Video Production Process

A Step-by-Step Guide to A Reliable Video Production Process

The quality of a video depends on the video production process.

So how will you know if you’re hiring the right video production company when you’re not a video expert?

Basically, what you do when you need a video project is to go to a video professional. That’s right.

However, it’s crucial that you’re sure your video will undergo the right video production process.

It’s the only way to ensure video quality and value. Well, you don’t have to ask video companies out there.

We will show you how! We are one of the best video production agencies today. And we create amazing videos. 

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The Video Production Process You Can Trust


relevance of video production in design agenciesThe script is the soul of a video. It tells the story of the main subject. It’s the written text of the message that you want to relay to your target audience. 

Whether it’s your story as a business, brand, product or service, the script gives direction to your video. It’s also in the script where the core message of the video is.

It is what convinces viewers to spend time and watch what you have for them. Therefore, it’s very important to make sure that while writing the script, you are able to inform and influence.

Moreover, no matter how great your visuals are, without a good script your video is bound to flop.

How We Do It?

We write video scripts in a very organized manner. We have professional and highly-talented writers who can pen down your story according to how you visualize it.

Our mission is to write articles that engage. Therefore, we learn about you as a person, business owner and as a dreamer before anything else.

Because it’s crucial for us to hear your ideas. Your voice is one component of your video’s success. So we will listen to you.

After hearing your story, we start to write and we make sure that the script will answer these three significant questions; What, How, Why.

Never leave your viewers hanging. If it’s an explainer video, make sure that you deliver a complete message despite its short length.

And that’s what we do, we always get straight to the point. With the scripts that we write, we will give you the solid story you need.


Creating the Best Whiteboard VideoAfter the script, the following video production process stages are going to be more challenging. But we don’t want to fail you.

So before we go on the video production technicalities, we visualize your story. Every step of the way needs to have the proper meaning.

The connection of the message to the animation is crucial. We see what’s in the future. What will your audience like?

How will they react to the video?

Those are very critical factors to consider when creating a video.

How We Do It?

When visualizing, we focus on what’s important. First, it’s your story. Then, your target audience. Knowing the type of your customers is a key ingredient to a successful video.

If you are able to show them what they want to see, it’s easy to grab their attention. And that’s the very first proof that your video is a success.

The target is to speak directly to your audience so there’s a high probability of conversion at the end of the viewing.

We set things up in perfection to provide you with something that is beyond your expectations.


The storyboarding is another important video production process. It serves as the first level of the animation stage.

So yes, this is the time to bring your story to life. A storyboard is a series of thumbnails that show the breakdown of the video. It illustrates the key scenes.

Here, you will create the settings and when the important actions will take place. It’s a draft drawing to see what your actual video scenes are going to look like.

How We Do It?

We create a two-part storyboard. The first one is created by hand which is the sketching. The second part is the graphics storyboarding. It is when we a digital medium for the storyboarding.

We undergo this kind of process to make sure that we don’t miss any important detail or scene before we create the graphics storyboard.

It will save time as well as giving us the unlimited chances to redo or edit what we have at the sketching level.

Sketched Storyboard

The sketched storyboard is merely a quick-drawing. It’s the draft of what the final storyboard is going to look like.

But to be able to save time from editing the graphics storyboard, we show the sketch result to our client.

There, the person can give comments or demands for anything they want to add or edit. Once approved, we will proceed with creating the graphics storyboard.

Graphics Storyboard

Here, we create templates by drawing a series of rectangle frames. Inside each rectangle is the graphic presentation of a scene.

We make clear drawings that will look more realistic this time. Below, are the corresponding captions which can be the dialogue or a note. 

It’s a clearer and better quality storyboard which will make you appreciate the result of the script that we have written for you.

With the storyboards that we create, you’ll have the idea of how polished your video will be.


The voice-over is one crucial video component for us. Because not all voices can be used as voice-overs.

The voice-over is going to be the voice of your brand. It’s what people will hear and internalize. It’s your representation as the owner of the business.

Which means, it’s not your voice, but it is your message that will be relayed. So it is crucial to choose the right Voice-Over for your type of video. That’s the help that we can offer you.

How We Do It?

Working with us are professional voice-over artists. These are people with voices that can create a real, lasting emotional.

With their clear tones, they can your brand to your customer. Our voice-over team knows how to show emotion in their spoken words.

It’s what customers will connect with. Another important aspect when it comes to voice-over is the language barrier. But there’s nothing to worry.

Our VO’s are experts in speaking with native languages, either it’s from US or UK area.

The voices will present clear audio all throughout the video. Also, our clients are free to choose whether it’s a boy or a girl who will be doing the voice over.


This is probably the hardest part, the video animation. But with us, things are easier and more convenient.

Video animation is when everything, from the script to the storyboard and voice-over will come together.

This is the life of the video. It’s where we see colors, movements, transitions, and emotions that releases the true meaning of the video.

How We Do It?

We have professional video animation artists. They are experts in creating video animation for all types of businesses. We use the latest and modern animation equipment to ensure quality.

With plenty of video animation services today, our service is the best choice to make.

Because we have a friendly environment for clients like you who need prompt attention to get faster results. We create our video animation tailored to what the script and storyboard are.

The entire process will finally have its clear representation.

A Case Study on Pingouin Car

  • We write a 150-word script with the headline ‘Airport delivery and drop off made easy.’ The script was about the delightful experience of a passenger from an airport delivery and drop-off service.150-word script
  • We visualized the script by drafting a drawing. We numbered each draft drawing according to the chronological order of each scene

visualized the script by drafting a drawing

  • We proceed to the sketch storyboarding where we presented clearer pictures of the main scenes of the video.

sketch storyboarding

  • We created the graphics storyboarding for better visuals. Pingouin Car can now visualize the possible result of the video.

graphics storyboarding

  • We created the video according to how we plan and organize the entire video production process that has already been approved by our Pingouin Car.

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