5 ways to spice up a stale video subject

5 ways to spice up a stale video subject

Stale video do not rely on clever methods to capture an audience’s interest. It’s a tough fact of life as a stale video production business; not all products and services are created equal.

However, others are more reliant on creative techniques to grab an audience’s attention, because the content may lack the shine.

We’ve realize that there is not a relationship between a breathtaking product and the quality of a Stale video. Some of the best video explainers are actually from seemingly mundane services or products.

So how do you create an engaging video for a boring subject? Here are our top five methods to engage viewers (with examples!):

1. Use stale video to make story

Customer stories connect and create a buzz with your audience. Soap is not the most exciting product, but Dove makes an impact by taking a stand on real beauty.

It’s been 10 years since Dove started its award-winning “Real Beauty” campaign, and the brand is now expanding the narrative to include men and their stories.

2. Surprise your audience

The safety briefings at the beginning of most flights are renown for being pretty dull. But Virgin America’s quite frankly awesome “Safety Video” features dancers from the likes of American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance!

to make its audience sit up and listen to content that they already assume they know. The company also kept up the momentum of the viral video by asking customers to upload their own safety dance renditions on Instagram.

3. Keep it short

Cleaning your child’s crayon masterpiece off the wall or removing a stripped screw aren’t exactly enthralling topics, and trying to sell the products that perform these mundane tasks might seem a rather big ask.

But home improvement store Lowe’s found a fun and innovative way to share DIY hacks to tackle these boring household jobs by using six second video shorts, accompanied with the social media hashtag #LowesFixInSix.

4. Sing to sell

OK, we will concede that this product is pretty cool, but this video is a great example of how to hook in the viewer to watch the entire thing and remember it in the future.

The catchy song with fun lyrics are bound to make you smile and maybe, just maybe, invest in a clever new thermostat.

5. Make them laugh

This video is a great example of how to be funny and informative to sell your brand. The founder of Dollar Shave Club explains the benefits of signing up to get monthly deliveries of razors while filling the video with one-liners and funny anecdotes about shaving, instantly creating an affinity for viewers with the brand.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this small selection of Stale videos that use different creative methods to engage with audiences. But there are plenty of other examples out there of videos that spice up boring products or services.

What are some of your favorites? Please let us know in the comments section below.

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