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How Can Sales Video Production Make Your Marketing Better

Lack of marketing success in business could mean a failure in the future.

Unfortunately, today there are many companies complain that their marketing isn’t working.

If you’re someone who owns and run a business, that’s going to worry you for sure.

Especially these days that successful selling of products and services become more difficult to sustain.

Well, don’t bother yourself too much. That wouldn’t help. Instead, look at the bright side. There is help available.

In this article, you’ll learn how a sales video production can make your marketing better.

What is Sales Video Production

Sales video production is a type of video production that is specifically designed to sell products and services.
Its goal is to turn more leads to actual paying customers. It’s a more effective and creative way of promoting and marketing your brand.

Sales video can be serious, funny or humorous in style.

It’s a compelling type of video that can essentially increase your profit to become better in your business’s marketing aspect.

Components of a Sales Video Production

  • Video Plan – Develop a great video plan. You have to organize every detail not to miss anything crucial for the video.
    Be sure that the ideas will support all your business objectives. It will make the job easier.
  • Script – Write a killer video for sales script. The content of the script should include the presentation of the problem and the solution.
    It should summarize the story of your product or service. Furthermore, since it’s a sales video, to write the right sales sequence is crucial.
    Also, maintain precision, so your viewers will find it easy to comprehend.
    Consequently, a good script will showcase the personality of your business.
  • Video Editing Software – To make a video, you need a video editing software. You’ll find many of them over the internet.
    But some may not match your skill level. Therefore, it’s necessary to choose the right video editing software.
    Before you select a program, research and check the features that you’ll get. There are free and paid services.
    If you have the budget, you’ll get better offers. Remember, there are digital video tools that do not create quality videos. Skip them.
  • Video Hosting Platform – When the sales video is ready, it’s time to look for its perfect home.
    You’ll need the right video hosting platform. A great video is useless if no one finds it.
    So be sure to pick the video platforms where people usually visit. Especially your target audience.
    Some of the top video hosting platforms today are YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, and Wistia.

7-Step Effective Formula On:

How to Make An Effective Sales Video Production

As a marketer, you’ve probably seen different types of videos. What’s rare are the effective ones.

Therefore, if you’re planning to invest in a sales video production, aim for an effective sales video.

But how? Successful videos aren’t  a magic. There’s the right formula to achieve a higher probability of success.

Moreover, it’s a collective effort from people who are involved in the entire process.

To help you, here are some tips on how to make the best sales video production.

1. Get Attention

With the growth of the internet, it becomes increasingly difficult for marketers to catch their customers’ attention and check what their business is all about.


That’s something that you have to break. There are several ways to get attention.

In the beginning of the video, try to be humorous, informative or maybe a dash of shock-it-off.

Excite your audience at the start. They’ll surely find your video interesting.

But, it does not necessarily mean you begin with humor or funny idea.

You can simply ask a question, give a fascinating statistic or a big promise.

By doing that, your viewers will crave for more details and they’ll end up watching your sales videos until the end.

2. Identify the Problem

To encourage your customers to buy what you’re selling, your product or service must solve a problem.

Yes, everything you sell must solve a problem. Remember, the bigger the problem, the bigger demand is solved.

Which also means, the more customers will buy your brand.

3. Go Deeper into the Problem

Stating the problem that you’ll be solving is not enough. Stir the main issue. Agitate the problem.

Show consequences to your viewers that if the problem remains unsolved, worse case scenarios could happen.

4. Introduce the Solution

This is something crucial because what follows next is the presentation of your product or service.

Also, we would like to clarify that the solution is not you or your brand.

It’s another situation or an action that they have to take.

And the situation or action has something to do with your offer.

If you want your audience to buy from you, they must first agree with the solution.

5. Present the Product

Okay, this is an important part. So please pay attention.

After introducing the problem, it’s time to present your product.

Your product is the only way to achieve the solution.

Therefore, you must be able to motivate your viewers to buy what you offer to solve the problem.

You can either tell them there’s no other way or your brand is simply the best.

Make sure that it will leave them no other option but to believe what you’re saying.

6. Showcase Results and Benefits

This is the most exciting part for any marketer out there.

It’s when you can say all the wonderful things about a product or service.

But, take note, it’s not bragging time. There is a great difference between bragging and informing.

When you showcase the results and benefits of your business, give information.

Give real facts and details. Never boast.

It might annoy your viewers. Instead, show evidence of how much your trade can benefit people.

This is the best time to show an endorsement, testimonial, reviews or case studies.

Those will support your claim.

7. Call to Action

Call to action or also known as ‘buy’.

35 increase in conversion

Yes, this is the thrilling ending that you have to give your customers.

Your audience won’t easily raise their pockets and let out of their credit cards to purchase.

But, you have to make them do that. With the help of a killer ‘call-to-action’ statement.

This serves as an action that will provoke your audience to a positive response.

Here are some examples of great ‘call-to-action’ statements:

  • Call us now!
  • Click here.
  • What are you waiting for?
  • Find out more.
  • Visit our store today.
  • Purchase now before it’s too late.
  • Be one of our satisfied customers.

Marketing Benefits

For Better Business Marketing

Whether you are offering a physical product, services, coaching, or digital training, you have to sell.

Marketing is an integral aspect of a business. So even if you hate it, you have to sell.

Now, what we showed you above are the fantastic things about a sales video production.

After learning all the good stuff, it’s safe to say that sales videos are indeed an effective means of marketing.

To give you more valuable information, here’s how your marketing will get better by using the right sales video production.

  1. Generating leads will be easier.
  2. Increase in brand awareness.
  3. Boost conversion rates.
  4. Better productivity.
  5. Successful marketing strategy.

Great Sales Video Production Examples

1. Evernote

Evernote is a cross-platform app. It’s designed for people who want to get organized in their work.

Evernote is best in decluttering your workplace as it helps you organize your note-taking, tasks list, and archiving job.

With this amazing app, you can easily remember everything and become more productive in your work.

2. OfficeVibe

OfficeVibe is a platform design that helps improve employee engagement.

They feature surveys and questionnaires to get credible and accurate performance rating.

It’s a perfect process to improve your employers’ productivity.

OfficeVibe will also recommend the areas that need improvement.

3. Square

Square is a Point of Sale or POS app. It lets you accept payment anywhere.

Also, with Square, you can take care of your receipts, inventory, and sales reports digitally.

It’s easy to use and access and is powerful enough to make your life even more convenient.

4. Treehouse

Treehouse is an online tool that teaches you a lot of great things when it comes to digital work.

With this excellent tool, you can learn how to build a website, coding, build an app or start a business.

Yes, with Treehouse, everything is made possible. You don’t have to be an expert to do it.

They can take charge of you.

5. Dropbox

Dropbox is a well known file-hosting service.

It helps you keep your team functioning while maintaining an organized workplace.

The best thing about this software is, it lets you focus on the things that matter most.

You’ll get an easy and quick look at everything in your company or office.

Whether it’s for personal or business use, Dropbox will work best for you.

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