Why is video so expensive when it comes to promoting a business?

Why is video so expensive when it comes to promoting a business?

Today where technology is booming, we know that the rate of all the goods and services are also advancing and that includes creating videos.

Although, it is the best thing for promoting a business because it helps you become popular and gain an edge over your competition.

It also helps your customer understand you in a convenient way.

Actually, there are a lot of costs associated with making the best video. Even if we live in an age where videos are accessible as ever, making high-quality videos will require a large investment.

Some might ask: Why does it cost so much? Here are the parts of video production process or the costs associated with the production itself.

The Two important factors that affect the total costs of making a Video in promoting a business:

promoting a business1 – Number of locations

The more locations your production requires, the more days it will take to shoot. 

2 – Shoot Length

The more days it takes to have a shoot, the more hours it requires, therefore, the more it will cost.

Here’s a list of where the money goes in a production budget:


production budget


crewDirector, Director of Photography (DP), Producer, Sound recorders, Production Assistant (PA), Gaffer and Grip.

These people are very important in setting a production crew, and they are always required on set. With that in mind, the bigger the crew, the more expensive the video will be.  

Regarding with the size of crew, one thing you should remember: Good people costs big money



You can officially shoot with pre-existing lights and phone.

But videos at this level correspond for being in a standard of having a high quality of equipment.



Hiring a solid casting director and find a right person for the job is a very important step of the process.  Casting directors have an enormous encyclopedic knowledge of local actors and actresses.

 So that they can help you to find the best talent for your video. If the video calls for a character with a very particular set of talent, the cost will be increased.

There is a direct correlation between the size of a budget and the quality of their talents.

If you want to use a celebrity in creating a video then, make sure you can get your money’s worth.

Production Design

production design

You need to see all of your options before choosing a right decoration for the scene, you should have also all the props which need to obtain before you step on the set.

Talking about the sets, if you’re constructing one, you need to be more prepared to deal with the cost of that. It’s not expensive a  5-storey building, but it still takes a decent amount to bring your vision to life.

Location and Set Costs

locationIf you shoot in a famous building, you normally have to pay for that, and if damages arise there needs to be a budget for that as well as in renting a studio.

If you use a business in working hours, you’ll need to pay them for the business lost during a shoot day.

Where the location is placed it is also a factor to consider when producing a budget to it. If the place is far away in your location, the more travel costs there will be.



Food on the table is perhaps the most important portion of keeping set morale high, and high morale has a major impact in terms of the value for making a production. Don’t skip your snacks and meals, and always make sure that there is a cup of fresh coffee.


insuranceThe best thing to do to ensure a smooth creation is to leave some breathing environment or a room to insure against accidents. An example of this scenario would be: a lead actor getting a cold, having an infection, dropping the camera river or in any freshwater.

An emergency you should not be overlooked so that’s why planning a budget for it is much needed. When it comes down to it, creating a successful video for promoting a business career.

Making it a smart and effective investment a video that yields good results.

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