We have some of the most creative, intelligent, and ruthless talents in the video industry…

Project Manager

icopify has experienced professional project managers who have the combination of skills and take full responsibility for the initiation, planning, design, execution, monitoring, controlling and closure of your video project. They work round-the-clock to make sure that every need of every customer is being catered on time.

Creative Manager

Our creative managers will aim to get the real understanding and love for your company to visualize your brand in the most comprehensive way. These are experts who will make sure that your video has the life and emotion to easily capture anybody’s attention.

Content Writer

You probably won’t find too many successful scriptwriters because this skill is hard to find. At icopify, we have the best storytellers in the world. Our content writers can put any of your thoughts and ideas into words.


The person responsible for the timing, pace, and style of your video is out top-notch designers who closely work with our copywriters to make sure that your brand and the video we create will perfectly come together as one great story.


Our exceptional multimedia animators understand visual communication more than anyone else. They are able to tell a story through it is paramount. They just don’t know how animation works, but they know what video strategies you need to become successful in your brand or business.

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