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At icopify, our aim is to provide the best, most up to date news and information, along with practical advice and knowledge, in order to help our readers to better achieve their own business goals.

That focus has seen us continually generate double-digit growth in website page views and traffic, while also helping us to build an engaged, active community of readers and contributors who are keen to discuss the latest tips, tactics and strategies to improve their performance.

Our aim is not to publish the most content, but to publish the best, most helpful posts for our audience, to help them become better in their day-to-day work lives. We’re looking for experts who personify this approach, and who we can, in return, help get the recognition they deserve within the industry.

Give us your proposal first.

To ensure the quality of the articles, you can email us first with a brief description of what you want to write about. Give us something unique, give us the titles of the topic you have in mind. We need to look it up first to make sure we haven’t written it already. 

What are the guidelines?

  • The article must be 800+ words
  • All ideas, topics, and content must be 100% original.
  • Everything should be understandable and easy to read. All sentences must make sense.
  • Images or Pictures must be original and must not come from google or any search engines.
  • We appreciate if you check with the content on Grammarly to avoid grammatical mistakes.
  • Make sure the post should be related to the categories mentioned.
  • Content should be sub headings and proper alignment.


  • Don’t send the article which has been published elsewhere. Please check the plagiarism before sending the article to us.
  • Don’t send the article which is promoting your product or service. When you write article to make sure it is truly informative and non-promotional
  • Don’t send any articles which are related to casino and poker

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