Why Daycare is Good

As anyone at the aptly-named 2000 Days Daycare will tell you, the first 2000 days of your child’s learning are critical for shaping the rest of their life. Research backs up this truth, making choosing the right child care critical for your little one’s future. To help you make your choice between facilities and programs, consider the insights below.

Types of Child Care Facilities

 For child care, you have several facility options. These include group facilities and in-home care.

 Group child care facilities are typically licensed and operated as a school. Children of multiple ages participate in a group among their peers. Age ranges typically include from a few months of age to 12 years old. Programs can include infant care, toddler care, preschool education and after-school programs for school-age children.

 In-home child care is operated out of a provider’s own home. Requirements for licensing vary from one province or territory to another. Some of these facilities work much like a group child care facility. Others operate more like a babysitter to a small group of children.

How Day Care Benefits You and Your Child

 There are multiple benefits of child care, including:

  • Continuous care for your child from infancy to school age
  • Education through well-structured programs
  • Socialization with children of the same age
  • Lower cost than hiring a nanny or other care in your home
  • Dependability for maintaining your personal schedule, such as for work or your own education

How to Find a Good Child Care Program

If you are returning to work after having a child or otherwise need to find a new child care program, it is important to start looking at least two months prior to enrollment. In many areas, you may need even longer to find the right facility. Below are some steps to finding the best program:

  • Conduct your own research by getting recommendations from people you trust
  • Check out each center’s online reviews and other information found through search
  • Interview your candidate centers first over the phone to eliminate those not in line with your needs
  • Attend a center tour to check out the center in person
  • Check references to understand the experience of other parents and children currently and previously enrolled in the program
  • Stop by unannounced to see how the center operates when not conducting a planned tour
  • Check their licensing and accreditations

 Overall, you need to ensure the environment is safe, stimulating and appropriate for your child. The facility should provide multiple features like:

  • Child stimulation through education, socialization and play
  • Age group separation
  • Locked doors and other safety measures
  • A clean and healthy environment

Why Daycare Is Good for Your Child

 Daycare is not something you should feel guilty about, such as when going back to work or needing personal time. Instead, you should feel good about what your chosen facility provides for your youngster.

 Benefits of child care programs include:

  • Regular schedule and activities for your little one and yourself
  • Your child’s interaction with other adults you can trust
  • Academic and developmental advancement for your child
  • Time for your child to socialize and play with children of the same age
  • Economic and social benefits for parents, such as the ability to go back to work
  • Smoother transition into kindergarten

 Your child’s care setting provides them with support, engagement, encouragement and exposure to a positive environment toward ongoing intellectual development that prepares them for school and the rest of their lives.

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