How to Make A Commercial TV Ad

Best Techniques On How to Make A Commercial TV Ad

Do you want your brand to get a break to ensure the maximum positive impact for your product or service?

If that’s the case, then you must advertise.

Commercial TV advertising is a simple but significant way to attract your target audience.

It will help you create and spread your brand’s identity as well as to directly sell it to the public at large.

However, commercials can be competitive and expensive. Well, don’t be easily discouraged!

In this article, we will give you some of the best techniques on how to make a commercial TV ad without spending a lot of time, money and effort.

The Importance of Commercial Advertising

Companies know that in the marketing world, there is a struggle between them and their business competitors.

The competition becomes tighter as the world continues to advance.

And now, that ‘reality’ leads you to a question, ‘How will I stand out?’

Creating a successful brand isn’t enough. 

If you don’t advertise, your business will never grow because nobody will know who you are, or what you do.

On the contrary, the more you advertise, the stronger your brand will become. So the answer is there.

Your business needs commercial advertising.

What is Commercial Advertising?

Commercial advertising is all about crafting a message that speaks to your customers.

It is a production plan and is a form of paid communication with consumers.

It’s one effective strategy that conveys the brand identity by telling a story.

Moreover, a commercial advertisement is a controlled and measurable method for mass selling and communications.

It’s one bold way to announce your presence to a wide audience without needing to travel and speak to every person you encounter.

How to Avoid Commercial Advertising Pitfalls?

In today’s financial world, it has become extremely difficult to finance and complete any marketing concept.

Commercials are no exception.

Therefore, falling into pitfalls can be painful.

Yes, any marketing strategy has its flip side. In this case, there’s potential embarrassment and damage to your brand if you end up with an ill-conceived ad.

So what can you do to avoid these possible success barriers?

All you need is to learn the right way on how to make a commercial advertisement.

Tips on How to Make a Commercial TV Ad

Here are some of the best techniques on how to make a commercial TV Ad which you can also use in making digital commercial advertisements.

1. Planning

What Makes a Quality VideoAny good story comes from a perfect plan. And it’s the same when you create a commercial TV ad.

Why do you need to plan it? First, because a commercial advertisement has a story.

Second, because you might have a lot of ideas running through your mind.

Also, a commercial TV Ad has several components that you need to consider.

You might get lost. So to keep your project on the right track, plan it carefully.

2. Drafting

Now that you have the plan, it’s time to pen it down. Write and draft your concepts.

It’s one crucial part of how to make a commercial TV Ad.

Don’t finalize everything without drafting.

You might miss some important details, therefore, to double check is necessary.

3. Scripting

Okay so here’s another crucial stage on how to make a commercial TV Ad, the scripting or the story writing.

This is not an easy process because this is when you create the story which will highlight your message.

There are restrictions. The message isn’t just about you or your brand.

But it is about your goal to your target audience.

You have to give emotion to your story, and that makes the task even more challenging.

Although there are professional script writing services, to conceptualize your story is crucial.

4. Jingle

One of the strengths of commercial advertisements is the ‘jingle.’

It’s always what people look forward to when watching commercials, hearing the ‘jingle.’

Other people call it the theme song. A commercial TV Ad is best done with an iconic jingle.

So, be sure to compose a great jingle that will perfectly suit your product or service.

Conventional commercials are boring. With a unique and lively jingle, your audience will easily remember you.

5. Shooting (Live-Action)

crewFor a live-action commercial TV Ad, to shoot the commercial is a primary need.

This when you give life and emotion to the story, the characters, and the product or service.

It’s when the actors and actresses portray their roles in the script.

The shooting is usually the longest process of the entire commercial TV Ad project. Here, you’ll need the following:

  • Video Camera
  • Lights
  • Microphone
  • Video Editing Computer and Software

Also, you have to find the perfect location to achieve a great setting.

If you want a compelling commercial TV Ad, you must make every scene look and feel realistic.

6. Storyboarding (Animated Commercial)

For animated commercial TV Ads, the storyboard is important.

This is when the images are turned into graphics ready for the animation process.

Unlike the actual shooting stage, here, all you need is animation software.

7. Editing

Fix, assemble and finalize your commercial video by doing edits. Video editing is a major part of the post-production process.

It’s the polishing stage which is next to the final process. Don’t be afraid to make some edits.

If it’s for the better of your commercial video, you have to exert some new effort.

8. Submission

After polishing your commercial video, it’s time to deliver it to the market.

This is the final stage, and this completes the proper process on how to make a commercial TV Ad.

We have different TV companies today. Make sure you submit your product video to the most relevant network.

Determine where your audience usually visits and advertise in there.

For animated commercial videos, there are great video hosting platforms where you can post your video as well.

4 BIG Mistakes to Avoid

When Making a Commercial TV Ad

1 – Lengthy Commercial Video

Length is flexible in commercial advertisements but always keep your video short.

The key is to make the best use of the first three seconds. If you capture the viewers’ interest in 3 seconds, you’ll keep them a while longer.

However, if you don’t win them in the first 3 seconds, that’s all the time you get.

Which also means, your message will not reach your viewers’ senses.

Also, most people consider lengthy commercials as boring to watch. You don’t want that to happen for sure.

2 –  Unfunny Jokes

If you’re not funny, don’t try to make funny commercial TV Ads. It will not work.

Yes, we all know that commercials are commonly humorous which is effective in grabbing the viewer’s attention.

But, if you cannot achieve that goal, of making someone smile or laugh on your video, change the script.

Don’t pursue with it as it will just make your video look cheap. Most importantly, that commercial will not sell.

3 – Unclear Language

You are driving away your viewers if you use unclear language.

The clarity of the message is one crucial factor that makes a commercial TV Ads works.

Therefore, use a universal language. Find a native speaker that can deliver the dialogue appropriately.

A quality video is not enough; you have to deliver your message well.

4 – Cheap Video Production

Quality means reliability. Therefore, if your video appears cheap in the eyes of the viewers, it will not sell.

It’s effective and uncompelling which are the opposite of your primary goal.

To prevent this from happening, you must make sure that you are using quality video editing software.


Not all commercial TV Ads are compelling and memorable.

Which means, having a commercial advertisement for your product or service is not a sure way to success.

Since it is important that your ad stands out from the crowd, strive to be unique, powerful and uncomplicated.

We have shown you ways on how to do it the ‘pro’ way. Follow the techniques we provided you above. 

You can become an expert on your own.

And of course, don’t forget the availability of the many professional video creation companies out there.

We are one of them. You can hire us, and we will be happy to serve you. Contact us now!

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