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How to Write a Great Animated Script for Best Video Animation

Animation film is undeniably one of the strongest domains of today’s modern entertainment.

It’s a fast-growing area in the computer industry that has impacted almost every facet of our lives.

In this present time, animation continues to develop and has produced amazing graphics that people are so fascinated with.

But, behind any excellent animation screenplay is a great animated script.

If you’re planning to invest in video animation, knowing the components of a high standard animated video will help you.

Cool Animation Screenplays

It wasn’t too long ago that cartoons were just for kids. But today, animated shows have overwhelming appeal even to adults.

Well, since we were little ones, animated videos have been our buddy. They’re always fun to watch. They can make us feel better.

They entertain people and keeps a positive atmosphere. Nowadays, their presence even in the prime time makes us appreciate them even more.

How can we resist the charm of these animated characters? They never get too serious. And they will always leave us smiling.

Indeed, these animation screenplays make us feel better, both physically, and mentally.

Let’s Talk About the Beginning of Animation

Animation found its origins in the later portion of the 1650s. But in 1879, H.W. Goodwin crafted the first nitrate celluloid film strips.

It was a chemical combination of gun cotton and gum camphor that could hold images.

Consequently, the early moving-picture production has captured the attention of many people.

And that paved the way for the first ever moving film pictures on the wall, the humorous Phases of Funny Faces.

It was a silent cartoon film by J. Stuart Blackton back in 1906.

Great Animated Script for Quality Video Animation

How can you tell the difference between a good animated video and a bad one?

Aside from the video quality, it’s all in the story.

The animated script is one very important component of animation screenplays.

It’s the soul of the video. Moreover, there is no better way of communicating than providing precise and concise information.

So if you want a compelling animation short film or full-length animated movie, make sure that you write the best animation script.

Animated Script Writing

Tips for the Beginners

1. Outlining

Before writing anything, brief your concept first. You may have a lot of ideas running through your mind.

Define each of them. You must organize and sequence every detail accordingly.

Remember, most animated videos are short films. You may lack the time if you try to present everything.

So by drafting your concept, you could easily see what should incorporate your script, and what should not.

2. Limit Your Word Count

There is always a constraint concerning the number of words you use in your animated script.

Most animated videos have an optimal length of 90 seconds.

Write sentences briefly by explaining your point of view direct to the point. Try to avoid unnecessary words.

Also, the technique is to aim to hook your audience in the first 7 seconds. Consequently, it’s the time when they decide whether or not to continue watching.

Here’s a presentation of the word count and the corresponding time frame.

45 seconds – 90-110 words
60 seconds – 120-170 words
90 seconds – 200-250 words
2 minutes – 250-300 words

3. Draft Your Script

Tell a storyDon’t write a script and consider it as your final draft.

Always draft your script because there could be more ideas after brainstorming.

Eventually, you may want to change what you have written. So it will be easier to add or delete something.

4. Create Solid Animated Characters

Whiteboard Videos are Easy to CreateWhen you create solid animated characters, it’s easier for you to define them in your animated script.

You can effortlessly give emotions to your animation which is an important factor, especially when engaging with your target audience.

Be sure that your dialogue and characters look realistic.

Hence, it will keep your script integrated with the central message that you want to relay to your customers.

5. Your Call to Action

Placing the call to action on your animated script is critical.

It’s something that you need to strike at the perfect time to motivate your audience to act immediately.

Without convincing them to follow your final instructions, you could already be losing a potential client.

Your call to action must be attention-awakening. It must serve as an eye-opener to your viewers.

Standard Animated Script Format

  1. Plot the location. Be sure to declare the location at the beginning of each scene.
  2. Set the actions. Set the action that precedes or follows the dialogue. The movement must be realistic.
  3. Polish the dialogue. Write the lines using proper capitalization and correction indention.

Crucial Points to Cover in Your Animated Script

  • Who is your target audience?
  • Presentation of the problem.
  • Showing of the solution.
  • How can your brand be the answer?
  • Introduction of your product or service.
  • An inspiring and motivating conclusion.

Stages of An Animated Video

After learning about how to write an animation script, let’s learn about the stages of an animated video. This is necessary for beginners like you.

By knowing the different phases of an animated video, you’ll know what to prepare for before going through the process.

Stage 1 – Scripting

This is what this article is all about. It’s a crucial stage because this is when you introduce your brand to your target audience.

Scripting is when your ideas meet the story.

Since you are using animation, the storytelling must be persuasive enough to make your audience believe what you’ll be saying in your video.

Stage 2 – Storyboarding

Cartoon Marketing Video PlanWhen the script has been approved, the video animator will begin to sketch the storyboard. 

It’s a hand-drawn sketch of the characters and images.

It serves as the pre-visualization phase of the video that you are going to create.

This is important because even without the animation, you will have a look at what the outcome will be.

Stage 3 – Voice Over

voice overWhen your script and storyboard are ready, stage 3 or the voiceover stage is next.

You will need a suitable voice that will bring your letters into words. Although this stage might seem simple, it is not.

It’s as crucial as the other stages because using the wrong tone or a voice can ruin the entire animation project.

So make sure to choose the best voiceover artists to satisfy your client’s needs.

Stage 4 –  Graphics

INTERNET RETAILERThis stage is when the sketches in the storyboard are given shape and colors.

It is when the animated video gets the vibrant and lively feel.

However, the graphics must remain simple because overdoing it might disrupt the real message and intention of the video.

Stage 5 – Animation

Promotional VideoPrepare yourself for hard work. This stage is the longest of the entire process.

The animation stage is the giving of life to your characters and images.

This is when you apply the movements and transitions to every scene.

Stage 6 – Sound Effect

Don’t be confused. The sound effect is different from the voiceover.

This is the stage when you create the mood of your animation screenplay.

You use songs or music to set the ‘feels’ of the video. Physically it has effects as it can activate your brain.

So it’s advisable to use positive or lively sound effect.

Stage 7 – Delivery and Exposure

Your animated video is complete and is ready for final delivery.

Once it reaches your client, it gets its exposure for public and private viewing.

It’s also the marketing and selling stage.

If your animated video is fantastic, it’s surely going to be a hit which is what your client would expect from you.

Animated Screenplays Help Business Grow

When it comes to video marketing, the animation industry is undoubtedly one the fastest and prospering industries in the world. 

Today, there have been lots of developments and advancements in the animation technology which makes the animated films far much better than ever.

Animated videos are proven effective in boosting engagement and increase conversion rate.

Therefore, it’s a smart decision to invest in video animation as your marketing tool.

You don’t have to worry if you have zero skills in animation. There are people who can help.

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