work consists of pictures alone, chances are, you won’t be able to sell anything online.

This is where the power of blogging comes in. Talking about your art on your blog page means you can draw attention to your portfolio, and more people can start to see your work.

Though having a general “online” is great, on its own, social media posts are fragmented and a bit difficult to follow.

Blog posts, on the other hand, provide flowing content that allows anyone visiting your site to get a true sense of what you’re about.

5. It’ll Help You Grow As An Artist

Opening conversations about your art will help you improve since you’ll be directly linked with the consumers of your product.

You’ll be able to garner control over how your art is perceived while also learning how people appreciate it.

The other advantage is that you’ll open yourself up to a large community of other creatives like you. Interacting with other bloggers in the same field as you will enable you to learn how other people are doing it to improve your craft.

6. Like A Great Diary, It’ll Be Fun To Look Back At In The Future

You’re not just doing this for your followers, but for yourself as well. Think about how cool it’ll be to revisit your progress and see how far you’ve come a year from now.

Additionally, a coherent blog serves as reliable documentation of all your work, a sort of CV if you please. Any sponsor wishing to work with you will be able to see what you’re about easily from following your blog.

7. Make Your Mark As A Pro

By keeping a coherent blog, you’ll be able to distinguish yourself as an expert in your field. For those with a heart for teaching, you can share your knowledge by giving back to the community.

A blog offers a platform to mentor rising artists by allowing them to observe your “process” as you create.

You can even take a notch further and offer tutorials on your blog to share little nuggets you’ve learned along the way.

Think of all the help you wish you could have received when you first started, and channel that energy into your posts.

With the popularity, blogging has gained in recent years, and the impact it has on winning audiences, it’s rather surprising that all creators haven’t jumped on that wagon.

It’s understandable though that some people hold some distorted opinions about blogs like:

  • Feeling pressure to post everything
  • Competition with other bloggers
  • Fear of simply starting

However, it’s simply an online diary, and like any other journal, you are in charge of what you share on it. You shouldn’t feel any pressure to post anything that doesn’t come from your heart.

Don’t just take our word for it; go ahead and start your own online blog today!

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