Top Companies that Utilize SaaS Content Marketing Just Right

Content is king!

The saying has never been more accurate than it is today.

Content marketing encompasses all marketing efforts dedicated to the creation, publication, and distribution of content online. 

It’s a powerful tool that can be used for a number of reasons. You can attract new audiences, convert visitors into customers and retain them over a long time.

While custom web development services, provided by experienced teams worldwide like MLSDev, help you build a great digital product (Safetrading, for example), content marketing can become the main traffic-driving force, and sales lead for your product today.

A lot of SaaS businesses are building entire marketing strategies on content alone and get tremendous results. For many tech businesses content takes up a huge place in their marketing strategy.

In order to adopt a successful marketing strategy for their software company, it is important to understand what will attract potential customers. When there is no tangible product to suggest useful content will be one of the things that can attract potential users.

The content may differ based on the business and the suggested product but the final goal is the same: attract more customers and generate more revenue.

Let’s explore top companies in the world that nailed content marketing. The information above is divided based on the stage of the content marketing journey.

1. Awareness 

Creating awareness is the first step in content marketing. At this stage, you tell your target audience about your products and how they can solve their problems to attract new users. Blogs, eBooks, and webinars serve this goal.


Content marketing and search engine optimization are two parts of a single promotional tool. MOZ, a company standing behind one of the most popular SEO tools, leverages content marketing to build a strong community. The company shares useful blog posts with its audience explains how its tools work and provide insights into search engine optimization.

The company can boast over 500,000 customers, and the number is growing. 


HubSpot is another company that utilizes content marketing to teach its audience how to use marketing. HubSpot provides a lot of useful educational blog posts, ebooks, and webinars explaining basic and advanced things in marketing. 

2. Conversion

The next step of content marketing is converting prospects attracted at the previous stage into users. At this stage, you need to convince your audience to invest in your products. That’s why content at this step of the marketing journey explains and shows how your products work in detail.


KissMetrics is a company that knows how to convert website visitors into customers with the help of in-depth guides and articles explaining how their product works in detail. The company uses content in social media to show which results can be achieved with the help of their tool. 


Another bright example of content marketing on the conversion stage is Unbounce, a company providing landing page builders. Its efforts in content marketing are extensive and encompass blog posts, webinars, and guides that you can get for free.

3. Decision

This stage is one of the most important and tricky in the whole content marketing journey.

As potential clients are ready to make the buying decision, you need to target them with content very carefully not to be too pushy. Still, there are companies that prosper at this stage.


The company slowly lures its users into signing up for a paid subscription. Shopify starts its content marketing with useful blog posts and guides that explain how to build a website. After you build a store, it continues to send you information with useful tips and tricks.

By the time the free trial expires, users know so much about Shopify and how to work with it that they have nothing more to do than to switch to the paid plan.

4. Retention

Acquisition of new customers is expensive. In fact, it’s 25 times more expensive than their retention. That’s why successful SaaS businesses dedicate a lot of time and effort to make sure their customers don’t switch to their competitors.


The company providing a powerful SEO tool knows how to use content marketing for user retention. As users work with the platform, they receive a lot of useful materials explaining how to use its features and disclosing useful hacks. Growing users’ knowledge is one of the best ways to retain them for a long time.


Zendesk knows how to delight customers and shares this knowledge with clients. The company creates a lot of useful materials explaining how to make the best out of its platform and provide exceptional customer service.

Bottom Line

As you can see, content marketing continues to be the main driving force for many companies. With the help of useful content, you can get new customers and build trustworthy relationships with your audience.

Customer retention is not the last step you need to take care of. You can use content marketing to turn your loyal customers into brand advocates. This group of users is the most difficult to get and the most valuable to you. Such users are willing to recommend your product or services to others, even when you don’t ask them to.

If you get your content marketing down to brand advocacy, you can safely say that you have nailed it.

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