Ebook for Lead Generation

A Quick and Easy Guide to Writing an Ebook for Lead Generation

An Ebook literally means “Electronic Books” so it is the digital counterpart of Paper Books. Ebooks can be part of content marketing which is really great. There’s a lot of opportunities for marketers out there for Ebooks.

 Specifically, for lead generation. But it’s not a walk in the part when it comes to writing an Ebook for lead generation. It doesn’t even matter if you are just a beginner.

Writing an Ebook for lead generation can really help you if you give it all your best. You just have to follow the steps to write an ebook for lead generation and I will try and make it as basic as I can.

How is an Ebook relevant to lead generation? That depends on the context and how you use the Ebook. For businesses, an Ebook can help you if you want to write it for lead generation.

In addition to that, Ebooks can also be for the nourishment of leads into conversions. There are other ways in building trust and increasing conversions but still, Ebooks can just be as perfect as the others.

Furthermore, Ebooks can make your leads understand your brand in a much more in-depth kind of way. You can help your potential leads to discovering your brand plus you make them stay.

So it’s really beneficial to write an Ebook for your brand. So, let’s answer the question: how to write an ebook for lead generation?

A Quick and Easy Guide to Writing an Ebook for Lead Generation

Think and re-think about your topic first.

Planning is where your Ebook will begin as well as all the different aspect of your business actually. But this is where you, as a writer, should consult your teammates and talk this over with them.

You will really get a lot of ideas. Since we are talking about a lead generation strategy, this is most likely for your business. So your topic is usually about your brand. If not, it should be at least relevant to what your business is so that you will attract quality leads.

Think about everything on this stage because it will be difficult if you continuously change your ideas along the way. Since we are talking professionally, it recommended following a linear structure for your thoughts.

This way, your readers will really get your message. Rethink about your topic and strategies. Make sure your topic is final. This way, once you start writing, everything is clear and it will give you a boost start.

Define who your target audience is as well as what your goals for your Ebook are. This will help you understand what you really want to write about too. As an additional step, you can write the first pages as a draft and read it. Read it so you will get an idea if it kinda works or not.

The basic structure of an Ebook that works.

There is a great format that you can follow if you want to write an Ebook as a beginner. But you can look for other templates or structures to give you diversity and options.

You can also be original and create your own structure, think like a writer. But this is what I believe what works for businesses. Writing an ebook for lead generation, this is where the nourishment of your leads will happen.

Another great way to write an Ebook is to use the question and answer structure. Although, there is a con to this kind of Ebook structure. Specifically, the limit is your number of questions.

If you want, you can look at this article I found that you can get ideas for Ebook structures. Some of the structures they recommend are good if you want to try something out of the box. For this list, the basic structure includes the Intro, Body, and Conclusion.


This includes multiple sub-parts that will introduce your Ebook to your readers. Along those parts are the title page, foreword, table of content, acknowledgments, dedications, and much other more.

But that is the gist of it. It’s also important to make sure that the little parts are there because it will reflect your commitment to the project and your professionality. In addition, this is also part of your first impressions so make sure that your intro can also catch the attention of potential leads.

In summary, this is what the topic is about. An introduction to what the readers will be able to see once they start going through the Ebook.

For example, some readers will jump to the table of contents and just look for a specific part to read. This will give you an opportunity to answer questions too based on what they are looking for.

That will really affect the decision of your reader if they want to go through your book or just pass by it. So impressions play a really big part in writing an Ebook for lead generation.

Body or Main Structure

The body of your Ebook is where all your goals, research, and opinions will be written. Also, building your topic is where the focus should be for the main structure. Remember, from your introduction of your topic, you now move to the building of your topic.

Prove key points here, I’m sure that you already know what to put since you are a writer that wants to know how to write an ebook for lead generation. So your key points go here as well as your strengths.

Answering all of the questions of your customers will go here. It is up to you to know what questions are those then you strategically answer them chapter by chapter.

Tell a story that progresses into what you really what to say sort of like the climax. Well, it doesn’t really have to be like a real book. Being a professional, you must make your book easy to read. So those average people can fully understand your book.

Site examples based on research and real life scenarios or create chapters that will give them an idea what to look forward to. And write helpful instructions that will act like a teaser on how you will help them with the challenge.

Writing an Ebook for lead generation focuses on all these important factors. So the main purpose is to attract.


The conclusion where you repeat some of your key points and bring them back up again. Keeping your points top-of-mind is where people will have realizations regarding your brand.

An answer will come to their mind if they want to go with you or not. The important thing is once they reach this part, they really are leads now. It’s up to you how you follow up beyond the Ebook in helping them further until they become customers.

You can also include here some acknowledgments and thank you’s to those who helped you. But building a compelling call to action in the conclusion is the best part.

Since you have proven all your points and shared your brand in your Ebook, most of them might be ready to take the next step now. It depends on what step you want to them to make but I’m pretty sure in right around the buying or availing area.

Read everything again from the beginning.

Since we are done with the main structure, let’s focus on making your Ebook actually look good. The readers are always sensitive with the sentences if they see any grammatical errors. Errors repel them until they don’t want to read anymore.

So you must make sure that you check all the sentences.

Yes, this task will take a lot of time but it’s all worth it. It will make sure that the content is half way there when it comes to being quality content. It all starts with how you construct sentences.

So you have to proofread everything from the beginning. Some still hire proofreaders and editors just to make sure that everything is perfect. Errors can’t always be prevented but they can surely be put to minimal if not less.

Writing an ebook for lead generation, you don’t want to show people you make mistakes often. Because this will reflect the quality of your work and your products.

Make your Ebook presentable.

Moving further up the aesthetics portion of our topic, your Ebook must be presentable for the reader’s eyes. This refers to first choosing the colors that fit the topic. It will be incorporated all throughout the cover and the pages so mostly all the parts.

Yes, there is still a cover even if we are talking about a digital book. In fact, designers can really help you create a great book cover. You really need to think about this because this is what people will see first. So they base their first impressions on the cover of your Ebook.

Be creative if you want to create this yourself, which is, of course, totally fine. Attract everyone with how your cover looks like. The second most critical part of your Ebook presentation is the synopsis.

Even though people won’t see the back of your book, they can still see the synopsis. It is sort of like the meta description of your articles. The synopsis and cover are where mostly the lead generation happens.

So if your Ebook is really presentable, then you will certainly attract potential leads in no time.

Spur interest with a stunning first impression with your cover and synopsis. Writing an ebook for lead generation, impressions will really be a deciding factor.

Publish and Promote your Ebook

Publishing and promoting on the internet is almost the same thing. Basically, you will update all the channels you have for your marketing. This means you will post it on your website, preferably the landing page, your social media accounts, and blog articles.

So you will be creating another call to action to read the book. Try and think of great reasons why your potential leads might want to read your Ebook. Use this as the center of your Ebook marketing and promotional tactics.

You can also promote and publish your Ebook via sharing it online. Try and forward it to relevant blog writers and marketers. Even though it is a hard task, a single author that will put a back link to your Ebook will really mean a lot.

You can also try emailing relevant leads so that they will proactively see what you wrote. Lastly, you can do real world promotions by handling out flyers or literally telling it to people who you think might be interested. In summary, an Ebook is great for your

In summary, an Ebook is great for your lead generation campaign. But it’s important to understand and know that there lots of ways for you to generate leads. Writing an Ebook for lead generation is only one of them.

Try and utilize the other ways depending on your brand and you will surely have a constant flow of leads in no time.

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