10 Great Free Website Builders for Beginners

Creating a website for your business or creative endeavors is the best way to reach a vast audience and user base. However, the thought of coding and brushing up design skills can put off most people.

No more, because there is a way to create stylish, distinctive, and efficient websites with just a few clicks. Website builders are perfect for developing your website quickly – and on a budget.

In this review, we list our top 10 free website builders that get the job done without you having to bust your wallet.


Wix has an exciting collection of templates available in its Free and Premium plans. This website builder is versatile and lends itself to multiple types of website structures. Whether you want to set up your personal blog, start an online shop, or create an online booking platform, etc., Wix has you covered. All its plans have free web hosting for quick template-to-website conversion.

Free features:

  • The domain name is in the form “username.wixsite.com/siteaddress.”
  • Avail up to 500 MB of storage for each website created with the software.
  • Get 24/7 access to Wix customer support to resolve glitches, queries, and suggestions.

2. Weebly

Weebly is an ideal solution for creating state-of-the-art websites. It is suitable for beginners with little to no coding experience to develop responsive and mobile-friendly web pages within minutes. The best part is that the unpaid version is also highly functional, making Weebly one of the top free website builders in the market.

Free features:

  • Option to disable Weebly ads on your website.
  • Partially customizable domain name – your site URL will include Weebly branding.
  • Robust search engine optimization (SEO) recommendation to ensure that your website is visible to a vast audience.
  • Incorporate additional features like contact forms and users’ suggestions on the site.

3. WordPress

WordPress.org is one of the best free website builders, thanks to its open-source nature. The software is designed to accommodate additional web pages and functionalities with great ease. Although you have to track updates and backups yourself, you can use a plug-in to trigger updates and backups automatically.

Free features:

  • You can run your own ads on your website. This way, you need not share your revenue with a hosting platform.
  • Access a massive repository of plug-ins and add-ons to improve your site performance and user experience. Plug-ins are akin to applications that perform specific functions like creating chat boxes, collecting user contact information, tracking user preferences, etc.

4. Site123

We recommend Site123 for its e-commerce and online store functionalities. The website builder has a straightforward web editor and a host of templates to choose from. The free version is quite robust – rest assured that it would get the job done.

Free features:

  • User-friendly and interactive drag-and-drop editor. Pick a template you like and personalize it according to your requirements.
  • 250 MB storage and bandwidth for each website.

5. Elementor

Elementor places immense focus on robust and responsive editing. Edit any element of your webpage and see the changes reflected in real-time. We are impressed with the streamlined workflow that the website builder has integrated for creating a website from scratch.

Free features:

  • More than 30 templates for various themes, industries, and website formats.
  • Incorporate most of the available widgets and elements in your free website to optimize user-engagement.
  • Responsive design functionality that allows you to tailor your website for any device.

6. IM Creator

IM Creator is an innovative and fun platform for creating blogs, portfolios, booking forums, online stores, etc. It uses a unique block-by-block system of graphics editing called ‘Polydoms’ that simplifies layout and element design. IM Creator’s unpaid version is straightforward to use and loaded with features. That’s why we are calling it one of the best free website builders out there in 2021.

Free features:

  • Unlimited access to the full template gallery. Pick the one you like and start creating.
  • Automatically responsive adaptability for mobile devices, tablets and PCs.
  • Unlimited bandwidth and customizable domain name.

7. WebNode

Need a quick and reliable website builder? WebNode is the ideal platform for non-coders to develop accessible and creative websites. We appreciate the variety of template options and the in-built marketing strategies.

It is undoubtedly the go-to free website builder for beginners.

Free features:

  • Customizable domain name. The URL would appear as “yourwebsite.webnode.com.”
  • 100 MB storage and 1 GB bandwidth for each website.
  • Option to remove ads from your website to make it look clean and professional.
  • Set up a WebNode mailbox as your professional work email.

8. Jimdo

Jimdo makes the process of web designing accessible, fun, and super quick. Simply set up a free account and start off! You can create a functional website within minutes. We recommend Jimdo for its aetheric but professional templates and user-centric editing features.

Free features:

  • All Jimdo websites are mobile-friendly. You need not tweak individual elements to fit different device specifications.
  • Handy widgets – add contact forms, locations, toggle buttons, etc., to upgrade the website’s user experience.
  • Create shortcut links to your social media accounts on your website. This is a valuable feature for artists or sellers with multiple engagement channels with their viewers or consumers.

9. Strikingly

Don’t get intimidated at the prospect of “web-ops” or “backend coding.” With a website builder like Strikingly, all you need to do is plug in your text and graphics, and you have a complete website ready to go. It allows you to create unlimited free websites with any structure of your preference.

Free features:

  • Access 500 MB storage per site and 5 GB monthly bandwidth.
  • Collaborate with your team with Strikingly coworking features. You can invite external accounts to view and edit your designs.
  • Integrate ecommerce features like shipping cost calculators, coupons and discount codes, and carts easily.

10. Mozello

Mozello is a new entrant in the website builder space, and it is already creating ripples. You can develop a responsive, unique, and fully personalized website in under 10 minutes. The free version of Mozello also works great for small-scale ecommerce operations.

Free features:

  • Automatic marketing recommendations for boosting professionalism and visibility of your content.
  • Add up to 5 products per website for free. Your store can handle various forms of online payments.
  • Built-in SSL security for each website that you create.

What Are The Best Free Website Builders To Use In 2021?

We recommend small businesses starting their first foray into e-commerce to opt for WordPress, Weebly, or Strikingly. Wix and Elementor have additional features for creating logos and branding content. If you are looking for an “artsy” aesthetic vibe for your website, go for IM Creator or Wix.

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