Prepare To Give A Quantum Boost To Your WordPress Website

Is Your WordPress Website Taking Too Long To Load? We Can Put The Spring Back In Its Step In a Jiffy!

Faster Websites Unleashed

Our Optimization Process

Bring about significant speed improvements for your WordPress site with our three-step procedure.


A faster website is the key to better user experiences. And we allow you to deliver exactly that.

Image Optimization

The speed of your WordPress website depends on the size and type of images you’re using on it. Our experts can tweak your site pics and make sure they load without delay.

Database Optimization

Does lengthy database query drag your website back? Let us have a look at it. Our experts know the ins and outs of databases and can modify them to glean the last ounce of speed.

Html Minification

Unnecessary HTML code can significantly slow down your website. We ensure your WordPress site is as compact as it can be, thus loading faster than you can imagine.

CSS And JS Minification

Unoptimized style sheets and JavaScript code can add to the bulk of your WordPress site and slow it down. Our experts can effectively minimize any JS and CSS code to boost load times.

Plugin Inspection

Doubtful plugins can be heavy on your WordPress site, causing it to load slower than before. Our experts sniff out the offenders and replace them with the best in business. This means faster websites, better performance, and happier visitors.

Reduced Number Of Requests

The more code files you have for your website, the more the number of server requests. This naturally translates to slower response times. With our services, you can achieve an optimal file number, reduced requests, and greater speeds.


Speed optimization of a website makes sure the website runs effectively like a well-oiled machine. The condition of the website is analyzed and the required actions are taken to make it run at optimum speed.

We use plugins like WP Rocket, TinyPNG, Smush it when we optimize your WordPress website.

We require your WordPress administrator account details, FTP account details, and your website hosting details to carry out the process.

We provide you with a before and after report with all the details regarding the speed and performance of your website.

We analyze and measure the speed and performance of your website with tools like Google Page Speed Insights, Pingdom Tools and GTmetrix.

The cost to optimize the speed of your website is $95.

This time required is completely dependent on the size of your website, though the general time required is around 2-6 hours.

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