Primary Element of a Winning Explainer Video

So you are planning to get an explainer video created for your website?

Given the latest trends, this decision will prove to be beneficial for your business.

These videos are known to help in generating awareness, capturing the target market’s attention, building trust, and creating higher conversions.

However, every explainer video does not necessarily serve its purpose well.

If you’re not doing it right, you might end up hurting your bottom line instead, driving away customers in a confused state of mind.

The key is to understand the elements of a winning explainer video, and to integrate them well in your own.

Here’s what you need to keep in mind in order to attain maximum benefits.

It Begins with the Right Script!

It’s a popular misconception; most people place an almost exclusive emphasis on visual content, overlooking the script behind the moving picture completely.

In reality, this approach does little to improve your conversion rates. Your customers view your explainer videos in the hope of getting some answers to their questions.

They are hoping for the video to talk out to them and convince them about the quality and viability of your product/service.

If you are unable to deliver the right answers, your explainer video fails to serve its purpose, driving away valuable leads.

Classy Ideas for Your Explainer Video Script

Once you’re clear about the importance of script in your explainer video, you can set about creating one.

Here’s a typical winning format you can use to write the perfect script.

–  Introduce Yourself:
Who are you and what do you have to offer?

Your viewers might already know, so this helps to reinforce that knowledge.

It is a good icebreaker, creating a subtle start to your explainer video.

– Introduce the Problem:
What is the problem that your product/service aims to solve?

You’ll need to get creative while explaining the problem because this is what actually captures your viewer’s attention, enabling them to relate with the video.

– Suggest the Solution:
Sell your product! Tell your viewers precisely how your product/service works to address the problem identified earlier.

– Blow Your Own Horn:
Deliberate on the features and added benefits your viewers get to receive in addition to the core product.

Don’t be too notorious about it though; you definitely don’t want to put off your customers.

– CTA:
Ask your customers to buy, sign up or do the task you’d like them to.

This is the time when your viewers have actually started trusting you and are therefore more likely to follow suit.

– Address Questions:
You’ll need to be foresighted and intuitive about this part.

You can convince them how your product/service is number one, address their biggest dilemmas during the purchase phase, or talk out to them in a way that connects with them instantly.

– Close:
A brief summary, reiteration, and farewell.
A typical explainer video stretches over less than 2 minutes. Make sure you are choosing your words carefully to create the best impression on your customers

– you don’t get a second chance!

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