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List of 2000+ Websites and Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

Some internet marketers claim that ‘guest posting’ is already dead. Well, they are wrong. Guest posting has a foreseeable future. Therefore, it is very alive. It will always be an effective and economical way of increasing website traffic. Today, guest posts have evolved as credible means of building a good business reputation. So if you want your content to rapidly rank on the first page of Google, learn what guest blogging is all about.

Guest Posting: A Brief History

Since Google has become much better at crafting algorithms over the past few years, they make it sure that only high-quality content sees the first page for any keyword. Guest posting was simple in the beginning. But with the many Google updates related to guest posting practices, guest posts have set requirements for interested guest post bloggers. Let us do a comparison.

Guest Posting Before

  • A person will find blogs, whether they are relevant or not, a guest post would be fine.
  • The owner of a blog will accept payment or bribe to approve any type of guest post from a guest blogger.
  • Post a guest blog with a link back to your site.
  • Wait for results and be on the page 1 ranking.

Guest Posting Now

List of 5000+ Websites That Accept Guest Posts

  • Find relevant blogs specific to your niche. It should be high in domain authority (DA).
  • Contact the owners of the blogs. Convince them to accept your content.
  • Create a content that provides real value to the reader. It will include a link back to
    your website.
  • Repeat across several blogs on your list.
  • Wait and enjoy good google ranking results.

ONLY Quality Blogs for Your Guest Posts

Choosing quality blogs for your guest post is very significant. The blog should be highly relevant to your product or service’s niche. People are after the quality and not just the links. An audience will not waste its time clicking on the links if the blog or article is poor. There are literally thousands of blogs that accept guest posts. However, only a few are quality blogs. Always check the domain authority of the blog. It should be high and credible. Many websites use guest blogging as a way to build links to their website. It is best to ask a guest post from a unique blog with high PR.

ONLY Quality Contents

The standard has greatly changed because people have become smarter. You have to make sure that you are creating a sensible content so people will find it interesting. Reading consumes time. If your content is bad, it simply means you will be wasting the reader’s time. If you value your audience, give them valuable contents.

Guest Posts are Great Advantage

The following are the 10 top advantages if you get a guest post in the best guest posting sites:

  1. Strong online influence.
  2. Establish good authority.
  3. Get quality traffic.
  4. Increase brand awareness.
  5. Finds a lot of social networking opportunities.
  6. Credible branding.
  7. Heightens your exposure.
  8. Brings more business profit.
  9.  Conversion booster.
  10. Lead Generator.

How to Find a Quality Guest Posting Site?

Use the Right Keyword

You can always use ‘your niche + write for us’ keyword. Follow the Google search strings. It will give you the most reliable results you need. Other keywords are the following; guest post, guest article, contributing writer and submit blog post. Be very clear about your niche.

Proper Research

Start your search by reviewing some of the competitors in your niche. You will find a plethora of new relevant targets for your content. Do it for 10-15 sites. You can still use the google search string.

Use the Social Networking Sites

Twitter and Google+ are good examples. These networks can take the exact same search strings that you have used in previous steps. It will give you good answers to your query. Know what people are talking about. These websites get high percentage of web visitors. It will help your blog a lot.

One primary reason for having a guest post published is to insert links back to another website. However, Google often penalizes sites that use guest posting for SEO link building purposes. It is something that you have to tackle carefully for you not to end up with a no-follow blog. It does not have any high value. Your effort can be wasted.

List of 5000+ Websites That Accept Guest Posts

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