Traditional Animation to Computer Animation

The Innovation of Traditional Animation to Computer Animation

Is traditional animation dead?

This is a controversial topic that gains different reactions from many people.

Instead of debating about this matter, why don’t we look at the reality that traditional animation is the foundation of what the animation industry has today?

Yes, traditional animation may not be very popular nowadays but it hasn’t faded yet.

Artists still use it and it continues to innovate.

Still Being Loved…

Although it remains a big question if traditional animation can still have its comeback, there are individuals who are still very passionate about it.

These are the artists who want to use the method simply because it continues to amaze them.

Also, learning to animate traditionally is easy. Unlike digital animation, it requires some strong skills and high-tech equipment.

So if you want to practice this kind of art, why not?

We started animation using a series of images drawn by hand.

It’s your choice to pursue what you think is best for you.

What is Traditional Animation?

Before we go deeper into the topic, let us first find out what is traditional animation.

Animating traditionally is not as easy as what you think it is.

Just imagine creating your own drawings that appear to be alive?

With simply the strokes of your hand, you are able to create amazing lively images.

Traditional animation is just one type of animation which is an old school way.

This method results in hand-rendered graphics.

The Process of Traditional Animation

A storyboard is the typical starting point of this animation method.  It’s the visual format that lays out the basic script through hand-drawing drafts.

These are like a colorless extra-large comic strip. Known as the sketch stage, this is when an animator tries to summarize the entire animation movie by synchronizing each of the drawings.

The next step is animatics. It is when an artist runs a test layout that goes through the script.

This is a crucial stage for editing scenes. The animation stage is the final step of the traditional animation.

This is when the final touches happen which must integrate and connect the script to the storyboard.

Practice Makes Perfect

5 Things to Keep in Mind When Animating

Whether it’s hand-drawn or digital animation, you need to practice to achieve the best end result. Whatever your reason for creating an animated video, film or production, here are some helpful tips that you need to remember.

1. Explore and trust your skills.

Don’t get intimidated by other professional and expert artists around you. You have your own talent. So all you need to do is to get out of your box and explore new things that can help you develop your skills.

There are a lot of help available. You can even use the web to search for animation techniques which are for free. Isn’t that exciting to contemplate? Take a deep breath and just do it.

2. Animate with emotions.

When creating your animated characters and effects, it’s crucial that you internalize what you’re making. Remember, you are creating images that must look alive.

But how can you achieve that if you don’t have any passion for what you’re doing? Always feel the moment when starting those hand strokes.

Your artwork must be full of life and it will all start with you. You can claim if your animated work is successful if people see life in it.

3. KISS or keep it simple sweet.

Telling your story through video animation does not need to be complicated. Instead, relay the message in a simple yet comprehensive way.

If your video is understandable, your video is effective. Because one sign of a successful video is when it’s viewers are able to easily and quickly contemplate the content.

The video animation, on the other hand, is an addition to the appeal. What’s the most important is if you’re able to tell your story to your target audience.

4. Do your best.

Whether it’s traditional or computer animation, if you have the talent, believe in yourself. Having the right mentality is also a key towards achieving what you look forward to in life. So don’t ignore this statement.

Because sometimes, we become too dependent on other people that we forget how useful our own talents are. Animating videos is an art that can be practiced and mastered with the right attitude and correct thinking.

Always trust yourself and do your best. Also, don’t forget to have fun while working. It makes any project worth finishing.

5. Seek help from professionals.

Not all people who need animated videos can create a video animation. If you’re one of them, there’s one best solution for that. And that is to hire professionals who have the skills and talents to create animated videos for you.

Since you’re the client, you can ask the video creator if you want the animation to be hand drawn or computerized. There are many video creation and editing companies today. However, not all of them are reliable enough.

To make sure that your money will be spent wisely, hire the right video production company. By doing some research, you’ll know if the service is the right one for you.

Top 5 Best Video Animation Software

We encourage you to explore your talent. Creating animated videos today is easy. To help you, there is video animation software that you can use. And they are even available for free. So here is the top 5 best video animation software that you might want to consider. You can use them either you’re after traditional animation or digital animation.

1. Moovly

MoovlyMoovly is a cloud-based platform that enables users to create animated videos and other types of multimedia content.

They have a user-friendly environment so even beginners can animate in less than 15 mins. Moovly has a free subscription but with limited offers. If you want to access their full services, their paid features are still affordable.

With 600,000 free templates, videos, animations and sounds, Moovly can be your top pick video animation software.

2. GoAnimate

goanimateGoAnimate is also a cloud-based platform for video animation. However, with this software, you can simply choose a pre-made presentation template.

Then, you are free to either put texts on the slides or not. GoAnimate has cool features that enable users to create colorful animation. Members claim that this software is very easy to explore and use.

So if you’re one of the people looking to get the word out on your video projects, try GoAnimate.

3. Powtoon

powtoonPowtoon is another great video animation software to add to the list. It’s also free and it’s easy. So whether you’re a beginner or a pro, Powtoon has the features that can help you animate. But what makes

Powtoon one of the bests is that it offers different licenses which include a limited free license, and a business license.

This company aims to help their members create captivating and engaging videos. It’s perfect for people who want to create animated videos for their brands.

4. Wideo

WideoWideo is best for people who need to create compelling animated videos. Why? Because Wideo is one of the best video animation creation platforms on the market today.

This is also perfect for beginners. They provide video tutorials and help their members undergo the proper training. One can easily create a video from scratch which is the first step towards a successful video animation project.

If you don’t have much budget, there’s nothing to worry about. Wideo offers free trials and free subscription. Sign up now to become a part of their cool services.

5. Animaker

AnimakerAnimaker is perfect for content marketers who use animated video campaigns. It’s easy to use but you get amazing results high-quality results. You don’t need to spend days, weeks or months for the training.

All you need is to subscribe and become a part of their creative community. Animaker is one memorable animated video software because it helps beginners to bring out the talents within them.

They make sure that users are able to grow and improve in talent. Because they believe that the success of their members is their success as well.

Traditional Animation vs Computer Animation

Animation is about design and timing. So there should be no debate on hand-drawn vs digital animation. What matters most is the amount of work that you invest.

Both the traditional animation and computer animation involve processes which require art skills and attitude.

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