Video Marketing Tools For Brand Promotion in 2021 [Ultimate List]

Nowadays, one of the best ways of online business promotion is video marketing. Videos are becoming more and more popular on different social media platforms, and business owners who keep their fingers on the pulse have already started using this trend. One of the most important questions is – what tools suit for online brand promotion? In this article, we have collected the best tools and tips for video marketing for businesses that can help you to reach success. Let’s start!

Why Video Marketing?

Videos are becoming the most exciting and engaging content among users, and studies predict that the popularity of video content will grow. By this moment, more than 85% of all business owners are already using marketing videos in their promotion campaigns. More than 90% of them consider video content an essential part of their marketing strategies.

So what are the key motives why entrepreneurs choose video marketing? There are several reasons for it:

  • Videos can increase traffic to your website and the time users spend on a page.
  • Most people prefer to watch a video rather than read a text. Moreover, people better perceive information from videos than from texts.
  • Thus, we can say that videos can help you contact your audience better and gain its trust.
  • More than 80% of users say that videos convinced them to make a purchase.
  • People watch up to 18 hours of video per week.
  • Most entrepreneurs using video marketing admit that it gives an outstanding ROI.

Video Branding

Just as branding is common, video branding is vital for a business. It is essential that people could see your unique style in your videos; this can help you form a sustainable representation of your brand and create brand awareness among your target audience.

For video branding, it is better to use video content that you can make in one style developed for your business. Thus, it would be best not to use video reviews from your customers or share your personal videos. So what kind of content is it better to use? Here are some examples:

  • Reviews on your products shot by you or your team.
  • How-to videos with instructions and life hacks.
  • Informative videos with news and interesting facts in your sphere.
  • Announcements of new coming products.

Such videos can help you represent your brand and your values to your target audience.

How to Make Marketing Videos Yourself

It is not a secret that it is not enough merely to shoot a video and share it on your social media. To make your content interesting and engaging for people, you need to improve its quality constantly. Fortunately, there are many different tools you can use for this purpose; here, we have collected the best solutions.

Fastreel Video Editor

The first thing you should better bear in mind – professional-looking content attracts much more attention than the ordinary one. That is why using a video editor is an excellent idea. This online tool has all the basic functionality of video editing software; it lets you cut, crop, merge, mute, and reverse videos, to add subtitles, music, and filters to them. You can change your video’s speed, flip and loop a video, or create a video using built-in templates. The built-in library of the app also includes royalty-free music and effects such as transitions and titles.


This online tool can work perfectly for you if you stand for the animation. It can help you make an animated video from the very beginning: you can create your characters and place them on slides, it is possible to add other objects from buildings to food. The program lets you apply different effects to your characters, such as actions, facial expressions, dialogs, motions, etc. It is possible to use slide templates or to make slides yourself. Also, you can add titles and music to your video from the built-in library.


This is a tool for YouTube video marketing that can help you to increase your organic traffic. With this service, you will be able to search the most relevant keywords, quickly review YouTube metrics at any time, look for competitors and analyze them. This app also allows you to get email alerts for the most popular trends, compare your statistics to competitors, audit your YouTube channel, etc.


If you need an all-in-one video marketing tool, you will probably find it in this complete suite. This online tool offers you several services. It lets you create videos using different templates, upload your videos, process them, share video content on social media, and analyze performance. With this tool, you will also be able to manage your videos, create playlists, add tags to videos, and get access to detailed performance statistics. One more unique feature of this tool is the possibility to stream live events through this service.


This service is intended for growing traffic and capturing leads; it offers a great variety of different options. This tool can help you with analyzing performance, tracking engagement, and creating playlists. Also, with this service, you will be able to use such marketing tools as video landing pages, video SEO, custom post-play screens, integrations with other services, etc.

Examples of Success

If you are taking the first steps in video marketing for business, it is a good idea to look at companies that have already reached success in video marketing and video branding. It can help you get inspiration and make your content more creative and effective.

For example, videos on the official Nikon channel are all shot in a beautiful manner that characterizes the product and its purposes. Here we can see that the brand has its own unique writing, and we can see it even in promotional videos.

Another good example is the Ford channel. The style of this brand is bright and memorable, with attention to detail. Different videos on different themes are still forming an integral image of the brand.


One of the most important things in the modern world is to keep an eye on trends; this is a great part of success. Do not hesitate to look at what competitors and more successful companies are doing, use video marketing tools – and one day, you can find yourself among more successful ones.

Author bio:  Victoria is a content manager in Movavi. She specializes in writing user-friendly content and researching complex topics to make them easy to understand in her articles.

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