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10 Sales Funnel Software To Build, Manage & Optimize Your Funnel

Before a person starts planning his own business, he asks himself this question, ‘What is the best marketing technique to use to get leads fast and easy?’ Well, here’s the truth.

It is impossible to answer that question?

Because if there is one technique that will turn someone who has never heard of your business into a paying customer, every businessman in this world should be using that technique right now.

So here is what we will reveal to you. ‘The importance of getting the right sales funnel for your business.’

Using a sales funnel software can help you. Let’s learn more about it.

Business Growth: Sales Aspect

A company has to grow in all business areas to succeed. But how? One of the most important aspects of a business is its financial performance.

One can say that a business is healthy if it is earning well. However, businesses have several points of growth metrics.

Which should be the top priority? Well, it’s the company’s sales growth that is the most important one. Why?

Because it is an indicator of a company’s ability to sustain its business.

What is Sales Funnel?

An Easy Way to Increase Your Sales

For your easy understanding, here’s a simple explanation about sales funnel. Sales funnel is the path where your prospects go through their way to becoming customers.

You create that path for them. A sales funnel has several stages which will illustrate the ideal journey that you want for your clients.

These stages serve as the sure way for your leads to becoming actual sales.

The 5 Stages of Sales Funnel

Each Phase is Very Important

Stage 1 – Attract Stage

Tips and Tricks to Make Your Video Go ViralThis is the stage when you try to attract visitors to visit your website. You use different marketing and advertising strategies to do that.

In this stage, you have to be unique so your target audience will notice you. Making them turn their heads for your website is already one big opportunity for possible sales addition.

Stage 2 – Interest Stage

This is the stage when your lead starts to show interest in what you’ve got for them. You have to interact in this phase to get hold of an interested and potential customer.

Stage 3 – Evaluation Stage

This stage is crucial. This is the time when a visitor tries to evaluate your brand, product or service. Well, you have to please them right away to get more of their time and interest.

This is also the best time to show your target audience that your business is reliable.

Therefore, try to start convincing them at this stage by showing the problem, solution and why your brand is the best to choose.

Stage 4 – Convert Stage

This is also known as the decision stage. This is the time when a lead decides to become a paying customer by buying your brand or product.

You have successfully closed a business deal at this stage because your goods or services have been purchased.

Stage 5 – Delight Stage

This is the best stage of a sales funnel. This means success. Your customer has appreciated your product or service.

What’s the best at this stage is that the person can repurchase again in the future.

So that would be a present and future addition to your sales which could also mean business stability for you.

Create An Effective Sales Funnel

Using the Best Sales Funnel Software

When it comes to creating a sales funnel, there are many tech-savvy folks out there. Well, you do not have to worry.

You too can create the best and effective sales funnel for your business. Also, you do not have to spend thousands of dollars on this one.

We are giving your affordable and freeways to get sales funnel creator. So check these funnel software to be given below.

10 Sales Funnel Software

Build, Manage & Optimize Your Funnel

1. Infusionsoft


Infusionsoft is a private sales funnel creator company. They specialized in e-mail marketing and sales platform mainly for small businesses.

When it comes to knowing the customer lifecycle and customer relationship management that are best for your business, this is the best sales funnel software to use.

2. ClickFunnels

clickfunnelsClickFunnels is a software that will let you design or create sales pages and landing pages.

What makes this software very delightful is that you can manage your entire sales funnel which is not allowed in other sales funnel software.

Also, ClickFunnels has seven types of different funnels which can surely help you get a lot of ideas and effective sales strategies.

3. LeadPages


LeadPages is another great online tool that also serves as a sales funnel software.

Leadpages will generate leads and sales for your business on the web and unlike other funnel software, it is fast and easy to use.

It also uses emails, text messages and social media to get more leads for you. LeadPages helps you grow your email list that will surely bring more people to your website.

It is truly powerful, isn’t it?

4. Bizible

BizibleWhen it comes to tracking the revenue and ROI of your marketing, Bizible is the software that can help you.

It gives high importance to revenue attribution and planning software which are crucial for a B2B engagement.

If you want an accelerated sales growth for your company, you can try the expertise of Bizible.

With Bizible, you will get better insights into where your marketing is contributing to revenue. It’s an easy way to track.

5. Unbounce

UnbounceUnbounce is another company that has been providing landing page services. It is an effective funnel software because it helps you improve your customers’ on-site experience which is a huge business productivity booster and sales converter.

Unbounce has helped marketers and digital agencies worldwide. This company has gained the trust of many clients giving them an unrivaled customer support.

6. ActiveCampaign

Active CampaignActiveCampaign is an automated sales funnel creator. It is an intelligent platform because it will help you leverage a marketing automation easily.

Unlike the other sales funnel software, Active Campaign will assist your sales reps with automated actions based on the following;

contacts’ emails, actions, time within deals and stages, website browsing history, and more.

You will get a perfect blend of automation & personalized human touch to your deals which are surely going to work.

7. MindMeister


MindMeister’s mission is to inspire creativity in business, education and daily life by leading a business to success.

It is an online mind mapping application that will help businesses find their target audience fast and easy.

Therefore, with the help of this amazing sales funnel software, anyone can share and present their thoughts all over the globe fast and easy.

8. Funnel Dash

Funnel DashFunnel Dash is one of the most powerful sales funnel software because it is very easy to use.

It is also an analytics tool that helps you maximize your return on various aspect of your sales metric growth.

One of their main missions is to know exactly how much money is being made by the ads you are running. Also, they offer a free trial to interested clients.

9. HotJar

HotJarHotJar is a unique type of funnel software. Instead of being an analytics tool, it will reveal the online behavior and voice of your visitors.

Therefore, it will give you a big picture of what your customer may need and ask you.

It is something that you need to improve your site’s user experience and performance.

10. xDiagram

xDiagramIf you want to make nice diagram graphic documents, xDiagram is the best sales funnel software to use.

This will help you keep the lines connected to your target audience and eventually will convert them into actual paying customers.

Right Business Sales Strategy

Best Way to Avoid Sales Dwindling

Dwindling sales are faced by even the most successful businesses. Do not wait for your business to suffer such an unwanted circumstance.

Now that you have learned one very effective and efficient strategy to increase your business sales, there is no turning back. Become the smartest business owner you can be.

Start taking the right actions. Choose the right sales funnel software. Your sales funnel creation journey will surely be fun and easy.

Take it one step further to break your marketing improvements and enjoy more HUGE SUCCESSES that are about to come.

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