Free Press Release Distribution

Are Free Press Release Distribution Services Truly Effective?

A press release is undeniably one of the best ways to promote a business or a website.

It is a great marketing tactic to get your brand or your company out to the general population.

One can obtain a press release by two different means.

We have the free press release distribution services and the paid press release distribution services.

Are they the same? Which is more effective?

What is Press Release?

Learning the Basics

Before we proceed in learning about the effectiveness of a press release, let us first learn about what a press release is.

We commonly hear this term but not all people have the in-depth knowledge about it.

Press release in simple words is the announcement of news through a media platform.

The news will be all about a product, service or company. It will mostly cover up information and facts.

It is a way to inform and send a message to the public.

It’s a Marketing Tactic

A press release is biased in nature. Its sole purpose is to encourage journalists to write something positive about a certain topic.

Indeed, it is a marketing tactic that works. When it comes to promotional ratings, a good press release can be a great contributor.

As a result, more and more marketers are obtaining their company’s own press releases.

Free Vs. Paid

The Differences Between Paid and Free Press Release Sites

  • The free press release distribution services are usually web-based. These PR’s may or may not let you include photos, videos, or HTML formatted content.
  • The paid press release distribution services will send your press releases to their own press list. Your PR products will also be posted on their website and in their RSS feed. Usually, they offer additional SEO services.

A Clear Definition

Free Press Release Distribution Services

Free press release distribution services are flooding the internet today. Literally, there are thousands of free press release distribution sites that we can find on the web.

The truth is, according to PR experts, it is best to avoid these free press release services online.

Although these websites may seem like an easy public relations tactic, risks are being pointed out. Usually, free means that it is either no good or ineffective.

There is less effort. Therefore, the benefits could be unclear or unstable.

Google’s Algorithm on Free PR

A free press release could mean a low-quality press release which is bad for your purpose. Consequently, your site could be penalized.

The Google algorithm shows that the SEO links of these free PR are worthless. Usually, these PR links are classified as spams.

Since it is free, a company could send a lot of these PR’s every day. Its effect is bad. There is a high possibility that your PR rate will drop.

When it comes to your company’s promotional activities, you have to make sure that you are using the best methods.

On the other hand, using the wrong PR campaign could cause you a bad reputation.

Free Press Release Sites: Are They Legit?

Yes, they could be. However, they are just tempting but they ain’t effective. They are merely promises but usually, they won’t work.

You don’t want to be labeled as spam so why choose to make use of them. There are paid free press release distribution services who are reliable.

That is what we are going to tackle next. So again, if these free PRs are legit. Yes, but they are not the ones you need if you look forward to getting quality PR services.

Paid Press Release Distribution Services

The Advantages of a Paid PR

There is legitimacy on a paid PR. When you pay for an official press release, you will be getting credible sources and PR content products.

Yes, credibility is the number one assurance for these ‘with-pay’ PR distribution services.

A paid press release receives a formal recognition from journalists and even the different media platforms.

You are giving high-quality news to the broadcasting companies. With that, the online news outlets will be distributing your PR products.

Therefore, it is going to give you a higher ranking and increase in engagement rates.

How Much Does It Cost?

The average cost of a press release is as much as $1,000. But sometimes, the service rate starts at $129.

If a PR company is very active in new distribution every day, the price could go higher as well. There are several factors that affect the price of a press release service.

Hiring the Right Press Release Company

Tips on How to Select the Best PR Service

Whether it is paid or free, you have to select good PR service provider. You have to make it sure that you are hiring a reliable company that will be releasing good stuff about your business or organization.

A PR company will be designating a team or PR experts. These are professional people who will be working on the press release distribution services.

Not everyone that you find on the web is reliable So be careful when making your choice. Decide carefully.

Here are some very useful tips when choosing a PR service:

  • Seek Inbound Links. A good PR service will be seeking inbound links for you. The more inbound links you receive, the more respect more reliable your company will become in front of the media. As a result, your website will rank higher in search engines.


  • Search Engine Optimization. Not all SEO tactics are effective. A good PR company has the best SEO methods to make sure that your press releases will be distributed to a huge number of PR sites. Additionally, you will not think of any new additional campaign because the SEO techniques will be running the process.


  • Note NoFollow Tags. There is less benefit if the spiders can’t follow your links in your press release. A good PR company will be noting NoFollow tags. Please take note that NoFollow tags are inserted into website code. Its purpose is to stop the search engine spiders from following your links. They will search and eliminate them for you.

Top 5 Benefits of a Great Press Release Service

  1. Attract Visitors

    When people read a lot of good stuff about your company, in return, you will gain their trust. Therefore, you will be attracting more people to see what you are trying to promote. Your target audience will start sharing your press release and it will reach more people. Which will is also mean a broader opportunity is waiting.

  2. Attract Media Attention

    A great press release is shareable. Since you are distributing it to different media platforms, it will be easily recognized. You will get higher site engagement. In return, you will go higher in the ranking.

  3. Attract Links

    People on the internet will be using your link as an outbound link. This is one way of getting links and yes, you will be attracting many if you have a great PR content.

  4. Instant Exposure

    A press release is an instant means of advertising. If you have a great PR, you will get an exposure that you might not have expected in the beginning. But things are going to be unstoppable. Your PR products will be doing the work, hassle-free and a lot more convenient.

  5. Increases Sales Potential

    Of course, your press release is for your business. What you are looking forward into is to bring bigger sales. That’s the number one reason why you acquire your own press releases. Obtaining a very good PR is a very effective way of increasing your sales potential. Simply because people are starting to recognize. Both the engagement and trust is already there. Yes, higher income will follow.

Press release distribution services are also best for a startup business. They are advantageous in so many ways. Choose the best PR site. You are always free to choose. Whether it is a free press release distribution service or the paid one, a good PR is a business asset.

A Powerful Business Opportunity

Now that you have learned all the essential things given above, you are ready to make your decision.

You can be confident in finding the right PR services for you.

Grab the opportunity to boost the effectiveness of your marketing plan.

Grab the opportunity to brand yourself as an industry expert. Do it now!

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